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In the same spirit as my Weekly Reads recap, here are some great videos that are worth watching. I pretty much always have two monitors on my desk, so I can watch them while I work, and many of the videos I watch can often be just listened to.

In this post lots of James O’Keefe, one of the reasons I hate the FDA, Rand Paul, school shooting discussion for people who are open minded to have a discussion, Ron Paul explains the Fed, exodus from high tax states, Missouri Senate Candidate Austin Petersen on Glenn Beck, fascinating video on a nuclear fuel that could be important, and a little fun from Tripp and Tyler.

Michelle Malkin: James O’Keefe has Gathered an Incredible Group of Citizen Journalists

Not the best talk I’ve ever heard Michelle Malkin give, but she raises some great points about the value of James O’Keefe’s work. I couldn’t agree more, much less eloquent summary of this video: Screw J-Schools, they’re worthless.

James O’Keefe Talks Journalism With Legendary Undercover Reporter Clarence Jones

Clarence Jones, a legendary undercover reporter, sits with James O’Keefe to discuss the risks and ethics of undercover journalism, and why investigative reporting is necessary.

Great discussion on modern media.

FDA’s Gag Order for Vape Entrepreneurs

I hate the FDA. Hate. It.

Suppression of Conservative Views Panel – James O’Keefe, James Damore – CPAC 2018

James O’Keefe spoke on a panel about the suppression of conservative views in Silicon Valley in the wake of Project Veritas’ latest undercover Twitter investigation at CPAC 2018. In addition to O’Keefe, panelists included “Google memo” author James Damore, free speech attorney Harmeet Dhillon, Media Research Center Vice President Dan Gainor and tech entrepreneur Marlene Jaeckel.

Sen. Rand Paul Speaks at the 2018 Kentucky Farm Bureau Breakfast in D.C. – Feb. 27, 2018

Not a majorly important speech. Comments on tax reform and potential advantage of the health care reform that allows individuals to purchase health insurance through groups.

How to Respond to School Shootings

This is a podcast I listen to. This is an outstanding episode about the topics of guns.

In the wake of the recent school shooting in Florida, New York Times bestselling novelist and former firearms instructor Larry Correia joins me to respond to the barrage of demonstrations against guns. If you oppose gun control, you value guns more than your own children, they say. That’s the intellectual level of the discussion so far. Larry and I raise it by 50 points in this episode. Subscribe to the Tom Woods Show

The Fed Is At A Crossroads – Crisis Coming

Dr. Ron Paul explains how the Federal Reserve works. It’s one of the most important things you should understand. America is not a true free-market driven nation, it will never be as long as there is a central bank that controls the price of money which in turns manipulates the prices of everything in our society. Sorry your high school history teacher who was busy working on his playbook was probably not smart enough to explain this to you.

And if you think Ron Paul is crazy, that’s okay, I used to, too, until I actually listened and read the man. He’s brilliant.

Exodus From High Tax States Is Pouring Gasoline On Pension Fire

No ink has been spared documenting the looming “pension crisis.” Conservative estimates put the total unfunded pension liabilities of state and local governments at a staggering $2 trillion.

But if you thought it couldn’t get any worse, you’re wrong.

A Conservative/Libertarian Alliance? Austin Petersen on Glenn Beck

I’m supporting Austin Petersen for Missouri Senate. The Missouri GOP has picked an uninspiring, milk-toast candidate in state Attorney General Josh Hawley. I’m about done with the Republican party in every way possible. They’ve basically abandoned every principle I thought they supposedly held; markets, freedom, responsibility. Either change it in the primary or burn it to the ground. And don’t give me the crap about Petersen not being able to win in the general. Hawley can’t take a firm position on anything of substance, hides from the voters, has already stuck his foot in his mouth embarrassingly a couple of times, promised voters just a year ago to not ladder climb and is now ladder climbing, and right now will do no better than Petersen in a potential general election match-up with McCaskill. I suspect he was picked by the Missouri GOP because he was young and checked all the right establishment boxes.

Great interview of Petersen on Glenn Beck’s show.

Thorium: Kirk Sorensen at TEDxYYC

Fascinating science with incredible implications. We should hear more about this stuff.

Kirk Sorensen is founder of Flibe Energy and is an advocate for nuclear energy based on thorium and liquid-fluoride fuels. For five years he has authored the blog “Energy from Thorium” and helped grow an online community of thousands who support a renewed effort to develop thorium as an energy source.

Tripp and Tyler: A Rental Car Success Story

Because sometimes you just need a laugh. If you’ve never seen Tripp and Tyler videos, they’re a lot of fun.


Amidst all this William James Norris circus, there’s another circus going on right in front of your eyes, possibly on your TV as you wake up in the morning or prepare dinner at night. It’s taking place on your television set every evening on ABC, CBS, and NBC. What is that circus? It’s the lies the major networks are fabricating about the debt ceiling debate and who’s really to blame.

The question becomes are you too much of a party hack, or are you too stupid to realize the truth? I fear for some Americans it may be both. There was an interesting study completed by the Media Research Center on coverage of the major news networks.

MRC analysts watched all 202 stories on the debt ceiling from July 1 through July 22, looking for statements which assigned blame or responsibility for the failure to reach a settlement. Of the 85 stories that included such statements, the skew was lopsidedly anti-Republican, with 56 stories (66%) mainly assigning them the blame for the impasse. Even though Democrats control both the Senate and the White House, only 17 network stories (20%) suggested they bore more responsibility, a greater than three-to-one disparity (see chart). Twelve stories offered a balanced discussion of which party ought to be blamed.


Umm… Ok, hypothetical screaming liberal, we get it! That’s enough.

This study looked at national news coverage evening and morning programs that appeared on local news stations, if you were smart enough to examine the local Fox 4 lineup you would discover that Fox does not have a national news program on its lineup in the morning and evening. They stay local and leave the national news coverage up to the cable network Fox News. I would also contend that Fox News, while providing a center-right, or conservative perspective with its prime time OPINION shows, does stay pretty fair and balanced when it comes to the actual news it provides.

The American people are being led like lambs to a slaughter on this debt ceiling debate by the alphabet soup news coverage. (No, that wasn’t some violent tea party rhetoric, it was just a simile.) You’re being fed this line of crap by the news networks, and they’re hoping you’ll lap it up. Shall we examine some actual facts?

1) Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and the Presidency last year. They could have worked to reduce spending and passed an operating budget and debt ceiling increase that would have been ample to get us through all of this. They didn’t, they refused to pass a budget for this year, they continued to spend like drunken sailors, they kept running the government on stopgap measures and continuing resolutions. Does that strike you as odd? Almost as if they were kicking the can down the road to put the blame on someone else.

2) Democrats still control the Senate and the Presidency, the Republicans only control 1/3 of the government, the peoples’ house. The Democrats could pass a budget, they haven’t, and President Obama’s budget was voted down in the Senate 97-0 earlier in the year. There is no Democrat plan, the only Democrat plan that exists is to do nothing and blame it on the Republican party.

3) Shared sacrifice is a bunch of crap. This attack on the rich is intellectually dishonest and akin to robbing a person on the street. There are 47% of Americans who are owed more in federal help than they pay into the system. The upper 10% pay more than half the tax burden while the bottom 20% contribute effectively nothing. Stop with the class warfare, it’s redundant and old. This is not equity, if you want true shared sacrifice then you must either cut benefits on your handouts or pay more in taxes. It’s that simple.

4) The Republicans have passed 2 plans that would work to solve problems. The first was Paul Ryan’s plan earlier in the year, which was dishonestly accused of killing seniors. Most notoriously the pushing grandma off the cliff ad by the Agenda Project spread this lie. Ryan’s plan didn’t touch Medicare for anyone over the age of 55. Whether you like it or not, Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security have to change. Most recently the Cut, Cap, and Balance plan, which passed with bipartisan support in the House, was tabled by Harry Reid and the Democrats in the Senate. Reid called it the most irresponsible idea ever proposed. Reid has even said that the Boehner compromise plan, which really does very little will in terms of solving the problems we are faced with, will be defeated. Here we have the Democrats saying that they will kill anything the Republicans send the Senate after never actually putting their plan to a vote? Once again I ask, seems odd doesn’t it? Almost as if they are trying to blame the Republicans.

As I said, you’re being led like lambs to a slaughter. You need to be able to see more than 2 months in either direction in your life. The Democrats when in control of the House and Senate from 2006-20010 (and the Presidency from 08-10) increased spending at a rate beyond anything in seen in history. If you believe the argument that we have to spend money to get out of this, you don’t understand economics, and are disqualified from the debate. Yes, Bush and the Republicans were complicit in this spending binge and deserve plenty of blame, I never voted for Bush and have amply criticized the Republican party, don’t call me a party hack. My point here is the Democrats and the media are trying to spin this so you get mad and vote them back into office. If you fall for that, you truly are clueless. Hope you enjoy your slaughter as it comes in the form of economic collapse. We cannot continue to kick the can down the road, the time for action is now, not the next election.

Oh, one last point to make on the MRC study. Which network was most likely to blame the Republicans on the debt impasse? You may have already guessed it, our buddies over at NBC. Now I realize there is some difference between the local news outfit and the national news outfit, but Russ Ptacek has managed to get me to turn on NBC for the first time in I can remember how long. Who says miracles don’t happen? Thanks Russ for demonstrating there’s always one good person in the bunch.

Americans need to wake up, turn off the mainstream news and start doing their own homework, before we lose this great nation to debt and spending.