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My wife and I attended the Liberty School Board candidate forum on March 1, 2012. The five candidates that attended and answered questions were Charlene Armitage, Becky Anderson-Poitras, Dan Krueger, Bruce Cantwell, and David Evans.

I guess the best way to describe the candidates is that they can be placed in two tiers, qualified, and….well…thanks for participating in our civic process.

Our first tier candidates are Armitage, Krueger, and Evans. The second tier candidates are Anderson-Poitras and Cantwell.

The two candidates that I am endorsing are Charlene Armitage and David Evans.

ClayCoMOPolitics has endorsed Ms. Armitage before. Ms. Armitage has 30 years of experience inside of education. She has been a teacher, a principal, a director of HR, and a school board member. Ms. Armitage strikes me as the type that is able to build consensus and work with people of differing opinions. She seems to have a good grasp on the needs of the Liberty School District and the direction it needs to be going.

I was impressed with Mr. Evans for a couple reasons. First, his private sector experience:

  • Business Development, 2008 – 2011, Cerner Corporation, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Human Resources, 1998 – 2008, Cerner Corporation, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Benefits & Payroll, 1993 – 1998, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
  • Human Resource Consulting, 1990 – 1992, Hewitt Associates, Woodlands, Texas

I think having people like this on a school board in economic times like these is an imperative. I want someone who has accomplished, who has led, and who has had a large role in things that matter. It was apparent that Mr. Evans has an experience that matches that order.

Second, as Mr. Evans answered questions, it became quickly apparent that he has a skill set that will be a huge advantage to the board. I was most impressed with his understanding of education and how it connects to the real world. One of the questions was in regards to 21st century education. He mentioned something to the fact that learners need to know how to learn, that education must be relevant, and that the district needs to engage with workplaces. Yes on all three points!

Mr. Krueger is qualified enough and has a great background. He probably would make a decent school board member. Unfortunately, I was left with a similar impression as I was the last time he ran for school board, just not a lot of substance and I was not impressed with any of his answers.

UPDATE 3/17/2012 I met Mr. Krueger today at the Clay County Republican brawl….err…caucus. (Oh, do I have some thoughts on that!!!) He is a nice guy, and definitely qualified. I offered the ability to have a one-on-one conversation with him and gave him my number. He believes that I should give him a second look. I am definitely willing to listen.

I see no reason to seriously consider the other two candidates. Neither of them have websites or Facebook pages that give you any ability to find out any more about them. Ms. Anderson-Poitras’ responses were weak and struck me as if she was reaching for an answer. At times it seemed like she was stringing multi-syllabic words together just because they sounded good. Mr. Cantwell’s responses made little sense. Looking back at my notes from the meeting I have “rambling” written with regards to his answers. I spoke with a friend who was in attendance and he said he was trying to sum up their answers in a couple words. He said Mr. Cantwell’s responses kept ending up as question marks. I respect the fact that these two individuals are interested in running for office, but I just do not see them as viable candidates for Liberty School Board.

I can’t stand Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. He is an ideological Keynesian, so I become quite happy anytime I see him grilled by honest questions.

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter

Rep. Ron Paul


Sadly, Senator Blunt’s conscience amendment was defeated. I want you to think about that for a second. Sen. Blunt created this amendment essentially to protect religious freedom, the same protection that is supposedly guaranteed in the first amendment. That protection was defeated. This is the America we live in, pretty scary.

Who hates guns? A whole bunch of people! Find out which groups here.

This is interesting, Harvard professor and staunch liberal Alan Dershowitz has openly declared war on Media Matters accusing it of anti-Semitism.

This is a book review connected to my continuing Economics Quest.

End the FedEnd the Fed by Ron Paul

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In my opinion this is a must read for any American remotely interested in understanding modern American history. The story of the last century is a story of the Federal Reserve and its repeated cause of boom and bust cycles through monetary policy. I must admit, I never knew just how much power existed within the manipulation of interest rates.

In 210 pages Paul takes us on a trip through the history of the Fed; his intellectual influences; the importance of having a gold standard and why we must move back to it; a brief history of the current mess; and finally the philosophical, constitutional, economic, and libertarian cases of why we should end the Fed. All major problems have some root cause, and undeniably the root cause of our current mess is the Federal Reserve.

I must admit before I started reading this book I always assumed that Paul was a “typical libertarian.” What I mean by that is that he lived in a fictional philosophical world that could never come true. After reading, I am amazed at Dr. Paul’s knowledge of economic issues and the amount of reading and study he has completed on the topic is unbelievable. Dr. Paul has a solution for America’s woes. Interestingly, I agree with him that this is an issue that crosses all political philosophical boundaries and could win wide support from the sheeple if communicated correctly.

America is in her waning days financially. What’s ironic is we are approaching the 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve in just a few years. The question becomes, will the Fed destroy us, or can we destroy the Fed first? Our future literally hangs in the balance.

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