A Brief Note of Apology to Carol McCaslin

Posted: October 17, 2014 in 2014 Elections, Clay County Auditor
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A couple of weeks ago someone with a Facebook account with the name “Gerry Byrne” posted on my Meanderings Facebook wall claiming that Carol McCaslin had been indicted on a fraud scheme.

I contacted a local politico and this individual said that they hadn’t heard a thing about this.

I’m busy, it was an annoying Facebook post posted by someone else. A couple of days later it occurred to me that this post probably wasn’t fair. Nothing online produced any evidence to show the post to be legitimate. I even went as far to comment on the post to see if the person making the claim could produce any evidence. “Gerry Byrne” never responded. Being that I didn’t write the post. I just left it thinking it wasn’t that big of a deal.

This morning I received a note from Ms. McCaslin’s lawyer alleging the post to be libelous and defamatory. It was also requested that it be removed.

I happily removed it this morning. I’ve also turned off the function that allows other people to post to my page. I’ve always said before on the blog, I believe in the truth. To the best of my knowledge there was no truth to the claim. Plus, I was never alleging there was.

I mean this sincerely. I apologize to Ms. McCaslin. I’d have happily removed it had she just emailed me. Hopefully she didn’t waste a bunch of money on a lawyer for this. But, hey, that’s people. She wasted a lawyer’s time and my time with something that could have easily been addressed otherwise.

Best of luck to Ms. McCaslin in the coming election…she’s going to need it.

  1. I’m surprised she showed u at her Lawyer’s Office, She doesn’t show up anywhere else.

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