Since I officially deleted the Musings Facebook page from Facebook today, and have really changed my social media habits, I’m finding I have more time to do other things online. I’m also finding more time to read things of substance as opposed to a timeline. I’m going to try and bring these posts back. Below you will find the more interesting or important things on my digital perusing over the last week. This list is not complete of everything encountered, just things I thought that were worth sharing. We all should read and listen more, talk on social media less.

This is why the establishment parties are terrified of having a 3rd party voice on the debate stages. From Indiana: “The organization that runs the state’s political debates has long been friendly to third parties, Rainwater says, so it was not unique that he participated on an equal basis with the incumbent and his Democratic challenger Woody Myers in virtual debates twice. An online poll conducted by WEHT Eyewitness News asking who won one of the debates had Rainwater receiving 187 out of 203 votes cast.”

I look forward to the salty tears from the eyes of the Republicans if Trump loses.

You are not entitled to my vote. Quit running terrible candidates.

“As of 9 a.m. ET Friday morning, 93 hours before the first voting locations open on Election Day, polling for Libertarian Party (L.P.) presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen exceeded the distance between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden in five critical states: Texas (with its 38 electoral votes), Ohio (18), Georgia(16), Iowa (six), and, in extremely limited polling, Alaska (three).”

To Mike Parson’s credit, the one thing he never did was shut the state down because of Covid. I’ve changed my mind, and I’m actually voting for him SOLELY because of that issue. Otherwise I’m no fan of Parson, and his continual support of low income housing tax credits is a terrible policy position.

Unfortunately, the incompetent developers who couldn’t develop a piece of property without gubmint have successfully gotten their tax credits back. This is a great idea, especially considering that we’re in the middle of a recession and the Missouri budget is already stressed… 🙄 LIHTC developers probably need another private plane, or something. It’s hard work taking advantage of the poor, Missouri taxpayers, the Missouri press, and the idiot doogooders on the political left that can’t do math.

This one is just fun.

The Icy Village Where You Must Remove Your Appendix

Great discussion on what actually drives the economy. No, it’s not consumer spending.

It was just an outstanding month on the Joe Rogan podcast. If you don’t listen to Rogan, you should. He’s fighting one of the most important battles in culture right now. Free speech. I assure you, you won’t always agree with Rogan, I definitely don’t, and he’s incredibly edgy at times, but he’s also thoughtful and interesting at times. And he’s not afraid of the illiberal left. Some great shows from the last week:

If Republicans ran more candidates like Texas US Representative candidate Wesley Hunt, they’d win all the time. 10/15/2020 episode.

Matthew McConaughey is surprisingly interesting. 10/22/2020 episode.

I can’t believe I listened to this one, but Kanye West is nuts, and at the same time a fascinating guy. He might even make a better president than Trump or Biden, and it would be a lot more entertaining. LOL… 10/24/2020 episode.

Incredible discussion with one of the bravest journalists in the world, Glenn Greenwald. 10/28/2020 episode.

Gad Saad is an expert in the application of evolutionary psychology in advertising and marketing. He’s also a brave and refreshing academic that is not afraid of the illiberal left. This one is not for sensitive ears. 10/29/2020 episode.

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