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Two important and fundamental things to remember about the anti-gun crowd:

The end always justifies the means.

They never let a good crisis go to waste.

One of the few good Republican congressmen, Rep. Thomas Massie, explains below.

Don’t tell Ryan Silvey, or any other Republicrat who doesn’t have the courage to do the right thing with regards to freedom, but the evidence for Right To Work continues to grow.

Recent numbers from the Bureau of Economic Analysis as reported in the National Right to Work Newsletter.

Real GDP growth from 2001-2011

Right to Work States: 20.6%

Forced Unionism: 12.3%

Bottom Seven States:

50. Michigan

49. Ohio

48. Maine


46. New Jersey

45. Illinois

44. Connecticut

Nothing says success like being worse than 46 other states. “Building Consensus” sounds like a great campaign slogan, but the reality is if you continue to build consensus with the left on anti-freedom positions like this, your consensus is worthless and counter-productive. I guess that union money is too much to turn down.

As National Right to Work Committee VP Matthew Leen said, “As long as the law land explicitly denies employees the right not to associate or financially support a union, all Americans’ freedom will be threatened.”

Unbelievable… James O’Keefe’s latest video. Union bosses seek funding for digging holes and filling them back in.