Quote: “There is no free-market capitalism…” via @StephenPunwasi

Posted: February 11, 2019 in Quotes, Uncategorized

This came across my feed the other day on Twitter.

So simple, so true.

If you’re someone who spends their waking hours hating wealthy people because “capitalism” and the free-market are evil, you should check your premises.

We’ve not had free-market capitalism in this country since the early 1900s. Capitalism is not failing, capitalism is being smothered to death by an ever growing form of soft socialism. The more you beg for a harder form of socialism, the worse it’s going to become. You think there’s a divide between the rich and the poor now, just wait till you further destroy the middle class in this country with idiotic ideas like the New Green Deal and Modern Monetary Theory.

You desperately need to begin to study what you think you know.

There is no free-market capitalism with central banks and government securitization of assets.

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