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A couple of weeks ago someone with a Facebook account with the name “Gerry Byrne” posted on my Meanderings Facebook wall claiming that Carol McCaslin had been indicted on a fraud scheme.

I contacted a local politico and this individual said that they hadn’t heard a thing about this.

I’m busy, it was an annoying Facebook post posted by someone else. A couple of days later it occurred to me that this post probably wasn’t fair. Nothing online produced any evidence to show the post to be legitimate. I even went as far to comment on the post to see if the person making the claim could produce any evidence. “Gerry Byrne” never responded. Being that I didn’t write the post. I just left it thinking it wasn’t that big of a deal.

This morning I received a note from Ms. McCaslin’s lawyer alleging the post to be libelous and defamatory. It was also requested that it be removed.

I happily removed it this morning. I’ve also turned off the function that allows other people to post to my page. I’ve always said before on the blog, I believe in the truth. To the best of my knowledge there was no truth to the claim. Plus, I was never alleging there was.

I mean this sincerely. I apologize to Ms. McCaslin. I’d have happily removed it had she just emailed me. Hopefully she didn’t waste a bunch of money on a lawyer for this. But, hey, that’s people. She wasted a lawyer’s time and my time with something that could have easily been addressed otherwise.

Best of luck to Ms. McCaslin in the coming election…she’s going to need it.



So, I’m at my parents house yesterday, who, by-the-way are both voting for Jerry Nolte, and my phone rings. Much to my shock and surprise, I have a recorded voice on the other end telling me that Jerry Nolte voted to implement Obamacare while he was in the House. This is a complete misrepresentation of the facts. Here is Jerry’s response:


Just like you, I am repelled by the last minute negative advertisements we all get in the mail from career politicians. Don’t be fooled by anonymous voices and the slick advertising techniques that my opponent is hiding behind. As it becomes obvious that her expansion of government and attacks on law enforcement are causing her to lose power, like all career politicians, she is desperately clinging to her government paycheck. I am a small business owner, who has served in government and I can live without being on the county payroll. This is about making Clay County a better place to live and work.

Like every other Republican member of the Missouri House of Representatives, I voted to stave off the federal imposition of a one-size-fits-all health exchange. House Bill 609 was not ObamaCare, it was about stopping Washington, DC from controlling our health care. In fact, it is Pam Mason who has embraced Obamacare by making the county health care plan conform to Obamacare. I WILL FIGHT THAT.

I am not hiding behind glitzy professional political power brokers and willing allies in the government bureaucracy, I am communicating with you directly. If you respond to my e-mail,, I will answer your questions myself, not a paid political operative or intern. You deserve government that will respond to you as a person, not using deception and scare tactics.

We must leave these desperate attack ads and the divisive politics of my opponent behind and create a county government we can all be proud of. We in Clay County are better than this; I am not asking you to vote against my opponent through fear tactics, but vote for economic opportunity and limited government.

If you have had enough of the politics of personal destruction, I ask for your vote on August 5th.

I take great pleasure in posting this. I would of paid good money to see Pam Mason and Vic Hurlbert’s response when they found out that Mr. Nolte was going to run in the primary. 

And yes, I’m still out here, just busy focused on other things.

Nolte PhotoFormer Missouri Representative Jerry Nolte announced that he is a candidate for the Republican nomination for Clay County Presiding Commissioner. A lifelong resident of Clay County, Jerry’s goals are to fight for jobs and economic growth, improve basic services for taxpayers and increase the level of professionalism in county government. According to Nolte, “We must promote a culture of entrepreneurship to create jobs, sharpen our focus on basic services we expect from our county government and demand a high level of professionalism in government, both in its dealings with the people and working together for the citizens of our county.”

He is currently Co-Chairman of the Clay County Economic Development Council Strategic Planning Committee working with Northland leaders to create a strategic economic plan.  “Clay County is going to rapidly develop, the only question is how we will grow,” Nolte observed. “In 2014, we must change direction choosing economic opportunity and job growth, not continue the divisive politics of the past.”

Nolte served eight years in the Missouri House, four as chairman of the International Trade and Job Creation Committee. Additionally, he served on committees dealing with local government, energy, tourism and medical facilities among others. In the Missouri House, Nolte sponsored and passed legislation to lower taxes, reduce needless regulation, bring more fairness to property taxes and ensure money to improve our roads was shared fairly between the county and cities. A 2011 bill he sponsored led to I-70 being designated as part of the Purple Heart Trail in honor of our veterans who fought for our freedoms.

Nolte also passed the Manufacturing Jobs Act which was vital to Ford Motor Company investing $1.1 billion in the Clay County Assembly Plant. “We could not afford to lose one of the largest private employers in our county,” Nolte said. “The legislation ensured a generation of good paying jobs with benefits for thousands of Northland families.” The law also encouraged expansion and job growth for suppliers like Magna Seating, Adrian Steel, Knapheide Manufacturing Company and Caseco Truck Body.

A small business owner since 1978 and former teacher, Jerry has been married to his wife Alicia for 36 years, they have three adult children. He is a member of the Gladstone Rotary Club, Friends of Hospice, Deputy Grand Knight with the Knights of Columbus, Vision North 2010-2015, Native Sons and Daughters of Kansas City and has attended St. Charles Catholic Church since 1960.

Nolte’s work in the Missouri Legislature earned him the 2012 Associated Industries of Missouri “AIM for Good Business Award”, 2012 Fair Energy Rate Action Fund’s “Friend of Ratepayers Award”, St. Louis Regional Chamber & Growth Association “Lewis & Clark Statesman Award”,  multiple years Missouri Chamber of Commerce 100% For Jobs Award and Spirit of Enterprise Award.

“I have a record of working with people in the Northland to build consensus, set objectives and achieve those goals for our community,” Nolte said. “A first Class County deserves a first class government we can all be proud of.”

Contact Jerry for more information at, on Facebook and Twitter.