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I’m sorry, is it just me, or, is there any rational though left in America? Van Jones, remember him, the disgraced Green Jobs czar that resigned from the White House because America figured out that he was a 9/11 truther and a self-avowed communist. I realize it’s just a typical association for our Progressive President, but it’s not OK with me to have him near our government. Well he’s back, and this time he will speak at the State of Green Business Forum 2010 event with several American corporations. One of which was my former favorite electronics retailer Best Buy.

I decided this morning to call both Senator Bond and Senator McCaskill and ask if they had a position on the radical communist Green Jobs Czar Van Jones. I fully acknowledge as legislators their normal responsibility is of course legislation, but it is also their job to make sure that they keep an eye out on the other two branches of government. Plus, as logic and reason would dictate, they ought to be outraged at the fact that a sitting President has put a radical like Van Jones into any position in our government. At the end of the day they still are MO citizens first.

Dear Mr. Blunt,

I recently read a blog post that Glenn Beck had tweeted out. It was written by a person who was obviously irritated with the RNC and his representatives silence about now “retired” Green Jobs Czar Van Jones. This blogger is so irritated with the silence that he claims he is officially done with the RNC and even the DNC. As he says, “from this moment on… for the rest of my life… I will never vote for either major party again.” His major frustration comes from the fact that none of his elected representatives had the courage to stand up and speak out on this person. I get concerned when I see someone like Beck promoting this mentality especially considering his ratings lately. A third party is not an issue that we need to contend with right now because the DNC will invariably stay united.