Important Video on Covid-19 Affect on Kansas City Hospital Capacity

Posted: November 11, 2020 in Covid
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I came across a video on Twitter tonight of the Kansas City area hospital Chief Medical Officers discussing our current hospital capacity.

I found it shared in the response tweets to a local media panic porn tweet. Of course, it wasn’t shared by said media “professional”. No, he just wanted to make sure you knew that this is a problem. BIG PROBLEM!

Now is it a big problem? Potentially at some point depending on how things go here. Anyone that’s paid attention to this pandemic should be smart enough at this point to see that the virus tends to break out more when people are forced inside.

What do I mean? Think about it for a minute.

Why didn’t it break out here in February/March severely? Because it was a decently warm Spring which allowed people to get outside more. Plus, we were somewhat insulated as the virus entered the country on the coasts and larger metropolitan centers. I’m sure the public health gestapo will tell you the lockdowns worked, but all they did was delay the inevitable. This was always going to happen. Leaving the summer, case counts were present, but largely under control.

Well, guess what? It’s getting colder outside and it was really cold a couple weeks ago. Plus we just hit daylight savings time which ends our days sooner. So, we’re all inside more trading the Vid. Now we have community spread. And that community spread is increasing.

Everybody quickly panic on social media and blame Trump. We’re all going to die!

Just kidding, I’m not a “journalist”.

Are things going to get bad? Perhaps, but they’ll eventually get better. That’s what pandemics do. Viruses, well…virus. Everyone needs to remain calm.

I really encourage you to watch the video below of the Kansas City area Chief Medical Officers discuss hospital bed capacity because the geniuses at the local news agencies are probably busy turning this in to panic porn articles with little context and explanation. And you can rest assured that the geniuses in elected office and our health departments sure aren’t going to explain it to you.

After all, they have to take the day off tomorrow.

You can’t make this stuff up. Government agency that is tasked with dealing with pandemic still gets a damned holiday when case counts are exploding. An absolute failure of leadership.

Here’s the video. It runs about an hour:

If you don’t have an hour to consume this, let me hit the high points for you…

-Trying to accurately report hospital bed capacity is a little more complex than it would appear on the surface. Add in government and differing definition of terms by different regulatory bodies you end up with discrepancies. Ah, gubmint, if only we had more of it we might get this stuff right…

-Those discrepancies have led to an over reporting of actual available staffed beds on the Covid-19 dashboards.

-We’re getting lower on beds by the day, and there’s a risk that if the surge in cases keeps up we may have to consider reducing preventative care, triaging patients differently, and field hospitals. None of this is ideal, but it’s challenging.

-We are seeing some hospital staff be diagnosed with the Vid, but it’s not happening in the hospitals, it’s actually happening in the community when they go home.

-Hospital staff are stressed but managing pretty well considering the situation.

-I was really pleased to see that the CMOs shied away from saying that we should lockdown, and one individual on the video went as far to say that it’s important that we still have an economy. (Thankfully, there is sanity!)

-Optimistic but concerned tone, I’m sure you won’t hear that from the news media.

My sense is this thing will spike up and we’ll deal with it, but it begs the question, is there anything else we can do?

I’ve seen little actual guidance other than the obvious stuff (social distance, wear a mask, if you’re sick get tested and stay home, etc). That’s all fine and dandy, but what else can we do (getting on social media and arguing about Trump/Biden and masks is not an answer here, but lots of people seem not to be deterred)?

Would seem to me, that if we’ve got stressed hospital workers that maybe there’s some things we can do to help them out? There are two organizations in our immediate area that are there to support the hospital staff.

For Liberty, you have the Liberty Hospital Foundation.

For North Kansas City Hospital, I found this link that allows you to directly donate to their Covid-19 efforts:

I thought NKC Hospital had a foundation similar to Liberty, but I can’t find it online.

The Clay County Health Department and Health Board have been an unmitigated disaster through all of this. There’s no leadership. They had a Covid-19 email they were sending out there for awhile. It was mostly useless. You rarely see anything from that anymore.

Their Facebook page is primarily filled with reminders to wear a mask and that Covid-19 is dangerous, but there isn’t much else. (Side note: Filing opens for the health board next month) I searched their Facebook page for anything about the Liberty Hospital Foundation. Hardly nothing, and absolutely nothing in the context of helping frontline workers at the hospitals.

Maybe the needed rest on their vacation day tomorrow will help them refocus… LOL! Right. I’m sure they’ll get a mask post in before Friday and enjoy their weekend. Two more days off, baby! Don’t you wish Covid could take a day or two off?

Virus gonna virus, gubmint workers going to take the day off!

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