What Exactly is Commissioner Ridgeway Up To With Her Sudden Call for Charter?

Posted: November 3, 2019 in Clay County Commission, Uncategorized
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I thought I’d take a minute to throw out a couple theories on what I suspect Commissioner Ridgeway is up to with her recent call for a charter. For those that haven’t seen the long, bloviating email from her, the basic synapsis is she wants to convene a Charter Committee to discuss a potential charter for Clay County.

Nothing like having committees to discuss potential future committees.

So, if you’re wondering why this suddenly appeared, let me explain what I think happened.

After fighting those of us that wanted an audit, Commissioner Owen and Ridgeway’s legal challenge (that we all paid for) fell flat on its face.

Ridgeway is facing a three-way primary against former Missouri State Rep. Doug Ervin and current County Clerk Megan Thompson. Ervin has been actively raising money and Thompson self-funded her campaign with a huge chunk of money.

Everything right now is pointing towards big trouble for Ridgeway because last time I checked she’s not raised any new money, and there’s just no one coming to her defense on anything she’s done. Additionally, Ervin and Thompson both have decent to good name ID and have good reputations with the people that will be electing them.

So what’s a life long politician that makes over $70k a year and pension and health benefits to do?

Deflect and change the narrative.

On it’s surface, it’s somewhat clever because in my experience watching American politics, people fall for this sort of crap all the time.

For those who are actively involved, a call for a charter is bubbling to the surface again as my good friend Jason Withington has began to push for that since the audit is now back underway.

By calling for this charter committee, which BTW is functionally useless as it has no teeth and no legal binding, her and Commissioner Owen will stack the committee with people friendly to them.

This forces the press to begin to discuss this new issue while the audit takes place in the background. She’s able to positively discuss the charter on interviews and begin to look like a leader.

The one thing that might still help Ridgeway in the upcoming primary is ignorance and apathy. I’ve been involved and followed politics in this county for over 10 years now. The one constant thing I’ve seen when it comes to the county offices is people are either ignorant about who they’re voting for and just don’t care because they’re not constantly bombarded by the press with stories on these office holders. After all, when you don’t know who is running, you simply default to the name you know on Team Red or Team Blue and leave the voting booth content in the fact that you did your “civic duty”.

If I’m Ridgeway, and I’m going to be primaried by two legitimate challengers I have to do something to get people to think I’ve not done the things I’ve done. I suspect she’s betting on the ignorant and apathetic to just start tuning in about the time this committee is up and running. It’s probably her hope she looks real good through all of this.

Another more sinister view of all this is that Owen and Ridgeway are hoping to create a committee that is dysfunctional from the start and that turns people away from the idea of charter. After all, they both opposed the charter that was put to the voters almost 20 years ago.

Whatever the case, don’t for a second this has anything to do with benefitting the county, you, or I. Just as sure as the sun rises in the east, Luann Ridgeway is always looking out for Luann Ridgeway.

  1. John Sanderford says:

    I’m sure she doesn’t want to lose those perks…any bet she supports an 11 man commission with 8 at-large…top 8 vote totals in the pool…only vote for one at-large. Great system to raise from the dead numerous past Commissioners and other office holders we had hoped were gone for good.

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