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I’m sorry, is it just me, or, is there any rational thought left in America? Van Jones, remember him, the disgraced Green Jobs czar that resigned from the White House because America figured out that he was a 9/11 truther and a self-avowed communist. I realize it’s just a typical association for our Progressive President, but it’s not OK with me to have him near our government. Well, he’s back, and this time he will speak at the State of Green Business Forum 2010 event with several American corporations. One of which was my former favorite electronics retailer, Best Buy.

Best Buy’s Senior VP of Emerging Business Rick Rommel will be joining Van at this conference. I decided to e-mail Best Buy’s customer service in protest of this. Here is what I said.

This is not related to product and customer service, but it is a concern I have. I love Best Buy, and enjoy shopping in your stores. I recently noticed in an article online that one of your executives, Rick Rommel will be speaking on the same stage as Van Jones in San Francisco at the State of Green Business Forum. Van Jones is a self-avowed communist, his words, not mine. He signed a document that accused our own government of the 9/11 attacks. He is a dangerous radical that has no business having input on anything green or business.Your executive speaks, I quit buying products at Best Buy.



Now one would think that any rational company, a company that truly cared about America and American values, wouldn’t send an executive to speak in the same city as this piece of trash, let alone the same event. Then again one wouldn’t think we are living in rational times considering current events.

I never expected Best Buy to respond. But they did, so I thought it prudent to share this with everyone that reads my blog. Here is their response.

Hey Andrew,

First let me thank you for your inquiry and apologize for the delayed response.  Andrew while I completely understand your email and it clearly points out your stance, the conference is not about and bigger than Mr. Jones political views and this is why Rick is attending.  The conference has support from some of the biggest corporations in the nation in an effort to educate and brainstorm on how companies can work more efficiently using green technologies.  The focus of the conference is an awesome concept and personal politics are not involved in any way.  Andrew I’m truly sorry that you’re considering leaving our family due to this event, believe me we definitely don’t want to lose you.  I hope that you understand the conferences’ overall objective and reconsider continuing to be a Best Buy member.  Please let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll be more than happy to assist you further, thanks!

Best regards,

Here, let me translate this for you. “You dumb American consumer, you are not smart enough to understand the importance of green jobs. You must realize that we don’t live in a time of rational thinking and moral values. Instead we live in a time period where the end justifies the means, that reality can be created if we so decide, and that principles don’t matter. Surely you can look past this transgression and see that, well, your just a dumb-dumb-dummy and that we know best. But, please keep buying stuff in our stores, because we have America’s best interests at heart, really. Didn’t you hear, the world is going to end, Algore told us so.”

What’s funny is, I never even called into question the issue of green jobs, my whole comment was directed at the fact that Van Jones IS A 9/11 TRUTHER AND A COMMUNIST!

Please join me in boycotting Best Buy. They lack a backbone! Consider sending your own e-mail, and if you have time, send one to these other companies as well:




Best Buy’s customer service can be e-mailed here: