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Wow! Did you get Craig Porter’s letter in the mail earlier in the week? You may have if you live in Missouri House District 16. If you did not, you may want to check it out below.

From the Desk of

Craig Porter

July 30th, 2012

I sincerely hope you will take the time to read this letter.  I know you are receiving lots of direct mail pieces during this time leading to the primary election, but what I have to say is important so please bear with me.

My name is Craig Porter.  Some of you may have heard of me as I represented many of you as your County Commissioner for 8 years (2001-2008), and my family has been in the building materials business in the area for 60 years.  It is my commitment to Clay County that initially drove me to run for County Commissioner.  It is that same commitment that made me feel obligated to write this letter.  I am a loyal Republican and have supported numerous Republican candidates both local and national.

I live in the newly formed Missouri House District 16.  I know both candidates running in the Republican primary and one of them, Vic Hurlbert, is not telling you the truth about his past as an elected officeholder of Clay County.  I was a County Commissioner for 8 years while Vic Hurlbert was the County Auditor.  I know what he is like.  Here is a list of just some few things you should know about Vic Hurlbert before you vote next Tuesday.

  • VIC HURLBERT RESIGNED AS COUNTY AUDITOR UNDER THREAT OF PROSECUTION:  After former County Clerk Pam Mason, (now Hurlbert’s wife) lost in the 2006 election, Hurlbert and Mason used funds from the “Indigent Care” account to build a wall between Mason’s office, (County Clerk’s Office), and Hurlbert’s office.  The wall damaged some irreplaceable marble in the courthouse and was built without the approval of the County Commission.   It was later concluded the funding was likely obtained illegally by Hurlbert and Mason.  A special prosecutor was appointed to investigate this and other issues relating to Hurlbert’s actions as Auditor.   Facing the threat of dismissal from office, Hurlbert resigned.  However, he chose to wait until Democratic Governor Jay Nixon took office in January ensuring a Democrat would be appointed to the Clay County Auditor position.  Had he resigned just days earlier Governor Matt Blunt would have been able to appoint a Republican to fill the position.  (Had Pam Mason (Currently the Presiding Commissioner of Clay County) not been defeated in the 2006 election there is a good chance she would have had the same fate as Hurlbert).
  • HURLBERT WAS A MAJOR CONTRIBUTOR TO “NERDGATE” SCANDAL:  For those of us that can remember the late 1990’s and the debacle that was Clay Co. Government at that time you will likely remember the “Nerdgate” scandal.  Hurlbert teamed with two Commissioners (Gene Owen & Jay Lawson), a Democratic Sheriff (Bob Boydston) and a Democratic Prosecutor to go after those in charge of the County “Information Technology” (IT) dept.  The result was approximately One Million Dollars of taxpayer funds spent on an investigation that resulted in no charges and no convictions.  Then, when Hurlbert was put in charge of the Information Technology Dept. the Circuit judges demanded the department be split into Judicial IT & Adm. IT as they wanted nothing to do with Hurlbert.  The department remains split to this day costing the taxpayers of Clay Co. about $500,000 annually.  In 2001 when Tom Brown & I took office we put control of the Administrative IT department back in the hands of the Commission.  To say it was a mess would be an understatement.  A company with past experience in securing sensitive military computer systems was hired to secure the system and help re-build it.  The County website was in terrible condition with very little information on the public portion.  The calendar of events had not been updated in four months.  Clay Co. now has one of the highest rated websites of any local government in the KC area.
  • UNSATISFACTORY OUTSIDE AUDIT RESULTS WHILE HURLBERT WAS CLAY COUNTY AUDITOR:  While Vic Hurlbert was County Auditor; Clay County received a “Qualified” opinion on the annual outside audit several occasions.  A “Qualified” audit is not the result anyone wants and means the outside Auditor was unable to give the County a satisfactory or “Clean” finding on the audit.  In most cases the Audit was “Qualified” due to Vic Hurlbert’s refusal to supply critical data to the outside Auditor.   In 2008 the outside audit firm charged Clay County an additional $54,000 for time they spent gathering information on their own.   This was due to Hurlbert’s refusal to produce this information that was critical to the audit.   The outside auditor went on to say that Hurlbert impeded the audit process and that “We believe that we did not receive the necessary, ordinary cooperation from the County Auditor” (Hurlbert).
  • HURLBERT VOTED TO RAISE HIS OWN SALARY:  Hurlbert consistently voted to raise his own salary as part of the County “Salary Commission”.  On one occasion after the salary commission had voted to freeze officeholder salaries at their 2003 regular meeting, he was part of a group of officeholders that called an additional salary commission meeting to change their vote and grant the raises anyway.  The meeting was called without proper notice as dictated by Missouri law, and two of the officeholders that voted against the raises at the initial meeting, (Tom Brown and I), were not even given notice of the second meeting. The second meeting was later found to be “Illegal” after I filed a formal complaint and the raises were denied.
  • HURLBERT IS NOT A LOYAL REPUBLICAN:  Hurlbert has, on numerous occasions, supported Democratic candidates over Republicans.  In 2004 he supported Democrat Assessor Cathy Rinehart and was quoted on her paid political mailer saying. “Cathy Rinehart runs the most financially solvent and well managed office in Clay County”.  He said this after Rinehart had incorrectly calculated property taxes potentially costing local schools, ambulance & fire districts, and other public entities hundreds of thousands of dollars.  In fact, Republican candidates like former Commissioner Tom Brown can testify to Hurlbert working against him while supporting his  Democratic opponent.
  • Hurlbert likes to pick on those most vulnerable:  Although he had refused to do audits on other officeholders as requested by the Commission, he took it on himself to audit the spending of the County’s Juvenile department, more specifically the boys and girls group homes.  His findings made the front page of the Tribune.  Just over $900 had allegedly been spent by the young men and women at the county’s group homes during all of 2003.  This sum amounts to about $5 per month per resident.  Most of if not all of this money was given to the young women and men as incentives for exemplary behavior.  These are young people that through no fault of their own have had their lives turned upside down by society.  To tell them they are wrong to spend this paltry amount of money for things other young people their age take for granted is at the very least ridiculous, and at the very most, cruel.

Is this really who we want representing us in Jefferson City?  Do we want someone that was forced to leave his position as County Auditor under the threat of prosecution?   Someone who refuses to do his job and produce critical data requested by the outside auditor?  Someone who will change his loyalties at any whim?  Someone that votes to raise his own salary while the economy suffers?

Vic Hurlbert says he wants to make government accountable but how can we trust him to do that when he was not accountable to the citizens of Clay Co. as their County Auditor?

AS A REPUBLICAN LIVING IN THE 16TH DISTRICT, I KNOW I DO NOT WANT VIC HURLBERT REPRESENTING ME IN JEFFERSON CITY!!!  I hope you agree and will consider Hurlbert’s record when you vote August 7th.

You may remember a couple of months ago there was a bit of controversy about videos from a Labor Studies course the University of Missouri-St. Louis and University of Missouri-Kansas City held. This broke today on Breitbart’s BigGovernment website. It indicates a conspiracy of high level officials within UMKC trying to cover-up and punish the whistle blower Phillip Christofanelli.

You can read more here: University Gone Wild: Senior UMSL Administrators Bare (Almost) All in Embarrassing Internal Emails

I have contacted Clay County House Representatives and Senators about this issue and have received very little response. A representative from Sen. Ridgeway’s office said she was concerned about it and was interested in looking into it. That was several weeks ago towards the end of session and I have heard nothing since.

The state legislature and Governor Jay Nixon should act on this issue. It is unbelievable that so-called education professionals like this are paid by Missouri tax payers.

I was recently informed by a local political group about a film festival in Missouri that was funded by the Department of Social Services, Family Support Division with stimulus funds. The arrogance and idiocy of this government borders on criminal; a failing economy, no job growth, debt out of our ears and these morons think it’s acceptable to waste our money on complete crap like this. It would take me three years to make $10o,000 dollars! Below is the form letter generated from this groups website, normally I prefer things to be in my own words, but the letter covered what I would of said so I sent it. Clay County’s Doug Ervin was kind of enough to send a response to my letter. His response follows my letter.

Dear Representative Ervin:

I have recently learned that the Department of Social Services, Family Support Division provided nearly $100,000 of my tax dollars represented by the federal stimulus to fund a film festival. Besides not contributing to long-term job creation or economic recovery, this expenditure is a wasteful and unwise expenditure of public funds.

My understanding is that the department has reconsidered its use of these tax dollars and requested that they be returned. The fact this expenditure of my tax dollars was even contemplated for this purpose is extremely disturbing. As an elected official representing me, I have several questions for you:

– How did this happen in the first place?

– Who was responsible for making the decision to use these funds for this project?

– What will be done to insure the return of the money to the taxpayers?

– What corrective actions will be put into place to prevent such poor expenditures of my tax dollars in the future?

The answers to these questions are important. I look forward to your response.

Representative Ervin’s response:

Dear Andrew,

The simple answer is arrogance and elitism.  I’m sure you’ve heard the adage that it is easier to spend someone else’s money than it is your own.  Government doesn’t live the same life that you and I do.  Government doesn’t produce anything, government doesn’t create value, government doesn’t play by the rules, government writes the rules, and government doesn’t create wealth, nor does government want competition.  Government is a consumer of the industry, success, and wealth of others, because it cannot become anything on its own.

The legislature did not appropriate money to the department for film festivals.  The so-called federal “stimulus” dollars, or as I refer to them the federal dependency dollars, were not approved by the legislature for this use.  Governor Nixon vetoed a bill that would provide for transparency and accountability of the federal dependency monies received from the federal government.  Your complaint is precisely why such a accountability is necessary.  This last week the Missouri General Assembly met for its annual Veto Session where the House attempted to override that veto.  That vote failed on a party line vote.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call or write.

For a Better Missouri,

Doug Ervin
State Representative
District 35, Missouri

Thanks Mr. Ervin!