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Oh, this is too much fun not to share with you! I always enjoy a daily laugh, and I was graciously given one by an anonymous commenter. I thought I might add some commentary to make it even more enjoyable.

This was a recent comment posted on the Paul Vescovo Jerry Nolte endorsement letter I posted yesterday.

First, the comment comes from (prepare yourself because it is so funny) Joe Schmoe and the email address given is (OMG this is where it’s like ROFLMButtO) Get it! LOL! Paul Vescovo is an Ass. Apparently, Pam Mason is popular among immature middle school students.

PV endorsed Ed Quick in 2010, thus Vescovo is a politician not a law enforcement officer.

Yep, no secret there. I believe Paul’s reasons were sound in doing what he did. I tend to avoid group-think as much as possible. But, you gotta love, the impeccably thought out logic here. Paul Vescovo supported one Democrat who certainly is not a conservative, therefore he’s not a law enforcement officer. Well, I often think we should teach logic better in this society. I give you exhibit A. There’s so much stuff I could add here (i.e. Pam Mason’s support of Bob Boydston, a Democrat), but I don’t really need to because, well, see previous statement about the need for logic.

His letter is full of errors.

BOOM! You really dropped the hammer there! Look at all those supporting details.

This web site supports a democrat – Sheila Ernzen and this site is controlled by an Atheist.

Oh, you got me there! I have NO credibility now. I should just give up. Yep, not shy about my support for Sheila. I welcome any new reader to go back and read all the reasons why.

As for the comment about being an Atheist, that’s a more complex discussion, one I tend to not have with people that anonymously post with an email like And you are not completely accurate. As the Thomas Jefferson quote above suggests, I questioned with boldness and came to a different conclusion than many. I’m not exactly a full-blown atheist. I would say that I am an agnostic that tends to lean towards atheism. No one knows the truth for sure. I’m proud of who I am and quite happy with my life and my perspective on the biggest choice we humans make. I have nothing against those that came to a different conclusion, and I actually enjoy listening to enlightened religious people discuss their faith. I’ll proudly stand with any person of faith as long as we have common interests and values. Sadly, it looks as if that may not be you. You sound quite angry, maybe reading your religious text closer and a good pastor could help you overcome that.

Keep it up loser Andrew, lol

Incredible closing argument! Here let me at least clean up the grammar for you.

Keep it up, loser. LOL!

To be totally fair, I doubt this is representative of all Pam Mason supporters. At least, I sure hope not. Of course, there was this whole unfortunate incident a while back.

Someone told me I should check out the Reelect Pam Mason Facebook page because our dear Presiding Commissioner was grumpy about “negative” ads from the Jerry Nolte campaign.


Oh, that’s funny. No, I mean hilarious, to be exact. Here try this one on:


You see this was Ms. Mason’s general opponent way back in 2010. This was used in a TV ad. It was an unfair attack. I don’t agree with Ed Quick’s politics, but I’ll defend him on this one. This was a youthful indiscretion (I can’t remember exactly, but it was something like 25 years ago or more) and it had nothing to do with the Ed Quick of 2010. You might call it negative campaigning.

Oh, then there is this one from Ms. Mason’s current husband, the mighty “Amorous” Vic “Alan” Hurlbert‘s State Representative run against Noel Shull in 2012. That’s like EONS ago. Right?


You want to talk about negative! Generally speaking, I don’t know about you, but when you use a provable lie against your opponent, I think, just maybe….well, OK, probably…or…almost certainly you could call this negative campaigning.

But, hey, at least they used good grammar. You know what? I think she might have something here:

Pam Mason for Presiding Commissioner:  Fiscal Discipline*, Stellar Grammarian

*Just ignore that dwindling county reserve fund.

Oh, one more thing, it’s about the whole grammar thing. Apparently, grammar doesn’t apply on Facebook posts, just campaign mailers. Shall we review, class?

“Well, my opponent went negative today after telling people he would be positive. Sad. What is funny is that his mailer had many grammatical errors.”

Sad is an adjective. This is not a complete thought, and there is no implied subject in this situation. So, without further ado, the correct Facebook post if the Mason campaign would like to update it.

“Well, my opponent went negative today after telling people he would be positive. That is sad. What is funny is that his mailer had many grammatical errors.”

(It’s okay, I don’t hold this against Ms. Mason. I’m not voting based on grammar. We all make grammar errors every so often. I’ve made them, too. Sometimes, I even catch them after I publish Facebook and blog posts.)

I received a message today on Facebook asking if I had received the letter that was sent out by Charlie Mason attacking Paul Vescovo. I was able to get in touch with Mr. Vescovo who was kind enough to drop the letter by the house this afternoon. It was good to see him. It was not so good to see this letter.

You can read the letter here. Charlie Mason’s Attack Letter.

I’m sure the root of this letter is Pam Mason and Vic Hurlbert. For those that don’t know, Charlie Mason is Pam Mason’s father. Of course we know that Mason is now the current wife of our dear friend, Vic Hurlbert.

The letter is typical Mason/Hurlbert politicking, loose on facts, severely lacking on tact and character. It wouldn’t shock me for a second if Pam wrote the letter.

This all stems from the 2010 Presiding Commissioner’s race. Yes, it is a fact that Paul Vescovo donated money to Ed Quick. As I have covered before, Vescovo was not the only Republican/conservative to support Mr. Quick in that race. I myself voted for Quick.

What is disgusting and disappointing about this letter is that it dredges up the attack that Mason used on Quick back in 2010. This letter gives no context of Mr. Quick’s arrest which happened decades ago and was not a reflection upon his character in 2010. I never reported this, but I should have. I sat down with Mr. Quick a little bit before the election. The man teared up in front of me because his grandson had asked him if he was a criminal because he had seen the TV ad that Mason was running. What is hilarious, and it shows how little Mason/Hurlbert know about politics. They spent something like $75,000 on a race they would have probably won no matter what. People were angry at the democrats for a lot of things.

Do I agree wit Ed Quick’s politics? No. Would I have preferred Ed Quick to the chaos Pam Mason seems to bring with her. Yep.

The letter then goes on to attack Mr. Vescovo accusing him of being a RINO. Mr. Mason obviously doesn’t have a clue what this term means. It’s generally reserved for establishment politicians who have been in office so long they have lost sight of the principles they supposedly espouse. News flash, while Mr. Hurlbert and Mr. Mason have been running around playing politics and their silly games here in the county, Mr. Vescovo was off serving his country in Afghanistan between November 2009 to April 2011 as a police adviser.

Mr. Mason asks how can we trust Paul Vescovo? Frankly, I think it’s pretty simple. Mr. Boydston is friends with Pam Mason and Vic Hurlbert. Beyond that, anyone that has met Mr. Vescovo knows that the man exudes character and leadership. If you have received this letter, throw it away, it’s a waste of your time.

And by the way, one thing Mr. Vescovo shared with me today. He got a call from several Democrats asking for signs, and he was even leaving my house to go meet with someone. Sounds like the letter worked well.