Just When You Thought The Childishness Was Over…

Posted: October 22, 2015 in Clay County Commission
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WARNING: There are some mature photos in this post.

So, I wanted to put this on the blog here because I believed it need to be in the digital record. I just didn’t want to bother the readers of The Northland News with it. I’m so worn out with the childishness and immaturity of things in our political process and things I’ve seen here at the County level since 2008. Plus, the readers of The Northland News don’t have the background that many of you do.

I recently reported on the Clay County Taxes being lowered on The Northland News. I was informed by Assistant County Administrator Nicole Brown that they didn’t need to vote, and it looks like that she was inaccurate on that statement. I have not had the time to ask her about the reason for the second vote.

Strangely, the second vote was taken at the Shoal Creek Golf Course this Tuesday night. I was down covering the North Kansas City City Council and wasn’t able to make it to the impromptu meeting. Here’s a link to the new levies.

It certainly doesn’t look good, but I’m holding out judgement until I find out why.

I got an email that was sent through our contact form on The Northland News yesterday from “J Snyder.” I should have been more aware because looking at the email now it was not a full name. The email address hopesfuture@mail.com seemed awkward as well.


HopesFuture email 1


From: J Snyder <hopesfuture@mail.com>
Subject: Clay County Commission – Tax Levy

Message Body:
Mr Palmer,
You generally report on the County Commission’s meetings, I was wondering if you had a report from their special session to reset the tax levy? I believe it occurred last night (10/20/15) in Shoal Creek.
Seems like they were trying to sneak a meeting in with no one noticing. Did anyone even attend?

So, thinking it was a legitimate note, I responded. Then the response came this morning from none other than… Rusty Wallace.

Defenses went up immediately… Rusty Wallace… Really???

Here’s my email response and then “Rusty’s” response.

HopesFuture email 2



I was aware of the meeting. I wasn’t able to attend it because I was at the NKC Council and was not able to have anyone else attend for me. Based upon the agenda they just approved the levy, but I’m going to be asking some questions about the meeting at the next Commission meeting because I was told that they didn’t need to vote on it. Thanks for the note!


Mr Palmer,
Thank you for your response. I wish I were able to attend the meeting last night too.
I believe that last night’s meeting is contradictory with proper procedure for scheduling Special Sessions. I’m sure I read somewhere that 4 or 5 days notice is required, 24 hours notice only applies to event attendance notification. If the commission somehow voted to suspend the rules in order to host this Special Session I suppose they could pull it off but even that seems a stretch?!
I’d be interested to know the language they used to adopt this levy. The first levy they passed was done so resolutely, in consideration of the county’s solvency that I was interested to know how they could accept a lesser percentage. Didn’t they do the math? Don’t they know how money they need? Are we losing money with the lower levy or did they do the math poorly the first time around? Does their math now match what the governor’s office has mandated for them to collect?
I find these all to be very interesting questions.
Thank you for listening to my ramblings.
J Snyder

A lot of people don’t realize this, but if you create a Facebook account with an email that becomes a searchable item on Facebook. Try it sometime, type in an email in the top search bar and see what happens. So, everyone meet our friend Rusty Wallace. Note, I did edit out a mutual friend of “Rusty’s.” Many times people indiscriminately friend on Facebook. I don’t want the individual caught up in this. It’s not fair to him.

Rusty Wallace 1

Now this is where this takes a turn into crazy land. As you can see above, the email properly links this account to the email given. Rusty, or whoever Rusty is, apparently has created a fake Facebook profile for two reasons. 1) Not being who they are. 2) Soft-core pornography.

Rusty Wallace 2

Rusty Wallace 3

I had to laugh at this one. Who does Rusty follow? Two models and me. In case the local media news source thing doesn’t work out maybe I have a modeling career to consider?

Rusty Wallace 4

Update 10/23/15:

Say it ain’t so, Rusty! You had such love, such respect, such profound affinity for the ladies whatever will they do without you Liking their page.

Rusty Wallace 5

And…and…you no longer follow my updates! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

As a note, I intentionally never responded to his last email to see what would happen and I got this around lunch today.

HopesFuture email 3

No, I had no intention of embarrassing you “Rusty.” I simply intended to expose into the record someone pretending to be someone they weren’t. I swear I’ve seen behavior like this somewhere before… Huh… Probably no connection.

Farewell, Rusty! Best of luck as you slither off into the “anonymity” of the Internet.

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