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From the Clay County Republican website:

On March 17th, the Clay County Republican Central Committee will hold the 2012 Clay County Missouri Republican Caucus.  The purpose of the Caucus is to elect Republican Delegates and Alternates to the Republican Fifth and Sixth Congressional District Conventions, and the Republican Missouri State Convention.  These delegates will represent Clay County’s choice for Presidential Nominee and Republican Party platform submissions at both conventions.  All Republicans are invited to attend.

The Caucus will be held at 10:00 AM on Saturday, March 17th, 2012, at the John Gano Memorial Chapel at William Jewell College.  William Jewell is located at 500 College Hill, Liberty, Missouri.  Signs will direct you to Gano Chapel.  Registration will begin at 8:30 AM.  Doors will close at 10:00 AM, and no registration is allowed after voting begins.  Active participants must be current registered voters in Clay County and must certify that they are Republicans.  Please bring your voter identification card and photo I.D. to expedite registration.


Have you seen the new house and district maps yet? If not here they are:

House Apportionment for Clay County

Senate Apportionment for Clay County

We now have six and about one-third house districts in Clay. District 8 comes south and grabs Lawson and stops just shy of Kearney. I’m not going to throw a fit about the reapportionment. The word is the whole process was a mess with many of the Democrats acting like really mature middle school students. So, the process was thrown to the judges and we ended up with this. The odds are good that any legal challenge won’t go anywhere, so we may have to just deal with it. The solution is simple; find good candidates and win.

House Districts:

District 12 (Smithville, and most of Kearney): The word is Smithville Police Chief Ken Wilson will be running for this new district.

District 15 (incl. Oakview, Oakwood Park, Oakwood, Oaks, Gladstone, and a weird dip south into North Kansas City near Briarcliff): Kevin Corlew has declared his candidacy on the Republican side.

District 16 (North of District 15, from the border of Clay/Platte County east to 35 North, almost South to 35/435 interchange, basically most of the northern part of Kansas City): This is my district. The rumor is Vic Hurlbert will be running for the House seat. Yep, that’s what I said. What was I saying about recruiting quality candidates? I wonder if Noel Shull is interested in running again? From what I remember he lives in the district. He ran against T.J. Berry last cycle. He has an excellent business background and would make a great candidate.

District 17 (SE of District 16, Randolph, Birmingham, Claycomo, Glenaire, and Part of Liberty): It appears this will be the district where Rep. Myron Neth will be running.

District 18 (South of Districts 15/16, Avondale and North Kansas City): So far I haven’t heard of anyone that is running.

District 38 (East of Districts 12/16/17, Southern part of Kearney, Excelsior Springs, Mosby, Prathersville, Missouri City, NE tip of Kansas City, and the rest of Liberty): This appears to be where Rep. T.J. Berry will be running.

Senate Districts:

District 17 (Smithville, Liberty, Kansas City (North), North Kansas City, southern border is the Missouri River, western border is Platte County): This is the district that Rep. Ryan Silvey lives in and he has already declared for a Senate seat.

District 12: (This is a monster; includes NE Clay, Ray, Clinton, Caldwell, Daviess, DeKalb, Andrew, Harrison, Gentry, Worth, Nodaway, Atchison, and Holt counties): Bob Nance has expressed interest in running for state Senate, this is where it would happen.

Sorry this is short notice, I just found out about it. I’m not so sure ole’ Cousin’ Claire from Missourah wanted this to be public. Whoops! Sorry. She claims that she wants to meet with Liberty businesses. So, if you know or are a Liberty business owner, or you just want to make a surprise appearance and try and have a chat with her, by all means, go for it!

It seems like it’s more of the usual Claire, I’m really a common sense gal from Missouri who’s fighting for accountability, blah, blah, blah. And if you buy that line of nonsense, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you! Sen. McCaskill will be at the City Hall Council Chambers from 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM; 101 E. Kansas; Liberty, MO. If you do go, please be respectful and kind, I’d hate to see her pull out the mom voice on you. Unsure if she’s flying in to the downtown airport on her “damn” plane. We’ll just have to see.