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I will be voting for Bill Randles in the Missouri Gubernatorial Primary. I came across this video recently. I was FLOORED at Mr. Spence’s response to a question about the national popular vote. We need to elect people that actually understand the CONSTITUTION and our government! Mr. Spence you’re a good businessman, stay there!

I have little respect for unions. They promote mediocrity, and often defend the incompetent on the job. They create a disruption between management and employee, the end result often being a loss in productivity. Many tell you that unions defend the middle class. Whatever! Unions are far more associated with corruption and violence. Take for instance the AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. The guy is a thug! The other issue is that they contribute millions to the Democrat party. We would never have had Obozo, the Wicked Witch from the West, and Dingy Harry if this funding instrument was diminished.

Now don’t get me wrong, I believe you have a right to join a union if YOU want to. I just don’t believe you have a right to force your fellow worker into a union. That’s not freedom!

I recently came into contact with an individual that lives here in Clay County. This person had a typical run-in with a union organization effort in their place of employment. I was asked to conceal their employer and gender for fear of reprisal. At some point I would love to tell their story in full. It’s everything you would expect. Anyway this individual wanted to speak out on the Right to Work issue, and I thought I would give them the floor. I believe strongly in the need for making Missouri a Right to Work state and have donated to the National Right to Work Committee.

Update 2/25/2011 I have decided that I am going to start adding some of the videos that keep coming out further proving my point about unions. So check back often, they are providing a lot of great material right now! Current thug video count: 10

I never want to be party to supporting union bosses, financing left wing politicians and their agendas.

But that’s too bad…. as my job was unionized recently……

Even though I am a Republican, my coworkers and I will soon be financing the union boss agenda. But, it’s not because we want to!

In the state of Missouri the law is that union bosses are able to force union members to pay dues as a condition of their employment.

Kansas has a Right to Work law in place that forbids unions from forcing members to pay union dues.  Union members simply have a choice to support the union financially or not.

Many are concerned that that left wingers and democrats have gone too far in the last two years.  A large part of the Democrats financing is through unions.  Non-Right to Work states like Missouri, are a goldmine for union bosses!

In 2008 unions bosses spent 74.5 million dollars of their members money on politics, 68.3 million went to Democrats.

Between 1990 and June of 2009 union bosses spent 667 million of which, 614 million went to democrats or 92%.

How can unions be made less politically influential in Missouri or in the U.S?

Missouri can become one more of the 23 other states that have a Right to Work law. At present other states are considering Right to Work laws, some of which are Maine, Indiana and seven other states.

Union bosses desperately don’t want this legislation and will do their best to confuse the issue and flatly lie about it to the public and to their members.

Studies have been done, and approximately 50% of union’s membership describe themselves as conservative.   In 2009 most union bosses banded together to support Obamacare with their members money.

One problem with forcing members to pay dues in our non-right to work state is that it simply finances the agenda of the left.

Unions are now able to use more of their members’ money as the limits have been lifted in a decision related to campaign finance in early 2010.

‘Steven Law, chief legal officer and general counsel for the Chamber, said the biggest beneficiary of the Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission decision would be the labor movement.’

What’s more, is that businesses are less inclined to move to non– Right to Work states, like in Missouri.

Unions should look at the evidence of job growth found in the most current data available by the U.S. Department of Labor. Job creation in Right to Work states is growing 2.5 times faster than non-Right to Work states. From 2003 to 2008, the number of private-sector employees in RTW states grew at 9.1 percent compared to forced-union state employee growth of 3.6 percent.”

Missouri unemployment figures as of Nov 2010 show that we need to do something in our state to make a difference for the economy.

Kansas’ seasonally adjusted unemployment rate ticked up to 6.7 percent from 6.6 percent in September, compared with 6.8 percent a year earlier, according to preliminary data.

Missouri’s rate likewise nudged upward from 9.3 percent in September to 9.4 percent in October, compared with 9.7 percent in October 2009.

A great deal of hard proof exists to show that Right to Work states fair much better economically, and are more attractive to businesses.

Remember…. Right to Work is right for workers and the Missouri economy.

Update 2/25/2011 It’s time to bring in the thugs! Great video from from a group of former ACORN members. It’s labeled as an AFGE (American Federation of Government Employees) Union Rally.

This is a great demonstration, here a union protestor proudly proclaims “I will fu** in the a** you fa**ot!” as he engages a cameraman filming him. Such love! I’m pretty sure I never shouted this at a Tea Party Protest, nor would I ever shout it at any protest. But that’s just me, I’m not a union member. Fast forward to about 7 minutes in for the fireworks.

Update 2/26/11: This video comes to us from New Jersey where some are comparing Gov. Christie to Libyan dictator Gaddafi and comparing themselves to the people on the streets of Egypt. I especially enjoy the teacher interviews at the end of this, forget the kids we have a union to protect!

Upon learning that a conservative near her is Jewish, this union protestor decides to take a stand and declares him a “bad Jew.” Not really sure how to respond to that?

Now here’s another clip of fun, this one is sure to warm the heart of AFL-CIO chief Richard Trumka. This union member decides to strike the female holding the camera. Peace, love, union violence….wait a minute, that’s contradictory. Oh, well!

The left in this country is the self-proclaimed defender of all who are black and gay, so one would think that when put into a situation with a gay black conservative they might respect his difference of opinion and even try to have a respectful conversation. Apparently not if you are a member of the SEIU (Service Employees International Union). By the way, that’s the one that Obama was really close to when he ran for President.

2/27/2011: Check this out from the union rally in Jeff City yesterday. A union thug accosts a 17 year old kid with vulgar language as he tries to hand out constitutions. This kid does a great job of keeping his cool and acts more like the adult in the situation, the guy making fun of him, easily in his 50s. Maturity at it’s finest.

From Atlanta, this union thug just outright shoves a guy in his way.

From Wisconsin, union protestors chant Fox News lies and then hit one of their reporters.

Same reporter as above, different union thug. This guy threatens to break his neck.

Three recent copies of Straight Talk with Sam Graves are posted below. The first one from 9/21 Mr. Graves proves why he is so well liked here in Clay County. I agree, FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION!

Follow the Constitution

We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Those 52 words begin the Constitution of the United States of America. Last week, we celebrated Constitution Day. On September 17, 1787 thirty-nine men signed the document in Philadelphia. The document set forth the framework of the government and its relationship with the people. Today it is still the oldest written Constitution in use.

Our Founding Fathers wrote a document that put the people in charge of their own government. It was not a perfect document and has been amended 27 times. However, the basic framework of our government has never changed. This document was meant to ensure that our government was always a government for the people, of the people and by the people.  

I am concerned about what is happening in Washington today. The federal government has expanded beyond the limited role envisioned in this Constitution. Each day seems to bring news of another government bureaucracy that has been created, a private company that has been bailed out or taken over by the federal government.

The best way to honor our Constitution is to follow it. We need to bring some sanity back to Washington and it starts with both the Administration and lawmakers following the Constitution.


Sam Graves

The next from 9/28 discusses a bill to force our legislatures to post any bill online 72 hours before a vote. Seems logical and reasonable to me, but we all know that WADC has no mononpoly on these two concepts.

We Should All Know What Is In the Bill

Experts recommend that you have a 72-hour kit prepared in case of an emergency. After a major disaster, services that we would normally depend on like electricity, water or even phone service can be disrupted. That’s why having a kit that includes a flash light, food, water and a first-aid supply is important.

The first 72 hours of any emergency are always the most dangerous. It is a short, but critical period of time. This week a bill was filed to require all legislation to be posted online for 72 hours before a vote. That too would be a short, but critical period of time.

At my town halls in August, every constituent wanted to know why Members of Congress were not given time to read the bill before voting on it. In June, a 316 page amendment was tacked on to the Cap and Trade bill at 3:09 a.m. before voting began on the legislation later that same day. No one could have possibly read that bill in its entirety, yet Members of Congress were asked to make a decision based on what others said was or was not in the bill.

This is a simple and common sense idea. I have signed onto the discharge position that would bring this bill to the floor for an up or down vote. If the Speaker supports this proposal, she should schedule it for a vote so that Members of Congress, the press and all Americans can fully read and understand what is in the bill.


Sam Graves

The next one, from Oct. 5, addresses Washington’s priorities and the debt that many of our elected officials have so kindly amassed for us. Thanks guys and gals, my grandchildren will have you to blame. The debt statistics are simply absurd, Bush and the congress spent like a drunken soldier, Obama and the congress are spending like alcoholics who are trying to committ suicide. Can you please stop!

Washington Has the Wrong Priorities

Happy New Year. The apple did not drop in New York and no one sang Auld Lang Syne, but the government has started a new budget year none-the-less. On Thursday, the federal government ended one fiscal year and began a new one. However, it was not a good year for taxpayers.

Overall, the federal government will borrow 43 cents for every dollar that it spends in the just completed fiscal year of 2009. The national debt now stands at $11.77 trillion. This is a $3.1 trillion or 35.8% increase since January 2007. The most recent estimate available for the year’s deficit is $1.58 trillion which is $1.12 trillion or 244 percent more than last year, at that time the highest deficit in American history.

Yet, no one in Washington is talking about fiscal responsibility. Instead of talking about saving money and reducing government, the conversation is about spending money and growing government. We were told that we had to spend all of that money to create jobs. We now know that it doesn’t work that way.

With an unemployment rate of 9.8 percent nationwide, it is now clear that simply spending money is not going to fix our problems. Washington must learn that you cannot spend, tax or bail your way to prosperity.

Washington has the wrong priorities and they are out of step with the American people. We need to get a handle on our spending problem and we ought to be working to set the table for economic growth.


Sam Graves