Yet Another Fakebook Profile Emerges…

Posted: April 15, 2017 in Clay County, Clay County Commission, Uncategorized

You know, I’ve come to accept the fact that Clay County politics is literally the dumbest thing in Clay County. And, after covering the Clay County Commission for over a year now for, I’m thoroughly convinced that there is little hope for our first class county as most of the people are too busy, well, I’m not sure what they’re busy doing, I imagine it’s important, but, hey THEY’RE REALLY BUSY.

It never ends, and few people care, and the good people who do care a little are too busy creating wealth for the losers who think they know better what to do with said wealth. Party identification is irrelevant here.

I was notified recently that yet another fake Facebook profile had been created and it was making its rounds on the greatest of great social media platforms, The Facebook. And, of course, this great incognito social media profile who happens to play off the name of certain individuals who have been involved in Clay County politics for years, must defend the honor of the greatest of great, the people that will make Clay County Great Again, the Clay County Staff (+ full benefits and government pension, no wealth creation ever required).

What am I talking about?

This. The greatest and latest of fake Facebook profiles, that of Kristi Porter.

Kristi Porter

That profile photo, so original I can find it in no more than 9 other locations on the Interwebs. You devil you, you’re SO BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Oh, what the heck, maybe one more=>!)

Who is Kristi Porter you ask?

Well, no one quite knows, although some have theories, but whoever it is in all of her secretive social media brilliance is busy defending the honor of the County on certain Facebook groups.

Kristi Porter2

Kristi Porter3

Kristi Porter4

Kristi Porter5

Some have theories. I’m not willing to go there as I don’t have solid evidence, but for those that really pay attention, it’s probably pretty obvious.

If you want to join in the fun, there is a way to get rid of profiles like these. Simply go to the profile page and report it.

report Kristi Porter

report Kristi Porter 2

report Kristi Porter 3

report Kristi Porter 4

Just like that, it’s taken care of. No more Kristi Porter.

Update 4/15/17 11:06 PM 

For those that don’t know, there’s a closed group on Facebook that’s dedicated to issues inside of Clay County Government. Oh, wait, there’s a second one and our beautiful, blond heroin seems to dominate the conversation in there.

Who knew?

clean up clay count


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