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This came out of the Icet campaign today. For those that don’t know Allen, you ought to. I think that he is going to be the next auditor of the state of Missouri. He has a small hurdle, meant figuratively and literally, in Tom Schweich, but he will get there.

Senator Claire McCaskill–our Socialist Senator from the great state of Missouri, has recently been on the war path attacking Missouri Republicans saying that they “have wanted it both ways” with the stimulus. Refresh my memory on history here, but she is supposed to represent the states wishes? Of course, that pesky 17th Amendment has kind of messed up the way we view Senators and the way they view their job (That’s ok, we are going to change that, too). Someone needs to tell the Senator that she is getting herself confused with our House delegation. The last time I checked, Claire and the Democrats were the ones that bought into, and applied the concept of having your cake and eating it to. It doesn’t work, money doesn’t grow on trees, and Missouri didn’t want Obama or the stimulus!

Anyway, here is Allen’s presser:



Jefferson City, MO – State Representative Allen Icet issued a stinging rebuke Wednesday to Senator Claire McCaskill’s claim that Republicans in the Missouri General Assembly were attempting to “have it both ways” on federal stimulus money. Icet, the only conservative candidate for Missouri Auditor, responded to McCaskill’s charge with a letter pointing to her reckless spending, and urging her to take action against the free-spending ways of President Obama and her liberal allies in Washington.

“My advice,” wrote Icet, “(1) balance the federal budget just as we do every single year in Missouri, (2) take cap-and-trade off the table; (3) kill the current iteration of “reform” and instead allow the states wide room to experiment with free market approaches to health care; and (4) take a stand next time President Obama insists on raising the federal debt limit.” “After you have completed those four tasks,” he continued, “we will be eager to hear how you would suggest balancing the Missouri state budget. Until then, I’m afraid you just don’t have the credibility to give advice on balancing the state budget and protecting Missouri taxpayers.” McCaskill is supported by Icet’s opponent in the Republican Party. In 2001, his opponent donated $500 to her campaign for Missouri Auditor. In 2006, his opponent failed to vote for her Republican opponent, Jim Talent, in McCaskill’s race for the United States Senate despite the fact that it was the most-watched race in the country at the time.

Paid for by Icet for Auditor, William Linton, Treasurer

Also, watch as Allen addresses this at the last Clay County Pachyderm club here: