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I have little respect for unions. They promote mediocrity, and often defend the incompetent on the job. They create a disruption between management and employee, the end result often being a loss in productivity. Many tell you that unions defend the middle class. Whatever! Unions are far more associated with corruption and violence. Take for instance the AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. The guy is a thug! The other issue is that they contribute millions to the Democrat party. We would never have had Obozo, the Wicked Witch from the West, and Dingy Harry if this funding instrument was diminished.

Now don’t get me wrong, I believe you have a right to join a union if YOU want to. I just don’t believe you have a right to force your fellow worker into a union. That’s not freedom!

I recently came into contact with an individual that lives here in Clay County. This person had a typical run-in with a union organization effort in their place of employment. I was asked to conceal their employer and gender for fear of reprisal. At some point I would love to tell their story in full. It’s everything you would expect. Anyway this individual wanted to speak out on the Right to Work issue, and I thought I would give them the floor. I believe strongly in the need for making Missouri a Right to Work state and have donated to the National Right to Work Committee.

Update 2/25/2011 I have decided that I am going to start adding some of the videos that keep coming out further proving my point about unions. So check back often, they are providing a lot of great material right now! Current thug video count: 10

I never want to be party to supporting union bosses, financing left wing politicians and their agendas.

But that’s too bad…. as my job was unionized recently……

Even though I am a Republican, my coworkers and I will soon be financing the union boss agenda. But, it’s not because we want to!

In the state of Missouri the law is that union bosses are able to force union members to pay dues as a condition of their employment.

Kansas has a Right to Work law in place that forbids unions from forcing members to pay union dues.  Union members simply have a choice to support the union financially or not.

Many are concerned that that left wingers and democrats have gone too far in the last two years.  A large part of the Democrats financing is through unions.  Non-Right to Work states like Missouri, are a goldmine for union bosses!

In 2008 unions bosses spent 74.5 million dollars of their members money on politics, 68.3 million went to Democrats.

Between 1990 and June of 2009 union bosses spent 667 million of which, 614 million went to democrats or 92%.

How can unions be made less politically influential in Missouri or in the U.S?

Missouri can become one more of the 23 other states that have a Right to Work law. At present other states are considering Right to Work laws, some of which are Maine, Indiana and seven other states.

Union bosses desperately don’t want this legislation and will do their best to confuse the issue and flatly lie about it to the public and to their members.

Studies have been done, and approximately 50% of union’s membership describe themselves as conservative.   In 2009 most union bosses banded together to support Obamacare with their members money.

One problem with forcing members to pay dues in our non-right to work state is that it simply finances the agenda of the left.

Unions are now able to use more of their members’ money as the limits have been lifted in a decision related to campaign finance in early 2010.

‘Steven Law, chief legal officer and general counsel for the Chamber, said the biggest beneficiary of the Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission decision would be the labor movement.’

What’s more, is that businesses are less inclined to move to non– Right to Work states, like in Missouri.

Unions should look at the evidence of job growth found in the most current data available by the U.S. Department of Labor. Job creation in Right to Work states is growing 2.5 times faster than non-Right to Work states. From 2003 to 2008, the number of private-sector employees in RTW states grew at 9.1 percent compared to forced-union state employee growth of 3.6 percent.”

Missouri unemployment figures as of Nov 2010 show that we need to do something in our state to make a difference for the economy.

Kansas’ seasonally adjusted unemployment rate ticked up to 6.7 percent from 6.6 percent in September, compared with 6.8 percent a year earlier, according to preliminary data.

Missouri’s rate likewise nudged upward from 9.3 percent in September to 9.4 percent in October, compared with 9.7 percent in October 2009.

A great deal of hard proof exists to show that Right to Work states fair much better economically, and are more attractive to businesses.

Remember…. Right to Work is right for workers and the Missouri economy.

Update 2/25/2011 It’s time to bring in the thugs! Great video from from a group of former ACORN members. It’s labeled as an AFGE (American Federation of Government Employees) Union Rally.

This is a great demonstration, here a union protestor proudly proclaims “I will fu** in the a** you fa**ot!” as he engages a cameraman filming him. Such love! I’m pretty sure I never shouted this at a Tea Party Protest, nor would I ever shout it at any protest. But that’s just me, I’m not a union member. Fast forward to about 7 minutes in for the fireworks.

Update 2/26/11: This video comes to us from New Jersey where some are comparing Gov. Christie to Libyan dictator Gaddafi and comparing themselves to the people on the streets of Egypt. I especially enjoy the teacher interviews at the end of this, forget the kids we have a union to protect!

Upon learning that a conservative near her is Jewish, this union protestor decides to take a stand and declares him a “bad Jew.” Not really sure how to respond to that?

Now here’s another clip of fun, this one is sure to warm the heart of AFL-CIO chief Richard Trumka. This union member decides to strike the female holding the camera. Peace, love, union violence….wait a minute, that’s contradictory. Oh, well!

The left in this country is the self-proclaimed defender of all who are black and gay, so one would think that when put into a situation with a gay black conservative they might respect his difference of opinion and even try to have a respectful conversation. Apparently not if you are a member of the SEIU (Service Employees International Union). By the way, that’s the one that Obama was really close to when he ran for President.

2/27/2011: Check this out from the union rally in Jeff City yesterday. A union thug accosts a 17 year old kid with vulgar language as he tries to hand out constitutions. This kid does a great job of keeping his cool and acts more like the adult in the situation, the guy making fun of him, easily in his 50s. Maturity at it’s finest.

From Atlanta, this union thug just outright shoves a guy in his way.

From Wisconsin, union protestors chant Fox News lies and then hit one of their reporters.

Same reporter as above, different union thug. This guy threatens to break his neck.

Well, the story continues. This continues the story that I started on my last post.

After leaving Fannie Mae Franklin Raines decided to move on to another Progressive group, Enterprise Community Partners. Yet we find another employee of Goldman Sachs, Alicia Glenn. What does Enterprise do? Funny you should ask, they specialize in “affordable housing.” Ah yes, the same phrase that got us involved in this mess in the first place. Enterprise has partnered with that great community organizing group ACORN in the past. Here’s their mission statement:

“Central to our mission is Enterprise’s fundamental commitment to give people living in poverty an opportunity to move up and out. We believe that these opportunities are best provided in communities with a diverse mix of affordable and market housing options, access to jobs and social supports, and a strong commitment to the environment and civic participation.”

Franklin Raines decides to go to the Joyce Foundation to ask for money from the Joyce Foundation. This is the group that helped start the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) when Barack Obama sat on the board in 2000-2001. There is also a lot of Goldman Sachs money tied up in this. Together, Franklin Raines and the Joyce Foundation start The Emerald Cities Collaborative. They are a “start-up, national coalition of diverse groups that includes unions, labor groups, community organizations, social justice activists, socially responsible businesses, and elected officials.” Huh?  Their mission is to be “united around the goal of rapidly greening our nation’s central cities and their surrounding metropolitan regions.” Here let me translate the liberal speak for you, Cap and Trade and any other brainless “green” initiative you can think of. The Board of Directors of Emerald Cities include Gerry Hudson (SEIU, service employees union), Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins (Green for All, affiliated with Van Jones, self-avowed communist, several posts on Jones available here), and Jack Hayn and Art Lujan (AFL-CIO, labor union). All three of these previous groups can be directly tied to the White House and the Obama administration.

There must of course be a mastermind of Emerald Cities. Enter the new character, Joel Rogers. He helped to found Emerald Cities in December of 2009. He also helped found the “New Party.” Their slogan:  “A Fair Democracy, A Real Democracy, A New Party.” They were socialists and they endorsed Barack way back when he was running for state senate in Chicago in 1996. Now the New Party has since become the old party and was dissolved in 1998. I guess it’s hard to find that many socialists to keep a third party running in America, its easier to become a Democrat. Joel Rogers also helped to found the Apollo Alliance. They helped write the wildly unsuccessful Obama stimulus. At one point and time Van Jones was on the board of directors of the Apollo Alliance.

Andy Stern, former chief of SEIU, and the person that visited Obama the most during his first year in the White House, had this to say about Joel Rogers. “Nobody outside the American labor movement has shaped our present thinking as profoundly.”

From a video of Van Jones on Joel Rogers when he was working as the Green Jobs Czar for Obama: “I also want to take a little bit of time before I get to my comments to brag a little bit on Joel Rogers. If I were Joel Rogers I would be insufferably proud. I wouldn’t be able to walk around, my head would be huge! The best thinking that he represents…is now represented, is reflected in the white house.” January 2009

Well…I feel better. Don’t you?

There are very few people in life that make my blood boil as much as Claire McCaskill. Claire thinks she is so bright at times and appears to be on the side of Missouri. I don’t buy it and I don’t think many Missourians do either. Below you will find her most recent e-newsletter equipped with clever ClayCoMOPolitics comments explaining why Claire, as usual, is being a fraud.

Dear Friend,

In today’s economy, every dollar matters. We’re all making do with less right now, and I’m working on holding Congress to the same standard.

(ClayCoMOPolitics Comment: No Claire, you are not, sorry. You have been just as guilty of spending way more than we have. While you have been somewhat more fiscally disciplined the last month or so you still voted for TARP and the Obama “bailout.” I suspect you would vote for more if it wasn’t for the fact that you are in a state that Obama couldn’t swing in the election and you know that your political future could put you back on the couch watching the TV in 2012.)

It’s unacceptable for Congress to keep up its current spending habits when Americans are tightening our belts. How can we teach our kids to prioritize expenses and be fiscally responsible if leaders in Washington won’t?

(ClayCoMOPolitics: Great question! But considering you have voted for the $787 billion dollar stimulus, $6 billion to federalize charities, $400 million for corporate welfare for charities, and $4 billion dollar bailout for the post office I don’t think it’s one for you to ask. Who knows how many times you have voted for bills that have increased spending in Federal departments this year? I don’t have the time to research those votes but last I remember we have increased spending something like 15% in the operating budgets of other Federal departments. I don’t know how much responsibility you had in the last two years of the Bush administration either?)

I owe it to you, my bosses in Missouri, to tell you how I’m working to introduce some fiscal responsibility:

  • I’ve introduced Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) legislation, which would require Congress to find a way to pay for all new entitlement spending or tax cuts, rather than adding to the national deficit. (ClayCoMOPolitics Comment: Let me help you understand this. PAYGO legislation is not necessary because all that has to happen is for our ruling class to STOP SPENDING MONEY WE DON’T HAVE! Notice how PAYGO requires for all new entitlement spending to be paid for by spending or, KEY PHRASE HERE, “WOULD FIND A WAY TO PAY FOR”. PAYGO could and probably would simply mean higher taxes and yet more ignorant spending by those in WADC. Claire probably wouldn’t bat an eye on raising your taxes.
  • Senate colleagues and I urged Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to create a Senate Budget Task Force, charged with making recommendations on long-term fiscal issues.
  • I pledge to you that I will only vote for a health care reform bill if it’s deficit-neutral. (ClayCoMOPolitics Comment: That’s nice Claire, you are so kind. But you didn’t say you would not vote for something that raises American’s taxes. Deficit neutral simply means that it’s paid for somehow, that could easily mean tax increase, and invariably would when you look at how efficient the Federal government is.)
  • I continue to be one of the few in Washington who reject the flawed process of earmarking. (ClayCoMOPolitics Comment: In fairness you have been good about talking about doing this and have seen no evidence to refute the claim.)

Read more about these efforts to curb deficit spending.

It wasn’t easy to put myself through college and law school by waitressing, and I made hard choices to keep myself on a budget as a single mother after my first marriage, but life experiences have taught me a thing or two about balancing a checkbook – as they do for most Missourians.

When I came to Washington, I brought my Missouri values and experiences with me – the value of a dollar from a day’s hard work and the importance of saving and fiscal accountability.

I am optimistic that these reform measures will put us back on a path to financial sustainability, and that we can get the economy moving for the heartland again.

Read more now about how I’m working to restore financial responsibility in Washington.

I promise to keep working hard to represent Missourians like you.

All best,

Senator Claire McCaskill

I don’t know about you folks, but I am sick and tired of Claire McCaskill. She is an elitist politician that has no connection to the common Missourian. You see, you may not realize this, but Claire is the 17th richest member of the Congress. Total assets, 16.04 million dollars. I thought Democrats hated the rich? Claire my wife and I are happy with our combined middle class income. My wife and I worked our butt off to get where we are and would like you to quit meddling in things you don’t need to. I don’t want a public option offered, I don’t want to pay for other people’s health care. I can’t stand Medicare and want out of the system and you will find many younger American’s who would agree. It’s called a responsibility not a right!

I would also like to list some other things about Claire that are pertinent:

  • Never denounced ACORN but has had close ties in the past with them.
  • Never had any comment about Van Jones. A radical self-avowed communist who this President put in the White House willingly.
  • Has a either a misinformed staff, or a staff that is told to outright lie to constituents, because I couldn’t get a straight answer out of them about her position on FCC diversity chair Mark Lloyd. You see Claire is on a committee that oversees the FCC but her WADC staff told me that I should direct my concern to the Presidency. Honest question Ms. McCaskill; why haven’t you said anything about a guy who thinks that Chavez was a great guy and thinks he can tax talk radio 100% of their operating expenses? I just want an answer that’s all!

Don’t forget to call Claire and tell her NO PUBLIC OPTION NO MATTER HOW IT’S PACKAGED. 1-202-224-6154