‘Tis the Season For Health Insurance Increases

Posted: November 29, 2018 in health insurance, Uncategorized

‘Tis the season. And no this won’t be a Merry Christmas post.

You see, this is the time of year where I receive a letter from my health insurance company that says, hey, sucks to be you because you’re getting an increase.

This is the 6th straight year I’ve received one of these letters. When you add all the math up, I’ve seen an 182% increase in my policy since I had the policy written in 2012. This year also was the worst with a $99.18 per month increase.

I was essentially just told that I have to lose an additional $1,188.60 out of my family budget for the next year and beyond.

That’s $1200 I can’t save.

That’s $1200 I can’t spend.

That’s $1200 I can’t invest.

That’s $1200 I could put in my son or daughter’s trust.

If you look at the increase since 2012, I’ve effectively lost $3,799.08 total.

Remember folks, we were promised that this would be great for families and young people by losers like Claire McCaskill.

Kind of a funny way to define good, isn’t it? Actually, I think you’d have to be mentally retarded to define this as good.

I truthfully don’t know what the answer is, but I know what we’re doing as a nation in this area isn’t doing anyone any good. I shudder to think what the letter brings next year, because honestly, this is starting to get a little painful.


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