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I started this blog with the intent of being a citizen voice to keep tabs on my local elected officials. I never thought local politics would be so ridiculous. For those that have followed this blog, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Unfortunately, life has a way of catching up to you. This stuff takes time, time that this new father simply does not have. The ugly reality of life is that there is only 24 hours in a day. I am learning, rather quickly, that if I want to be a highly effective educator, a great father, and a great husband that something has to give in my life. What is going to give is this blog.

It has become clear to me that our solutions will not come from the political sphere alone. America is broke culturally. Look around you, especially within your own party. So many of you are willing to let a politician lie to you because they share the same political party as you. So many Americans still vote their party while at the same time knowing they can’t trust them. It is pathetic. As long as your candidate tows the “party line”, his/her moral transgressions, especially in the sphere of family seem to not trouble you at all.  The Republican party is just about as morally bankrupt as the Democrat party. (Just to reinforce the point, Tampa Strip Clubs Prepare for More Business During GOP Convention.) Frankly, I think the average Republican voter, the one who thinks that their candidates are better because they use the phrase “family values” are bigger dupes than their Democrat counterparts. Democrats rarely pretend to care about “family values,” so in that sense, at least they are honest.

I have been asked before why do I not run for office. I went to school to be an educator, and this is what I do for a living. I love what I do. To be able to work with a young student and show them that there is more to life than the hopelessness communicated to them by our media, politicians, and sometimes their own family members is one of the greatest parts of the job. I work with teenagers at the middle school level, and I often see the beginning of the same ethical and moral conflicts that are demonstrated by our politicians. (I am often fascinated at how much local politics is like a middle school or high school social environment.) I see teenagers that have no passion for things that matter, and plenty of passion for things that do not. Personally, I think I can do more in the classroom than I could running for office.

I am becoming more involved with the Association of American Educators. The AAE is a non-profit, non-partisan alternative to the NEA. They provide similar benefits minus all the leftist political non-sense that the NEA is involved in. (In case you never knew it, the NEA donates 96% of its political donations to Democrat candidates. They do not represent the average teacher.) I also have created a national grassroots teacher organization that I really would like to focus more energy on. Check out Conservative Teachers of America.

Now, this does not mean that I am giving up voting or being interested or involved in politics, quite the contrary. It simply means a reevaluation of this part of my life. Our founders designed a system that originally intended us to be involved more in our local government than in the national one. Unfortunately, through years of negligence and intentional destruction, we now have a system that has shifted responsibility and burden to the federal government. Once again, you can blame both of our parties. We must began to peel the onion back, so to speak, and push responsibility back towards the local sphere. It is only then that people will start to care about their local politicians again. I have realized I have been reporting on a symptom of the problem here.

There are some great things happening on the national scale with regards to candidates that can change this. There is so much room for improvement, though. I encourage people to look into what FreedomWorks and Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservative Fund is doing.

In the cultural sphere I encourage you to pay attention to Glenn Beck and his Mercury One charity. Other talk show hosts flap their gums, Beck does something about it. July 26-28 was the Restoring Love event in Dallas, Texas. Did you hear about it? No, probably not. On Friday July 27th, over 30,000 people volunteered to do acts of community service in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. On Saturday night, Beck brought together 65,000 people for the Restoring Love event at Cowboys’ Stadium in Dallas, Tx.

The blog is not coming down. I expect the information here to be available for all who care to read it. From time to time, you may see something up that I think is worth reading, but the focus on the local political scene is going away.

I have little respect for unions. They promote mediocrity, and often defend the incompetent on the job. They create a disruption between management and employee, the end result often being a loss in productivity. Many tell you that unions defend the middle class. Whatever! Unions are far more associated with corruption and violence. Take for instance the AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. The guy is a thug! The other issue is that they contribute millions to the Democrat party. We would never have had Obozo, the Wicked Witch from the West, and Dingy Harry if this funding instrument was diminished.

Now don’t get me wrong, I believe you have a right to join a union if YOU want to. I just don’t believe you have a right to force your fellow worker into a union. That’s not freedom!

I recently came into contact with an individual that lives here in Clay County. This person had a typical run-in with a union organization effort in their place of employment. I was asked to conceal their employer and gender for fear of reprisal. At some point I would love to tell their story in full. It’s everything you would expect. Anyway this individual wanted to speak out on the Right to Work issue, and I thought I would give them the floor. I believe strongly in the need for making Missouri a Right to Work state and have donated to the National Right to Work Committee.

Update 2/25/2011 I have decided that I am going to start adding some of the videos that keep coming out further proving my point about unions. So check back often, they are providing a lot of great material right now! Current thug video count: 10

I never want to be party to supporting union bosses, financing left wing politicians and their agendas.

But that’s too bad…. as my job was unionized recently……

Even though I am a Republican, my coworkers and I will soon be financing the union boss agenda. But, it’s not because we want to!

In the state of Missouri the law is that union bosses are able to force union members to pay dues as a condition of their employment.

Kansas has a Right to Work law in place that forbids unions from forcing members to pay union dues.  Union members simply have a choice to support the union financially or not.

Many are concerned that that left wingers and democrats have gone too far in the last two years.  A large part of the Democrats financing is through unions.  Non-Right to Work states like Missouri, are a goldmine for union bosses!

In 2008 unions bosses spent 74.5 million dollars of their members money on politics, 68.3 million went to Democrats.

Between 1990 and June of 2009 union bosses spent 667 million of which, 614 million went to democrats or 92%.

How can unions be made less politically influential in Missouri or in the U.S?

Missouri can become one more of the 23 other states that have a Right to Work law. At present other states are considering Right to Work laws, some of which are Maine, Indiana and seven other states.

Union bosses desperately don’t want this legislation and will do their best to confuse the issue and flatly lie about it to the public and to their members.

Studies have been done, and approximately 50% of union’s membership describe themselves as conservative.   In 2009 most union bosses banded together to support Obamacare with their members money.

One problem with forcing members to pay dues in our non-right to work state is that it simply finances the agenda of the left.

Unions are now able to use more of their members’ money as the limits have been lifted in a decision related to campaign finance in early 2010.

‘Steven Law, chief legal officer and general counsel for the Chamber, said the biggest beneficiary of the Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission decision would be the labor movement.’

What’s more, is that businesses are less inclined to move to non– Right to Work states, like in Missouri.

Unions should look at the evidence of job growth found in the most current data available by the U.S. Department of Labor. Job creation in Right to Work states is growing 2.5 times faster than non-Right to Work states. From 2003 to 2008, the number of private-sector employees in RTW states grew at 9.1 percent compared to forced-union state employee growth of 3.6 percent.”

Missouri unemployment figures as of Nov 2010 show that we need to do something in our state to make a difference for the economy.

Kansas’ seasonally adjusted unemployment rate ticked up to 6.7 percent from 6.6 percent in September, compared with 6.8 percent a year earlier, according to preliminary data.

Missouri’s rate likewise nudged upward from 9.3 percent in September to 9.4 percent in October, compared with 9.7 percent in October 2009.

A great deal of hard proof exists to show that Right to Work states fair much better economically, and are more attractive to businesses.

Remember…. Right to Work is right for workers and the Missouri economy.

Update 2/25/2011 It’s time to bring in the thugs! Great video from from a group of former ACORN members. It’s labeled as an AFGE (American Federation of Government Employees) Union Rally.

This is a great demonstration, here a union protestor proudly proclaims “I will fu** in the a** you fa**ot!” as he engages a cameraman filming him. Such love! I’m pretty sure I never shouted this at a Tea Party Protest, nor would I ever shout it at any protest. But that’s just me, I’m not a union member. Fast forward to about 7 minutes in for the fireworks.

Update 2/26/11: This video comes to us from New Jersey where some are comparing Gov. Christie to Libyan dictator Gaddafi and comparing themselves to the people on the streets of Egypt. I especially enjoy the teacher interviews at the end of this, forget the kids we have a union to protect!

Upon learning that a conservative near her is Jewish, this union protestor decides to take a stand and declares him a “bad Jew.” Not really sure how to respond to that?

Now here’s another clip of fun, this one is sure to warm the heart of AFL-CIO chief Richard Trumka. This union member decides to strike the female holding the camera. Peace, love, union violence….wait a minute, that’s contradictory. Oh, well!

The left in this country is the self-proclaimed defender of all who are black and gay, so one would think that when put into a situation with a gay black conservative they might respect his difference of opinion and even try to have a respectful conversation. Apparently not if you are a member of the SEIU (Service Employees International Union). By the way, that’s the one that Obama was really close to when he ran for President.

2/27/2011: Check this out from the union rally in Jeff City yesterday. A union thug accosts a 17 year old kid with vulgar language as he tries to hand out constitutions. This kid does a great job of keeping his cool and acts more like the adult in the situation, the guy making fun of him, easily in his 50s. Maturity at it’s finest.

From Atlanta, this union thug just outright shoves a guy in his way.

From Wisconsin, union protestors chant Fox News lies and then hit one of their reporters.

Same reporter as above, different union thug. This guy threatens to break his neck.

For those of you that missed it, here is my recent column in the Platte County Landmark. Ivan Foley was nice enough to give me Chris Stigall’s space while he transitions to his new gig out east. I decided to focus on education. It’s one area the Tea Party and conservatives are not placing enough focus. And frankly, it’s an area where many Republicans are often wrong. Blindly screaming about more school choice is not the answer.

I am a public school teacher.

I consider myself a conservative.

Many conservatives banter around and often say something to the effect of: if we only had more choice in education, then all of our problems would be solved. It’s an oversimplified solution, to a much more complex problem. While school choice can and will help, it won’t be the only solution to solve our educational woes.

Liberals and progressives often scream about how more money will fix public education. Give me a second…I have to quit laughing. Giving more money to these folks is like buying a case of liquor for a drunk, nothing gets solved, but the drunk sure is happy!

I stand firm in this following statement, the greatest assault to our public schools over the last century has come from the academic left and their belief that schools are a place to socially engineer a new society. Don’t believe me? Do your own research. A great place to start is Diane Ravitch. She was Assistant Secretary of Education under Bush 41 and is one of the best historians of education in the country. Her 534 page book, Left Back: A Century of Failed School Reforms is a must read for any American remotely interested in this topic.

Progressives and unions go together like bread and butter. Teacher unions like the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) have reaped havoc upon this profession. The NEA has been infested with progressives since the early 20th century. You do know that the NEA currently recommends for reading two of Saul Alinsky’s books; Rules for Radicals and Reveille for Radicals? Yeah, that guy, the radical 1960s organizer. Don’t believe me? Look it up, it’s on the NEA website.

Unions survive upon fear. Usually, a new teacher is given some speech from union representatives on one of the first days they report for duty. They sell their union membership as a great low cost option for insurance. If little Billie falls off the desk he was standing on and gets hurt, you could be liable, and could get sued. –Gasp- Not kidding, I have heard that exact speech.

The young teachers, straight out of college, often sign up for this reason alone. After all, who wants to get sued? Many rarely even get involved with the union. As a byproduct they just become donors, resigned in the fact that they are insured if something goes wrong in the classroom.

Unions get between teachers and administration, and they encourage teachers to be less politically informed. After all, they take care of this for you! Teachers should leave these unions and take care of their own advocacy. I am a member of the American Association of Educators, a non-union teacher advocacy group that takes no political positions, best of all I get the same insurance the union members do. For political advocacy, I do it myself. I personally know and communicate with three state representatives in Clay County on a regular basis.

One of our biggest, growing problems in education is the lack of involvement of parents in their child’s education. I could tell you stories of poor parenting that would blow your mind, and so could every teacher in America. I am continuously surprised with how little communication I receive from parents in an age where it’s easy to communicate. This is becoming more the norm all the time. Our school systems have become pseudo-parents for a fair amount of the population. I can do my best as a teacher, but I can’t help your child to the fullest extent if they go home to an environment every night that does not promote the love of learning, or values that promote personal growth.

The other area that many are not involved in is our school boards. I love when I run into a person who throws a fit about public education, but has never attended a school board meeting, or doesn’t have a clue who their school board member is. We had a state representative candidate here in Clay County this year that was endorsed by the NEA, but didn’t even vote in his last school board election. See a problem here?

Finally, quit making broad generalizations about education if you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. It’s a profession, just like many others. Before you make a comment about how poor public education is, ask yourself, do you have the research, education and facts to even support your statement?