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Oh, this is too much fun not to share with you! I always enjoy a daily laugh, and I was graciously given one by an anonymous commenter. I thought I might add some commentary to make it even more enjoyable. This was a recent comment posted on the Paul Vescovo Jerry Nolte endorsement letter I posted […]

Someone told me I should check out the Reelect Pam Mason Facebook page because our dear Presiding Commissioner was grumpy about “negative” ads from the Jerry Nolte campaign. Oh, that’s funny. No, I mean hilarious, to be exact. Here try this one on: You see this was Ms. Mason’s general opponent way back in 2010. […]

Taking off from my post on Sunday I thought I would share with you the Petition for Damages regarding the other case I mentioned. It appears the County of Clay is suing to recover financial damages for construction of the wall that Pam Mason and Vic Hurlbert built inside of the Clay County Courthouse back in […]