Democrats torched $356.5+ million in US Senate races

Posted: November 7, 2020 in 2020 Elections
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We’ve been lectured for years about the evils of money in politics. I’ve often found it a foolish argument.

We live in 2020, not 1920, and information is everywhere and readily available. While I find a significant portion of Americans ignorant at times, the reality is they can still make their own decisions about candidates. And anyone that wants to find out more information than a stupid mailer or TV ad can and will do so.

There’s a lot to take away from Tuesday’s election results as I’m finding it just as fascinating as I thought it would be. This one deserves to be called out all on it’s own.

Take a look at this breakdown of the amount of money spent on the US Senate races by Democrats.

$356.5 million dollars spent, only to loose. I’d heard that they’d spent $20 million in Kansas on that US Senate race, but haven’t looked it up.

The money didn’t matter.

I’d be willing to bet they could have spent 2-3 times that and the results would have been absolutely the same.

The greatest irony of this massive spend shouldn’t be lost on anyone.

The Democrats are the one’s that lecture us endlessly on the evils of money in politics. Yet, this is the party that stood idly by as inner cities in this country were burned to the ground by political pawns from their side. And at the same time they “invested” 1/3 of a billion dollars on races where they lost.

Black Lives Matter… Well, only when you need their votes. Otherwise, they’re just political pawns in a sad, disgusting game.

Imagine for one minute had this money been invested in minority and poor communities to help people learn to start businesses, fix basic infrastructure, remodel homes, pay for basic healthcare, start tutoring programs, etc.

The return on investment would have surely been better than this. Great job Democrats, you won the Presidency with a candidate that is marginally less abrasive than Trump. Four years of endless moral panic and hyperventilation over one person. Hundreds of millions of dollars burned to a crisp.

America hit the economic iceberg this year with the Coronavirus. The question will become do we continue to rip one another apart in endless political tribal warfare, or do we start to listen to one another and figure out how we solve some substantial problems in our societies and country. There are solutions.

The choice is ours, but it sure as Hell won’t be solved by leaving in or taking money out of politics.

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