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Oh, this is too much fun not to share with you! I always enjoy a daily laugh, and I was graciously given one by an anonymous commenter. I thought I might add some commentary to make it even more enjoyable.

This was a recent comment posted on the Paul Vescovo Jerry Nolte endorsement letter I posted yesterday.

First, the comment comes from (prepare yourself because it is so funny) Joe Schmoe and the email address given is (OMG this is where it’s like ROFLMButtO) Get it! LOL! Paul Vescovo is an Ass. Apparently, Pam Mason is popular among immature middle school students.

PV endorsed Ed Quick in 2010, thus Vescovo is a politician not a law enforcement officer.

Yep, no secret there. I believe Paul’s reasons were sound in doing what he did. I tend to avoid group-think as much as possible. But, you gotta love, the impeccably thought out logic here. Paul Vescovo supported one Democrat who certainly is not a conservative, therefore he’s not a law enforcement officer. Well, I often think we should teach logic better in this society. I give you exhibit A. There’s so much stuff I could add here (i.e. Pam Mason’s support of Bob Boydston, a Democrat), but I don’t really need to because, well, see previous statement about the need for logic.

His letter is full of errors.

BOOM! You really dropped the hammer there! Look at all those supporting details.

This web site supports a democrat – Sheila Ernzen and this site is controlled by an Atheist.

Oh, you got me there! I have NO credibility now. I should just give up. Yep, not shy about my support for Sheila. I welcome any new reader to go back and read all the reasons why.

As for the comment about being an Atheist, that’s a more complex discussion, one I tend to not have with people that anonymously post with an email like And you are not completely accurate. As the Thomas Jefferson quote above suggests, I questioned with boldness and came to a different conclusion than many. I’m not exactly a full-blown atheist. I would say that I am an agnostic that tends to lean towards atheism. No one knows the truth for sure. I’m proud of who I am and quite happy with my life and my perspective on the biggest choice we humans make. I have nothing against those that came to a different conclusion, and I actually enjoy listening to enlightened religious people discuss their faith. I’ll proudly stand with any person of faith as long as we have common interests and values. Sadly, it looks as if that may not be you. You sound quite angry, maybe reading your religious text closer and a good pastor could help you overcome that.

Keep it up loser Andrew, lol

Incredible closing argument! Here let me at least clean up the grammar for you.

Keep it up, loser. LOL!

To be totally fair, I doubt this is representative of all Pam Mason supporters. At least, I sure hope not. Of course, there was this whole unfortunate incident a while back.

I can’t stand Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. He is an ideological Keynesian, so I become quite happy anytime I see him grilled by honest questions.

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter

Rep. Ron Paul


Sadly, Senator Blunt’s conscience amendment was defeated. I want you to think about that for a second. Sen. Blunt created this amendment essentially to protect religious freedom, the same protection that is supposedly guaranteed in the first amendment. That protection was defeated. This is the America we live in, pretty scary.

Who hates guns? A whole bunch of people! Find out which groups here.

This is interesting, Harvard professor and staunch liberal Alan Dershowitz has openly declared war on Media Matters accusing it of anti-Semitism.

Lots to report today!

What did the mainstream media miss in the unemployment numbers? S.E. Cupp points it out on ‘Real News’ on GBTV. The MSM news outlets are creating a narrative of rosy numbers that are not reality. Do not be fooled!

Speaking of economics, if you really want to know what is going on and understand economics you need to be reading John Mauldin’s investment newsletter. This guy is amazing! What I really like about Mauldin is he understands the main schools of economic thought and tends to provide a pragmatic approach to our problems. He comes off as non-partisan, but I suspect he leans conservative. Check out his latest column; The Cancer of Debt and Deficits.

The truth continues to come out on who Newt Gingrich really is. Personal papers reveal that he constantly criticized Reagan. World Net Daily is reporting that Gingrich helped lobbyist protect Freddie. I’m not sure on the second piece and would like to see it corroborated somewhere, but the reality is it is out there and the whole Freddie thing has never been fully explained.

This is sad, now more than half of all births to American women under 30 are born out of wedlock.

Is Obama imposing a national school curriculum?

Glenn Beck put forward an intriguing theory yesterday. We may be in the middle of WWIII, but it does not look like a war in the usual sense.

2,500 religious leaders tell Obama the contraception mandate is a severe blow to religious liberty.

Your gas went up…again. Why? Iran announced a cut in the oil supply yesterday.