The Death of Principles in the Republican Party and the Case for Justin Amash

Posted: May 16, 2020 in 2020 Elections, Uncategorized
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I grew up thinking the GOP had principles. The decay began in the 2000s. The 2010s saw those principles go to die.

I’ve been encouraged to see Rep. Justin Amash decide to leave the GOP and join the Libertarian Party. He’s not a hard core Libertarian by no means, but he’s Liberty oriented, and he has principles. He also recently declared his intent to run for President as a Libertarian.

Amash recently appeared on The Fifth Column podcast to explain his case for the spoiler.  If you’re one of the few Republicans left in this country with principles, listen to this discussion.

The GOP has rotted out and there’s not much left of it that’s worth even wasting your energy to defend.

Yeah, I know, most Democrats are totalitarian nightmares, but some things just need to be burned to the ground.

In 2020, if you’re facing an option like Rep. Sam Graves or Donald Trump, vote to primary, vote 3rd party, or just write in a name, but quit giving sanction to these people that don’t have any principles.


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