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Update 5/27/2015: So, maybe this wasn’t one of my most wisdom filled posts. Oh, well, not perfect and never professed to be. I believe in owning my own words, so this will reside in Meanderings history as a really bad post.

Now the CDC is asking people that flew on the outbound flight with the nurse, Amber Vinson, to contact them. What seems like a movie script is slowly playing out as real life right before our eyes. Ebola should have never entered the United States, but it is now here, and we must deal with it.

It is my hope that all of this Ebola insanity wakes up America to our absolute sorry state of incompetence and arrogance, especially in our government.

We have complete morons running the CDC. Our President is an arrogant fool who was elected by blind ignorance. People wanted to see something in him that was never there. As Ben Franklin once said, “He that lives upon hope will die fasting.” Now Dear Leader Obama will face a real crisis, and not one where he struggles on using the appropriate golf club on his 1800th hole of golf. He’s going to need a lot more than hope on this one.

There is a story often told that upon exiting the Constitutional Convention Benjamin Franklin was approached by a group of citizens asking what sort of government the delegates had created. His answer was simple: “A republic, if you can keep it.”

I still believe in this country and many of its people. Over the course of the coming months we have to realize how far we have slid as a nation and people. We have failed miserably at keeping and protecting the Republic. Honest, self-reflection is the only way we become better.

We like to blame politicians. We parrot the fact that Congress has a less than 10% approval rating as if it were some ridiculous horror hoisted on us without our say-so or involvement. Our partisan divisions, and trust of useless establishment politicians, have created a government that is so hopelessly incompetent that it no longer can do anything that the constitution demands it should.

The endless bickering between people that by-and-large share similar values have created this mess we currently reside in. Disgustingly the Agenda Project recently ran an ad trying to blame Ebola on the Republicans. It’s no wonder many of us no longer participate in the electoral process, instead we become more consumed with sports teams and other entertainment that serves as an opiate to ease the pain of our sad reality that we created.

Maybe it is Ebola, or maybe it will be ISIS, I believe our Republic will be facing a tough battle over the coming couple of years. Those people we have always been are still in us, but it’s going to take some work to get back there. I still believe in the Republic, it’s not some warm, fuzzy, and delusional feeling of hope, either.

We were a nation created out of ideas, not feelings or emotions. In the coming days and weeks, know what you believe, know why you believe it, and remember that our history tells us we are a great people.

This comes from a John Mauldin newsletter dated July 5.

Now here’s the big joke of the whole deal:

Employed persons at work part time:

Part time involuntarily                                    +275k

Because hours cut back                                  +72k

Because that’s all they could find                   +111k

Part time voluntarily                                       +840k

That is seriously pathetic and makes me wonder about the Retail adds +40k and the Leisure & Hospitality adds +39k. Low-paying, less than 40 hour a week jobs?  You bet.  Ditto Health care and social assistance, which clocked in with a hefty 33.7k.

But it also explains why, with 288k bodies added, the average workweek is not budging.  Translation:  they are hiring more workers instead of increasing the hours of existing workers.  Which suggests that maybe this is more of what we have seen already:   the quest to hire part time employees to avoid the benefits baloney.

Use your head.  If we really created 288k jobs.  And 275k folks were made involuntarily part-time, then this suggests that there are still way more candidates than there are openings.

-Analysis by Joan McCullough of U-6 Employment figures

When some of us pointed out, when the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was being debated way back in 2010, that the bill would result in an extraordinarily large number of temporary and part-time workers, we were called delusional and told we were just using that argument to oppose the ACA. It turns out, Mr. Krugman et al., that we were right. An unintended consequence of the ACA is a dramatic increase in part-time employment, especially among young people. There is no disputing this, unless you are willing to ignore the clear data from the BLS.

Precisely when young people are starting their careers and should be able to land “starter jobs” and look forward to establishing themselves, they now have to hold down multiple part-time jobs in order to simply survive. Gods forbid they have a kid or two.

-Commentary by John Mauldin


Guest post by John Sanderford

Is the Washington Establishment hurting conservative Republican efforts for a balanced budget?

Is the Washington Establishment so distorting the facts, that conservative Republican principles of fiscal and monetary responsibility and limited government can’t be effectively messaged?

Our country is spinning out of control. Our elected representatives just authorized another Trillion in debt without any plan for a balanced budget. The Washington Establishment shills literally paraded around this week complimenting each other and patting each other on the back in celebration of…one more nail in America’s coffin.

A few brave souls were willing to say “no” to Obamacare, “no” to debt ceiling increase, and “no” to a budget process gone wild. But how did things get so backward that those “Tea Party Terrorists” are now somehow the real problem with the GOP?

Monday, Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader of the Senate, released a statement indicating he would surrender to all Obama and Reid terms to “reopen” the government and raise the debt ceiling in return for the “opportunity to negotiate”. By Wednesday it was apparent that Boehner would allow the House to surrender without a majority of Republicans in support.

Why were establishment Republicans willing to completely capitulate again? Why were establishment Republicans willing to legitimize the deceptive Democrat talking points about “default”? Simple. Establishment Republicans care more about polls and their future positions of power than they do about principles and America’s future. Surrender meant they could say that Cruz, Lee and the other Tea Party “terrorists” had failed. These radicals that cause all this “trouble” had accomplished nothing, except to make low information poll respondents, those same people believe the words of Obama, Reid and the liberal media, mad at the Republican Party.

Where was our GOP leadership when the American people needed to know the truth about the debt ceiling? The deception that the Washington Establishment relied upon was that if we failed to increase the authorization to go further in debt (i.e. raise the debt ceiling) we would then default. This is an intentional misrepresentation of the facts. In reality the Federal government has more than adequate cash flow and reserves to pay our debt obligations. What the Federal government doesn’t have is enough money to keep paying for everything for everybody. The government could have paid its debts, but would have had to cut something….the government could have reduced food stamps outlays, eliminated some corporate welfare, defunded the Arctic Commission, eliminated some waste, closed the Department of Education…I could go on and on for pages, but I hope you get the point. The problem is that the Washington Establishment has no intention of becoming fiscally responsible.

The close proximity of the shutdown and debt ceiling deadlines was the perfect storm, a tremendous chance for change. A lost opportunity. After all why do we need to borrow more money when the government is closed. And with it closed what a wonderful opportunity to look around and see what we don’t need to fund, or heck, identify what we don’t even miss. The House should have taken up the budgets for each Department, Agency, Commission, etc. Eliminating needless Departments like Education, and cutting the budgets of rouge Agencies like the EPA. Private businesses should have been offered the opportunity to bid on services that would allow us to consider replacing the FDA, FCC, SSA and the CYA!

But in the end…nothing was cut, no entitlement was reformed, no fraud was corrected, no waste was cured…NOTHING was fixed. Obamacare stumbles on, but at least the “troublemakers” have been so branded.

Thank goodness for those “troublemakers”! Without them the Washington Establishment would have just passed another CR and again increased the debt ceiling, all without any dissent. Yes, they were just doing their duty for good of the country!

Since the Washington Establishment wants us to believe their lies about how all this wrongheaded capitulation was all for our own good, they have no choice but to brand those that would have the audacity to protest against their repeated misrepresentations (George Will summarizes for them) as, “hostage-taking terroristic anarchistic jihadist suicide bombers.” I would call them patriots.

I would call Obama, Reid. Pelosi, McConnell, Boehner, and those that stand with them, something else.


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