As I was writing my piece on the Socialist Democrat debate last night, it occurred to me that I failed to post links to my first two Republican debate Musings over on The Northland News. There are interactive polls on all three of these posts:

The first 2015 GOP Debate

GOP Debate, Part Deux

The first Democrat debate  

Here’s the short version:

Trump-An insult to anyone that believes in limited Madisonian government. A good barometer of determining the percentage of ignorant people that vote Republican.

Carson-I used to be really excited about Carson, but reality has caught up to me. Incredibly nice man, a true American success story, not a President, probably the next Surgeon General if a Republican is elected.

Rubio-Meh… Not real excited about him, but he’s tolerable and I could vote for him if he’s a last man standing kind of thing.

Fiorina-She’s not what you think she is. Brilliant marketer, terrible CEO, President that could start WWIII. I don’t know if I can vote for her in the general.

Bush-I didn’t vote for his brother and I’m sure as heck not going to vote for this clown. Uninspiring train wreck of a candidate that couldn’t even beat Hillary. Amazing that much money could be invested in someone like him.

Cruz-A lot to like, worried about his foreign policy, definitely think the Supreme Court is salvaged from the wreckage that it’s currently in under a Cruz presidency. I don’t know if he can win the general, though. He’s my number two right now.

Paul-Realistically the base of the Republican party won’t see how good Rand Paul is. I hope he stays in because I think there’s about 40-50% up for grabs if Trump and Carson drop. If the Missouri primary was today, he’s the one I’m voting for.

All the other Republicans-Please go away with the exception of Jindal.

Democrats-Hillary is leading the pack and is probably the candidate right now. Crazy Uncle Joe will be interesting to watch. Hillary is a toxic nominee for the DNC. People don’t like her, and despite the fact that she made sure we know she’s a woman last night, that’s not enough to win the Presidency (at least I hope).

So, what do you think so far? Who is your favorite candidate? Why? How do you think this election is going to shake out?


Andrew Palmer, Editor/Publisher The Northland News

I’m not sure how many of you have been keeping up with my recent actions, but I finally decided to take the leap and get out of public education (Someday, I’ll have to tell you the story about the union loving Democrat who harassed me this past year through email at school. BTW, I kept the emails, and I’m going to share them.) and try my hand at my own business. In June of this year, I launched The Northland News. And if you haven’t seen it yet, I’d like you to swing over and take a peak:

The Northland News is a little different than the political flair you’ve seen around here. It’s my goal to make that site a little more newsy and far less political. Now, that doesn’t mean we won’t ask tough questions nor does it mean I suddenly drank the progressive Kool-Aid.

Part of the process of launching a new platform is rebranding everything digital you’re connected to. So, I was sitting here tonight thinking about updating the Facebook page and what to do with this blog when it occurred to me to check out the meaning of meandering. Don’t ask why I thought to do that 7 years after I started this thing.


So, Meanderings has two denotative meanings:

  1. (of a person) an act of wandering in a leisurely or aimless manner.
  2. (of a speaker or text) convoluted or undirected thought or language.

I’ve definitely not been convoluted or undirected on here. If anything, people usually know where I stand when I write.

So, Meanderings is now Musings From Clay County Missouri. I’m quickly learning just how busy one can be. (And I thought I was busy as a teacher….) I don’t know how much more writing will appear on here. At some point, I hope to get back to writing more political stuff and incorporate my Musings into the editorial side of The Northland News. Right now, the focus is on advertisers and creating great content that provides value to our community. The Musings Facebook Page will still continue to feature my unique perspective on political issues, news stories I think worth commenting on, and who knows what else.

If you get a chance, take a look at some of the early stories that have been popular on the site:

Also, if you’re interested, we do have an email newsletter that goes out twice a week. If you’re a member of the email list, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $25 gift card to Chappell’s Restaurant at the end of July.

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Thanks for reading over the years, and I hope you all join me in my new endeavor!


Bryan Stalder is running for Kansas City City Council.

It’s a bit surreal to write that last sentence. Bryan and I have been friends since Kindergarten. We both grew up together in the historic Northeast neighborhood. In our teenage years our parents took us north. He eventually found his way back to our old stomping grounds and has taken quite an interest to being involved in his community.

I don’t always agree with Bryan. He’s a little bit different flavor of conservative than I am, but this blog has never been about complete agreement with people. Whether or not we agree or disagree on all the issues, I know he’s passionate about Kansas City and serious about his run for the City Council. His candidacy presents a surprising alternative to the usual embarrassment that is your average Kansas City City Council(wo)man. At least, I don’t see him punching and kicking an aide.

Anyways, enough of my meanderings on the topic. Without further ado, introducing Bryan Stalder:

BryanStalderMy name is Bryan Stalder, and I’m running to be Kansas City’s 4th District At-Large representative on the City Council. The 4th District is kind of weird (it includes the Plaza, Westport, Crossroads, Downtown, the River Market, part of Northeast, Briar Cliff, and Crestview), but because I’m running at large, my role would be to represent citizens from the entire Kansas City area.

This is my first experience running for a public office. I’ve been a stay at home dad, an editorial cartoonist for the community newspaper, and president of our neighborhood association. I chose to take on this challenge because I’m frustrated with the leadership of this city, disappointed with most of the reporting about what is going on, and discouraged by the level of apathy from the voters. It is my hope that I could bring accountability back to City Hall by asking questions that many journalists aren’t asking. I want to make it hard for the media to ignore what is going on.

City Hall makes decisions that directly affect the quality of life in our neighborhoods, and a lot of the money we pay for city services is being used to redevelop downtown Kansas City into a dense neighborhood that is incongruent with the lifestyle accommodations of the traditional family. The result is higher taxes, and Kansas City residents who are trying to raise a family choosing to relocate outside city limits. Even worse, we have seen a decline of jobs in downtown Kansas City by up to 20% over the last decade despite over $1B in redevelopment. I believe these decisions will have a negative economic impact on our region. They will create more challenges before we’ve even created solutions for our currently unresolved problems.

I am someone who is not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom. I may be the youngest candidate running in this election, but as a father of four who is raising a family in Northeast and educating them in the Kansas City Public Schools, I have an alternative perspective to offer those who would rubber stamp an agenda to provide more and more subsidies to large real estate developers downtown. I’ve created a plan to make Kansas City EPIC; by focusing on Education, Parks, and InterConnectivity. We can shift our focus toward creating communities that families are excited to make long term investments in. I hope that you will follow the upcoming municipal elections closely, learn more about all of the At-Large candidates, and consider voting for me.

Please follow me on Twitter: @StalderEsq, or email me at