2nd Project Veritas McCaskill Video Drops; Staff Admits to Using Donor Front to Take Planned Parenthood Donations

Posted: October 16, 2018 in Senator Claire McCaskill
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And the second Project Veritas Claire McCaskill video dropped tonight. It’s just as fun as the first one:

This video shows campaign staffers discussing receiving money from Planned Parenthood through what is effectively a donor front. The reason of course is to shield McCaskill from moderate voters who are pro-life.

The point here has nothing to do with abortion (and for the record I’m not fully pro-life and have a complex view on the topic). Again, if you’re for abortion, be for abortion. Quit lying to people and covering stuff up.

A couple other videos dropped during the day which are worth checking out.

O’Keefe often ambushes the people they catch on tape after the first video drops. This is the staffer, Nicholas Starost, from the first video.

He’s not been authorized to speak to the media.

Yeah, I bet…

And then some Ozark news station interviewed Cousin’ Commie Claire about the first video release. It’s pure comedic gold. Finally, ole Claire Bear can’t talk her way out of something. Oh, but she tries hard…

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