My 2019 State of the Union Thoughts

Posted: February 6, 2019 in Random Musing, Uncategorized

My team won last night. I can prove it. The box score showed the St. Louis Blues beating the Florida Panthers 3-2. You think I seriously wasted my time watching Trump or the socialist nut from Atlanta? If you’re going to waste time in front of the television rooting for your tribe, choose sports over our current national political “leaders.” It’s far more rewarding.

Speaking of rewarding, can AOC get a high five?


  1. John Sanderford says:

    Maybe I’m just not a big enough hockey fan, but I recorded the SOU and watched the Cats and Jayhawks play. But I must say that I got a big laugh from the Congressional Ladies in White. They were hilarious!

    • Andrew Palmer says:

      I had some interest in that game, but I always prefer profit driven professional sports, over socialized NBA farm teams that moonlight as educational institutions.

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