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Here we are again folks.  In 2010 we had a mid-term election, and on the ballot was Clay County Auditor.  The two people on the ballot in the Republican primary were William Norris, a self-proclaimed CPA and William Jewell grad, and Jay Jones, an actual CPA and William Jewell grad.  Well, William Norris ended up winning the primary in the closest primary in Clay County that year.  We also know, William Norris wasn’t as transparent as he would have liked us to believe.  Come to find out, he was not a registered CPA with Missouri or Kansas (or anywhere for that matter), he was not a William Jewell grad (as a matter of fact, he didn’t have a GPA that was high enough to even graduate), he was never a comptroller of a major corporation, and he ended up being a limo driver in Columbia driving party buses.

Instead of stellar qualifications and voters doing their research, the Republican wave of 2010 swept him into office, beating incumbent Sheila Ernzen (another more qualified person) in the general election.  That didn’t last long, however, as NBC Action News’ Russ Ptacek nailed him on a number of fraudulent items, to include sex charges, past felonies, and falsifying a sworn affidavit.  William Norris ends up resigning, Governor Nixon appoints a replacement, and low and behold, we’re back at it for the Office of Clay County Auditor in 2012. (BTW Norris is scheduled for a jury trial for his criminal infractions that removed him from office on October 9, 2012.)

The Republicans again have a primary.  We have Michael Till, with 16 years of corporate finance accounting experience with Black & Veatch and Natkin Service, a subsidiary of York, Int.  He also has an actual degree in accounting from William Jewell College and an actual MBA from Baker University.  On the other side you have Charles Adams, and this is where it gets interesting.  You see, there is no website on Charles, no campaign literature showing his qualifications, no nothing.  As a matter of fact, Charles retired from being the County Building Inspector the day before filing ended.  He must have missed the county so much that he wanted to run.  Alledgedly Adams has no accounting degree and possibly no degree at all.  Of course, we can’t find out because there is no literature, either.

There’s more to this story.  By law, the Missouri Ethics Commission states that you have to be a dual-filer (that is, with the Missouri Ethics Commission and the Clay County Election Board) for the following committees:

  • Political Action Committee (PACs)
  • Congressional Political Party Committee
  • State Representative
  • State Senator
  • County Clerk
  • Other county office in county with population over 100,000
  • City office in city with population over 100,000
  • Partisan Circuit Court Judge
  • Partisan Associate Circuit Court Judge

Now, some of you may have seen the “Elect Charles Adams for Auditor” signs or his advertisements in various news publications.  Clay County had a population of 221,939 according to the 2010 census.  This means that he has to file a candidate committee with both the State of Missouri and the Clay County Election Board.  As of this writing (July 14, 2012), he has failed to do so.  The only thing that it says on his signs is “Paid for by candidate”.  Well, that still doesn’t explain why he has showed a lack of transparency.  Mike Till has showed us his qualifications, and continues to do so.  We know about Mike’s past and he’s an honest guy.

Now, this is not an indictment on Charles Adams’ character, as a matter of fact, we don’t know him.  However, that is the issue, we don’t know him.  We don’t know his qualifications, where he’s getting his money from, what he’s spending it on, nothing.  We experienced that with William Norris.  We didn’t know his qualifications, where he was getting his support, or what he was doing with his time and money.  We know now, but it was too late when we did.  This time, in 2012, we have an opportunity to right a wrong Republican voters of Clay County.  Will we go with a safe bet that we know about, or will we risk the county budget to a man who may not have any qualifications for it?  We got it wrong in 2010, let’s make in right in 2012.

I’m just curious, but do any of you ever get tired of this silliness?

H/T to the Liberty Tribune.

Eastern Commissioner Katee Porter and Western Commissioner Larry Larson are running for reelection.

It appears that Larson will have a primary and will face former western commissioner Gene Owen and David R. Peironnet.

County Assessor has five candidates interestingly Tom Brandom will be challenging Cathy Rinehart. That should be interesting and I wish Mr. Brandom luck. This county will not miss Ms. Rinehart if she is defeated. Republican Assessor candidates include Phil Wilson, Donald Jobe and Jesse Leimkuehler. I have never heard of any of these gentleman.

Clay County Auditor Sheila Ernzen will face off against Michael Till. Mr. Till is the father of Clay County Young Republican President Christopher Till. The county will do well by either one of these candidates.

Democratic Sheriff Bob Boydston will face a primary challenge as well from Bob Neal. On the Republican ticket will be former Sheriff Paul Vescovo.

Treasurer Carol McCaslin and Public Administrator Debbie Gwin are both seeking reelection.

The biggest take away from all this. What’s with the Democrats? It’s like primary city against incumbents.