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I just wanted to remind everyone to vote in the August primary tomorrow in Missouri, if you can tonight please call a friend or family member that you think may not make it out, hold them accountable.

Clay County ballot is available here if you have not seen it or want to take a copy with you tomorrow to go to the polls.

If you are in Clay County please make sure that you vote for Jay Jones for Clay County Auditor on the Republican ballot. For those that have not followed this William James Norris is the other Republican candidate and a bit of a problem. What we know so far is that he let his CPA certification lapse and is not certificated in the state of Missouri or Kansas. There is some confusion about his actual graduation from William Jewell, it appears that the registrar has no record of his degree. He claims otherwise. If you research his name on Missouri CaseNet you find he has a bit of a sordid past, two restraining orders against him. The first was levied against him in Trenton, MO and it was reissued down here in Liberty at the same address he has listed on his ethics documentation with the state for his election run. Mr. Norris is only 26 years of age with limited job experience, he refuses to answer tough questions about his past and has not involved himself in any real manner in Republican politics in the last 2 years. The problem is he has signs up everywhere and sits at the top of the ballot. Please let your friends and family in Clay County know about this race. Mr. Jones on the other hand is a man that has had a long career in dealing with financial roles, is certificated as a CPA, and is someone that I believe will make a great Auditor here in Clay County.

Please vote Yes on Prop C. Mr. Obama’s birthday is August 4th, let’s send him a wonderful birthday gift from the Show-Me State by passing Prop C!

Other recommendations:

I will be voting for Chuck Purgason in the primary race for US Senate. While I believe Mr. Blunt to be a decent person I believe as a candidate he has lost his way in some specific instances. Approving No Child Left Behind which was the largest expansion of the Federal Department of Education ever, voting for the Bush bailout, his earmarking has been out of control, and receiving campaign funds from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. I believe the only way to get real change in WADC is to send Mr. Blunt a wake up call and vote for Chuck Purgason.

I will be voting for Allen Icet in the primary for State Auditor. I really don’t think there are great options here, but I think Mr. Icet is the best choice. I have met and talked with both candidates, Mr. Schweich was a bit of an elitist when I talked with him and lost any chance of ever receiving my vote after he visited with me at the Clay County Pachyderm club. Plus the fact that he promised to follow up with me and then refused to do so is an indication of someone not willing to work for a vote.

Why anyone is challenging Sam Graves in US House-6 I will never know, but of course will be voting for Mr. Graves in this race. He has done an outstanding job in WADC for us and had the courage to even vote against the Bush bailout.

In Missouri House-35 I will be voting for TJ Berry. I met with both candidates and felt that TJ was a better choice, nothing wrong with his opponent though.

I will be voting for Lydia McEvoy in the Collector of Revenue primary, Mr. Doores failed to return his candidate survey to the KC Star and was defeated by Sandra Reeves before. I think Ms. McEvoy stands a better chance of beating Ms. Reeves in the general. She is top of the ballot as well.

I will be voting for Mike Ebenroth for Recorder of Deeds. The story of Mr. Lawson arrival on this ballot is a strange one. Originally filed as a Democrat for Presiding Commissioner and then somehow forgot to file his paperwork with the ethics commission. No way should this guy be elected.

Roy Blunt

Chuck Purgason and his supporters

Roy Blunt visited the Republican campaign headquarters this morning here in Clay County. Attending as well was the other US Senate candidate, he who shall not be named by the Republican establishment unless we really have to, Chuck Purgason. My wife and I attended as Chuck Purgason supporters. I am not going to rehash the reasons I am supporting Chuck. You can read that on my endorsement post here on this blog.

I wanted to comment on some specific things. First, this was the first time I have ever heard Mr. Blunt speak in person. If he wins the primary here in Missouri in the Republican party I can and will vote for him. I do have my reservations, but right now, as it stands, I feel there is a candidate out there that would better represent me in the Republican party. The reality is this, if Blunt wins, the choice is between a conservative who has made a few, but critical mistakes, or another vote for Obama with Robin Carnahan. Not my words, that’s what the President said. Mr. President I have had enough of your leftist agenda and you need to be put under control. America and Missouri can’t put up with another Democrat shape shifting Senator like Cousin Claire.

Second, kudos to all Republicans in attendance. There were many faces from politics in the area. As a whole people were very respectful, Mr. Blunt and Mr. Purgason were civil and polite towards one another. Mr. Blunt went as far to say in his short speech that he would support all Republicans in this election. I interpret this as, if he is beat he will get behind Mr. Purgason. I would fully expect, and get the impression that, if Mr. Blunt wins the primary Mr. Purgason will get fully behind Mr. Blunt. I also want to recognize Clay County Central Chair Ben Wierzbicki, he handled the event well and as a supporter of Mr. Purgason’s I felt welcomed into the campaign HQ.

Third, I had the ability to talk with Mr. Blunt one on one about an issue that is important to me. That issue is education. As a teacher I am fully fed up with the involvement of the Federal government inside of our classrooms. No Child Left Behind was something that Mr. Blunt voted for and I have a major problem with that. I first asked him why there was nothing on his website about education. I must admit I made a mistake here, it had been some time since I had last checked his website and somewhere along the way it has been added. You can read it here, Blunt on Education.

It’s the small things that people do some times, and one thing Mr. Blunt did really irritated me. Early in our conversation he attempted to kind of put the whole issue of education to rest by saying that there is a group out there called teachers for Blunt. No offense, but I don’t care. Last time I checked I was an individual and had my own opinions, I do not look to others of my own profession to determine how to think politically. As a matter of fact I don’t do this with anything, I arrive at my own opinions based upon thought and further research. Anyway, I further pushed on Mr. Blunt about NCLB and he did admit that his vote for NCLB was something he regretted and wishes he could go back and change. Ah, if only politics worked that way. He did also say that he was for more local control in education, and that some of his votes reflected this after the passage of NCLB. I have seen one vote for sure that supports this, I would suspect that he is being honest about this. The fact remains the Arne Duncan and Barack Obama education agenda is toxic to public schools in America and we need politicians that are willing to express their concern about Federal involvement in schools. Mr. Blunt seems to agree, I just wish he was more passionate about it. I do appreciate his time and willingness to answer my questions about this issue.

Finally, kudos to KSHB 41 for showing up with a cameraman. It was the only TV media presence in attendance. I don’t have high hopes for the report, but it was nice to see one camera there.

My wife and I attended an extended family funeral today. Upon our return we discovered that two of our three political yard signs were present and accounted for. Yes, believe it or not, there is some liberal idiot in our neighborhood that decided that our freedom of speech was too much for them to tolerate.

They say you can learn a lot about a person through their actions. It’s interesting how liberals/progressives/Democrats, whatever label they apply to themselves, demonstrate their childishness and lack of values. This should come as no surprise to anyone though, because this is very similar to how the big kids in WADC have acted. The health care bill is a veiled attempt at redistribution of wealth. Or to phrase it slightly differently, state sponsored theft. The American people didn’t want it, Obama couldn’t come to a table and discuss areas where we could act without completely trying to destroy the health care industry. Our neighbor, in similar fashion, instead of having the courage to come over and have a conversation about the facts and the issue, decided to act like a middle school student and steal the yard sign from our yard. It is no wonder that individuals such as this support a party that wants to regulate speech on the Internet, silence political speech, and reinstate the fairness doctrine.

The sign has been replaced, the picture above is the new one and I have a couple more where that comes from. I am contemplating getting a really big road sign and sticking it in my yard. A hidden camera has crossed my mind as well.

By the way, the funeral we went to today, was for a veteran of Korea and served in the US Marine Corps. You know, one of those people that fought for freedom and capitalism, not state run health care plans and redistribution of wealth. Make sure you get out to vote on August 3rd and vote yes on Prop. C the Health Care Freedom Act in Missouri.

And if you find my sign, please let me know, I have a few kind words for the thief.