About Me

My name is Andrew, I am 31 years of age, married, and live in Kansas City right next to Liberty, MO. I live in Clay County which is why the blog is called ClayCoMOPolitics. I have a BA in Political Science with a minor in History. I also have an MA in Teaching and am certified to teach middle school social studies and English.

This blog was originally called “Political Meanderings In Clay County Missouri,” and it started out as means to keep track on my elected officials. In August of 2012 it took on a little different purpose. Come by every once and awhile for a look at whatever I want to Meander about, you never know what you might find.

Top five Meanderings of the last month.

1) Voters Beware! The #KCStreetCar is Coming

2) Clay County Commission Sues the People They Represent

3) @MattWRidley Review: The Rational Optimist: How Prosperity Evolves

4) Meanderings from Clay County Missouri to Contribute to @T_NorthlandPost

5) Vince Gill Doesn’t ❤ the Westboro Baptist Church

All-time top five Meanderings:

1) The story of Clay County Auditor candidate William James Norris gets even stranger

2) Republican Candidates for Missouri State Representative District 35

3) Wake up Clay County!

4) 2010 Nov. 2 General Election Recommendations

5) William Norris: Scorned Clay County official, defender of women!