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I haven’t really said much about the Kansas City Mayoral and City Council elections. My time is limited and I don’t exactly get real excited about any chance for positive change in Kansas City. I hate to be cynical, but having been a life-long KC resident (minus four years) this city is a joke in many ways. I have often said that if I could sell our house and move out, I would do it in a second. We all know how much the housing market sucks, and there’s no escaping the foolishness soon.

I think the Northland forgets how much power they do have in these elections. There are a couple conservative options for City Council. Turnout for the primary is often 10% and I think if we could get a lot of people to the polls from the Northland there could be an interesting result in some of these council races. Then again, maybe that’s wishful thinking.

At any rate, this is how I will be voting this Tuesday.

Mayor: My love for the Funk is long expired, but I do still think he has done an OK job. Could you have imagined how messed up this city would be if Alvin Brooks had been at the helm the last five years? My two big beefs with Mayor Funky are his support for Michael Bloomberg’s Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns and his horribly foolish vote for the resolution condemning the Arizona immigration law. The city finances are in much better shape, the Mayor has been impressive in reaching out to voters through his town halls, and I think he maybe the best of the bunch.

City Council District 1: Either not voting, or writing in a name.

City Council District 1 (At-Large): Daina Kennedy, she’s against the E-tax, enough said.

City Council District 2 (At-Large): Allen Dillingham, business leader in the community, worked for Republicans in the past, seems to be a conservative.

City Council District 3 (At-Large): Durwin Rice, is the only Republican in the race.

City Council District 4 (At-Large): Annie Presley, a real chance to get a TRUE CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN ON THE CITY COUNCIL!

City Council District 5 (At-Large): Mahlon Davis, Jr. appears to be a Libertarian. Take note he is a write-in candidate! He’s against the E-Tax.

City Council District 6 (At-Large): Tracy Ward, libertarian, opponent of the E-tax.

I was going through some old emails and I found this. I totally forgot to post Mr. Funkhouser’s responses to a few questions. For those that may remember, I was once a large fan of the Funk. My passion has severely waned over the years. I am neutral on his reelection at this time.

I was very concerned about Mr. Funkhouser’s connection with the nut Mayor Michael Bloomberg in New York, especially in relation to Bloomberg’s anti-gun crusade through the Mayors Against Illegal Guns crusade. You can find the original post here.

1.  I do not see myself as a “liberal.”  I am an independent.  I have been to New York on numerous occasions – I like the city a lot – but I have never gone to New York to meet with Mayor Bloomberg.  I have, of course, met him a few times, but those meetings were as part of another agenda.  He and I were both at the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Providence last year, and we were both in Washington D.C. a couple of years ago to testify in front of a Senate committee on the issue of infrastructure.
2.  I’m not sure I see the comment you quote as either “hateful” or “spiteful.”  I also don’t see the next Tim McVeigh in the midst of the Tea Party.  We’ve come to the point with regards to politically correct speech that something “terrible” can be quoted from anyone.  My support for Mayors’ Against Illegal Guns has nothing to do with my views of Mayor Bloomberg or his political interests.  I’m sure our interests diverge widely on many topics.
3.  I respect the 2nd Amendment but I certainly do not see it as “the most sacred of all rights.”  I am for the rule of law and opposed to illegal guns.  Illegal guns are those that are obtained and owned in ways contrary to existing laws.
For the record, his third response greatly concerns me. The “illegal gun” argument is a BS argument put forth by liberals to make you buy their crap on 2nd Amendment issues. It boils down to one of two things; Mayor Funkhouser is blissfully ignorant on what MAIG is, or he knows exactly what he is doing and is hiding behind the bogus “illegal guns” argument. A supporter of the 2nd amendment would not support MAIG, plain and simple.

As you know I have been somewhat friendly toward Kansas City Mayor Funkhouser in the past. But, unfortunately, my support is dwindling to nothing as mentioned in this previous post. My biggest qualm is Mayor Funkhouser’s support of a group called Mayors Against Illegal Guns. You see, it is a group that was started by Mayor Michael Bloomberg with the intention of helping stop violence by focusing on “illegal” firearms. Now, the problem is, I am still unsure just what an illegal firearm is? It’s really called a semantics game, and Progressives are great champions of it. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been shown to clearly be anti-second amendment and continues to prove it on a regular basis.

For those that haven’t heard, Mayor Bloomberg recently made an asinine comment about who may have caused the New York City attempted terrorist bombing. If you haven’t heard it yet here is the quote:

“homegrown, maybe a mentally deranged person, someone with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health care bill or something, it could be anything”

I’m sorry, but excuse me! Why is it the left naturally assumes that the next Timothy McVeigh is out there waiting in the midst of the Tea Party. It’s obvious Mayor Bloomberg has no respect for the right side of the political aisle.

So this leads me to my questions for Mayor Funkhouser:

1) We know you are a liberal, you love President Obama, and you have championed yourself as a moderate who wants to reach out. We also know that you have been to New York and visited with Mayor Bloomberg. Mayor Funkhouser can you denounce this type of rhetoric?

2) Mr. Mayor, how can you rationally support any political interest of Mayor Bloomberg’s when he makes such hateful and spiteful comments?

3)) Will you continue to support Mayor Bloomberg’s MAIG? The comment that he has made is indicative of Mayor Bloomberg’s antipathy toward the individuals on the right. If he believes we are capable of doing something like the car bomb in Times Square, who knows what he thinks we are capable of with firearms? For many on the right the second amendment is the most sacred of all rights, it is America’s First Freedom, and Mayor Bloomberg continues to wage his own war against it.

Mr. Mayor do the right thing here, resign from MAIG, and denounce Mayor Bloomberg’s comments!