Incompetent Outgoing Clay County “Leadership” Begs for More Time to Do What They Should Have Already Done

Posted: October 30, 2020 in Clay County Commission

If you haven’t heard, a judge finally (the time this took is absolutely absurd and shows how screwed up our judiciary is) backhanded the County “leadership” that had refused to produce documents in a citizen led audit.

So, in typical fashion, they’ve decided that they need more time to produce the documents. I guess the weeks and months that have passed didn’t present enough time to do this tax.

Clay County asks court for extension to cooperate with state audit

You see, people that have respect for those they represent and work for would have approached this situation with the documents ready just in case. But, that’s what people with character would have done, not who two of our Commissioners, and not the individuals that are in County Administration.

Next Tuesday can’t come soon enough… Of course, that presumes the next Commission will be better. I certainly hope so, but I’ve been watching this circus for long enough to know that we’ll just have to see about that.

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