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One of the people I greatly respect in Clay County Politics is Sheriff Paul Vescovo. He is a man of honor and integrity. I appreciate his willingness to speak up in this primary election. As he says, it is unusual for a Sheriff to involve himself in a Commissioner race like this. Frankly, I’m sick and tired of usual. 

Providing law enforcement to protect you and your family is not a political issue — it’s not Republican, Democrat, or even an Independent issue.  It’s a basic government function that we rightfully expect from our elected leaders.  

It shouldn’t ever become a political weapon, but unfortunately, our current Presiding Commissioner, Pam Mason, has decided to cut the Clay County law enforcement budget because of a political squabble against me. I cannot understand why she is willing to jeopardize the safety of Clay County citizens just because she dislikes and disagrees with me.

Commissioner Mason fully-funded our previous Sheriff, but as soon as I was elected in 2012 she immediately began slashing the law enforcement budget.  Honestly, I do disagree with Commissioner Mason on several issues, but I don’t let our disagreements affect the service I provide to all Clay Counties citizens. Elected officials often disagree on issues but that should NEVER negatively affect the citizens they represent.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what Commissioner Mason has done to the people of Clay County. She cut more than $500,000 from the law enforcement budget after I was elected Sheriff.

While simultaneously cutting the law enforcement budget, Commissioner Pam Mason secretly gave massive pay increases to her political friends. The Assistant County Administrator received more than a 30% pay hike – raising him from $72,000 to more than $94,000 in only a few months! County contractual expenses increased for her political friends – costing the county hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional expenses.

I normally would never get involved in a primary election, but this year the stakes are high and the safety of all our citizens is at stake. Commissioner Mason is up for re-election and our former State Representative, Jerry Nolte, is running against her.

Jerry Nolte served honorably in the Missouri House for 8 years, is a long-time Clay County small business owner and is a lifelong resident of the Northland, along with his wife of 34 years and three children. During his time in the Missouri House, Jerry was a leader for local job growth, protecting innocent human life, defending our 2nd amendment rights and fully funding public safety as Chair of the House Committee on Public Safety Appropriations.

Here are a few of his major accomplishments for our area:

Jerry sponsored and led the charge to pass the Missouri Manufacturing Jobs Act that saved nearly 6,000 Clay County jobs and brought more than 1,000 additional jobs to the Northland

Jerry was rated pro-life by the Missouri Right to Life, Missourians United for Life for his unwavering defense of the unborn

Jerry helped pass legislation that ended the double taxation on Social Security and Veterans

Jerry received the National Rifle Association’s “A” rating and endorsement in every election

Jerry successfully worked with Missouri Sheriffs and Prosecutors to strengthen laws against dangerous drugs like K2 and K3 and pass mandatory sentencing requirements for pedophiles

It’s because of this record on issues that matter to you and me, that I support Jerry.

While Jerry has an outstanding legislative track record I’m extremely excited about the positive solutions he has planned for Clay County as Presiding Commissioner.

Jerry stands for positive change in Clay County. This is an opportunity to leave the old ways of corruption and political fighting in county government behind. He will support:

Jerry supports full funding for public safety and cares about the men and women of Clay County law enforcement.

Jerry will open the doors of county government to transparency and accountability.

Jerry is a professional who will bring commonsense leadership to Clay county government.

Jerry Nolte as our Presiding Commissioner will build consensus not controversy and stop the million-dollar lawsuits our taxpayers have been forced to pay over the last several years.

Thank you for reading this lengthy letter. I know it’s unusual for a county Sheriff to become involved in a Commissioner race, but the stakes are too high for me to stand by. I hope you’ll join me at the polls, Tuesday, August 5th to vote for Jerry Nolte for Presiding Commissioner.

For a better Clay County,

Sheriff Paul Vescovo

P.S.   Don’t forget to Vote, Tuesday, August 5th in the Republican primary for Jerry Nolte for Presiding Commissioner. The men and women of law enforcement need your support to end Commission Mason’s political squabble that is harming the safety of all our citizens.

On Sunday 3/25 I attended “Blacks, Republicans, and Race” at William Jewel College. The event was presented by William Jewell College and The Clay County African American Legacy.

Attending the event was Mr. Kevin Williams, producer of a new documentary called Fear of a Black Republican. Mr. Williams screened about 30 minutes of his movie for the attendees. It is very thought provoking. I definitely think this is a film you should be aware of. Here is the trailer:

Growing up I would have probably considered myself a “Republican.”  While I attended the Clay County Caucus as a Republican, on Sunday I woke up and declared it a new day and returned to my Independent status. One of the many reasons I refuse to give money to the Republican party and consider myself a Republican is it continues to refuse to focus on the urban vote. If Republicans were to shave off 10% of the minority vote in this country then Democrats would have a huge problem on their hands!

After the film, there was a panel discussion that featured the Honorable Carson Ross, Mayor of Blue Springs, Missouri; Kevin Williams; Bev Randles, former Shook, Hardy, and Bacon attorney, and North Kansas City Republican who is currently managing the gubernatorial campaign for her husband, Bill Randles; and Tim Flook, an attorney, former Missouri State Representative and William Jewell College graduate.

I am going to post several videos below from the event. Overall, I was  impressed, and I am pleased that this happened in our county. It was great to see Rep. Jerry Nolte was able to show up. I was incredibly disappointed in the showing by the Clay County Republican Central Committee and other Clay County Republicans at the event. One of the things that was pointed out in the movie was how little attention the Republican party pays to the minority vote, accurate assessment.

This is Kevin Williams giving an introduction to his film:

One of the most interesting things that I took from the parts of the film that were screened was a better understanding of how the black vote shifted from Republicans to Democrats. For those of you that know your history, you should know that the Republican party was the party of black Americans for many years after the Civil War. Williams takes a small jaunt through political history to explain. There were several factors in the mid-20th century, but the event that caused the final shift to the almost uniform voting for Democrats was President Richard Nixon. (I often struggle with who was the worst President of the 20th century, there are so many options, but I could settle for Nixon if I had to.) Nixon refused to call Coretta Scott King after Dr. King had been imprisoned in 1960 in a Georgia jail. Nixon’s reason was that he was worried about alienating Southern voters. Instead, Kennedy called King and then capitalized on this politically. His campaign printed up a little pamphlet that discussed the problems Dr. King was facing. Because of Nixon’s foolishness Kennedy was elected. A few years later the racist President Lyndon B. Johnson would use the the Civil Rights Act as a political football, and the rest, we can say, is history.


I was forwarded a letter by a member of the Republican Clay County Central Committee. In it the Central Committee asks the members of the Clay County General Assembly to consider looking at the qualifications of the Auditor candidate:

To effectively safeguard and account for county resources in Clay County and
other larger Missouri counties (e.g., populations greater than 200,0008 or,
alternatively, first-class counties), should candidates for county auditor in such
counties be required to meet higher, more objective qualification requirements
than are currently specified in the Missouri statutes?

They also ask them to consider whether or not there should be a more extensive process of screening candidates:

…to consider whether county election boards have adequate and
appropriate authority and tools to verify the accuracy of information supplied by candidates in
their candidacy declarations and election filings.12 The Legislature could consider, for example,
whether background checks should be included in the process to ensure that candidates for public
office do not fail to meet the candidacy requirements on account of past federal or state crimes.

Please click here to read the full PDF of the Letter to Clay County state legislators 11-28-11.

I appreciate what the Central Committee is doing here. The statutory requirements for Auditor need adjustment so nothing like the fiasco that has transpired over the last year can ever happen again.