Join Other Clay County Citizens as We Attempt to Stand Up Against Government Spending We Never Asked For

Posted: October 11, 2018 in Clay County Commission, Uncategorized

As if there was any hope that Commissioners Ridgeway and Owen would come to their senses on the $50 million dollar certificates of participation, it looks as if they are asking for a showdown at the Clay County Commission meeting next Monday with the tax payers.

If you head over to the Clay County website and pull up next Monday’s Commission Agenda you will find that the last item on there is the approval of the certificates of participation.

What you won’t find is any specifics on the certificates of participation.

10.15.2018 Commission Agenda

As if it wasn’t frustrating enough that there’s been no public discussion on what exactly the $50 million dollars is going to pay for, they don’t even have the courage to tell us what they’re passing on Monday.

Apparently we have to pass it so that we can see what is inside of it.

I’m sure they will say they can’t publish the details by hiding behind some Executive Session excuse. That excuse is nothing more than an “opinion” given by some overpriced legal counsel. Legal counsel who does the bidding of the two behind this. These people are not judges. It’s a ridiculous excuse and pretty shameful. But, ridiculous excuses and shameful is something I would associate with Commissioners Owen and Ridgeway as that’s been pretty much the way they’ve behaved for years now.

Updated: 10/12/2018 11:57 AM – Someone was apparently shuffling around the office and found the document. I’m sure it was an honest mistake.

Get your reading glasses out, because it’s a 49 page document. Oh, and we’re getting a new astronomy center because well, you know, the people are in the streets demanding a new astronomy center. Here’s the full list of projects:

County Project List


I will be attending the County Commission meeting on Monday with a video camera in hand. If able to have the opportunity, I will be standing up and speaking against the passage of this plan.

We’re going to need your help. Two weeks ago we saw Commissioners Owen and Ridgeway back down from what was going to be a tax increase. We had about 3-4 dozen citizens shown up at the Courthouse, and I think it made the difference.

We need about 5-6 times that amount to show up on Monday. I’ve watched these two for years now. They think you don’t care, and they’re only being opposed by a small minority of highly opinionated people. And in fairness, that’s been the appearance to me, too. I do think that is changing, and this is a perfect opportunity to show them.

Please don’t feel like you need to speak, just show up and make your presence known. The room where the Commission meeting is held needs to be so full that people have to leave the room and stand outside.

There’s two things to keep in mind here: First, a large crowd could potentially stop this from going ahead. Second, this needs to be about optics. Commissioner Owen and Ridgeway both need to be retired from public service in 2020. Going ahead in the face of this opposition will be terrible optics. Those sorts of things make outstanding campaign ads and mailers in an election.

This is a direct appeal to all of our state representatives, state senators, local school board members, and anyone else in the public sphere who is concerned about rocking the boat.

Rock the damn boat and show up on Monday in opposition to this. This is your County, too. I don’t want politicians who want to just get along, I want elected officials who serve the people by standing up against something that doesn’t benefit them. You’re a voter and tax payer, too. Act like one.

A few things that I need you to do:

  1. If this came to you by email, please forward it on to everyone you know in Clay County.
  2. If you are on Facebook, please join the event and tell us that you are coming, at the very least if you honestly can’t make it, please click Interested. This helps the Facebook algorithm determine the interest level in the event. The more interest the more it is shared with others.
  3. Share this Facebook Page with others by clicking share on Facebook!
  5. Do not feel like you need to speak
  6. Consider bringing signs simply stating NO to the certificates of participation. Lots of people holding signs may look good on TV. I suspect a couple of local news stations will show up.
  7. Prepare for a long morning as this is last on the Commission Agenda.


  1. Victor S. Hurlbert says:

    I noticed this as well. You’d think the ordinance should be first on the agenda for the sake of the people’s time. The lack of any information is very concerning as far as process is concerned. How are we to keep the government accountable with no information on the proposed action? –Victor S. Hurlbert

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