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Don’t tell Ryan Silvey, or any other Republicrat who doesn’t have the courage to do the right thing with regards to freedom, but the evidence for Right To Work continues to grow.

Recent numbers from the Bureau of Economic Analysis as reported in the National Right to Work Newsletter.

Real GDP growth from 2001-2011

Right to Work States: 20.6%

Forced Unionism: 12.3%

Bottom Seven States:

50. Michigan

49. Ohio

48. Maine


46. New Jersey

45. Illinois

44. Connecticut

Nothing says success like being worse than 46 other states. “Building Consensus” sounds like a great campaign slogan, but the reality is if you continue to build consensus with the left on anti-freedom positions like this, your consensus is worthless and counter-productive. I guess that union money is too much to turn down.

As National Right to Work Committee VP Matthew Leen said, “As long as the law land explicitly denies employees the right not to associate or financially support a union, all Americans’ freedom will be threatened.”

I was setting working on the computer last night when there was a knock upon my door. It was none other than Ryan Silvey himself. Imagine my surprise! He was out working hard for his senate campaign.

After the initial awkward moment the conversation began. I figured what better opportunity to get some questions answered than on ClayCoMOPolitics’ own doorstep! To Mr. Silvey’s credit he was very respectful, but his responses to my questions only served to muddy the water and make me question him even more.

According to Ryan, Noel Shull is not a conservative, Mr. Hurlbert is. And according to Mr. Silvey, the reason that Mr. Shull is not a conservative is because he gave $650 to former County Commissioner Ed Quick. I asked Mr. Shull about this one time and found his answer to be acceptable. Mr. Shull donated $650 to Quick in 2006 because he was concerned about his opponent Jay Lawson. Mr. Lawson was a mediocre commissioner from 1990-2000. This is the same Jay Lawson who filed as a Democrat for Presiding Commissioner in 2010, but after he failed to file his personal financial disclosure he was thrown off the ballot. He then refiled as a Republican for Recorder of Deeds and ended up winning.

I never reported this, but I had a sit down with Mr. Quick before the election in 2010. I myself voted for Ed Quick against Pam Mason because of her absolutely ridiculous campaign she ran against him.

I’m not sure who died and appointed Mr. Silvey the arbiter of all that is conservative, especially when you look at his most recent MEC reports. Last time I checked, unions were not considered remotely conservative. As reported on his July MEC report, Mr. Silvey received $3475 from unions. The $1,000 he received from the Greater KC AFL-CIO is especially interesting.

Something for Mr. Silvey to think about. President of the AFL-CIO Richard Trumka stated in a recent op-ed in the Huffington Post that “conservatives not only don’t believe in freedom, but use the word as a cynical con job to dupe voters out of voting for their own interests.”

His reason for taking their money? They were part of his constituency. Oh… Yeah, they are, but it doesn’t mean you should take their money.

I asked him about Right to Work, and he said no, he would not vote for it in the senate. He really never gave a good reason either. You see, believing that a worker has the right to join or not join a union is a form of freedom. In a capitalist society I can think of few more important freedoms than the right to control the state of your employment. Last time I checked, conservatives were for freedom. Well, unless you ask Mr. Silvey’s buddy Richard Trumka. The data for Right to Work states is solid, they are growing. States that have forced unionism, like Missouri, are not. Right to Work is a big game changer, but with Republicans like this, don’t expect our economic situation to change.

Mr. Silvey believes that Mr. Hurlbert was wrongly accused, and the only reason that Mr. Hurlbert resigned is because he was trying to save the taxpayers money. I come back to the fact, if someone is doing something wrong you stand up to it. If Mr. Hurlbert was wronged then he should have stayed and fought. Remember he held an ELECTED office. After all, didn’t the people send him there?  Even if it is true, and he was trying to save money then once he was out of office he should have done everything in his power to clear his name.

Update 11:50 AM: Something else that I forgot to mention that ties in here. Mr. Hurlbert could have resigned in time to allow then governor Matt Blunt to appoint a conservative Republican to the seat he was vacating. Instead, he waited till after the 2008 election and allowed Nixon to appoint Sheila Ernzen. Now, I have supported Ms. Ernzen and have no problem with her. My point here is that we are told to believe that Mr. Hurlbert is a passionate consistent loyal conservative Republican. One would think, that if that was the case, Mr. Hurlbert would have at least shown some allegiance to his party and resigned to allow Governor Blunt to make the appointment. Once again, it’s not about party or principle, it’s just about ME.

One interesting part of the conversation was where I got Mr. Silvey to admit that it was Mr. Hurlbert who was commenting on this blog anonymously. Mr. Silvey’s response was “well, some people do some stupid things.” Hmmm…

Yes, they sure do.

What I find most ironic is that Mr. Silvey’s campaign slogan is “Building Consensus.” Now, consensus is a word that means general agreement. To build consensus means that you have to work with Democrats and people you may not agree with on issues. So, it’s not okay for Mr. Shull to build consensus with Ed Quick, but it is okay for Mr. Silvey to build consensus with unions. And that makes one less a conservative than the other. The reality is, I believe that Mr. Silvey, Mr. Hurlbert, and Mr. Shull are all somewhat conservative, just as I am. For anyone that has been following this blog knows my problems with Vic Hurlbert is more about ethics and character than conservative political positions. That’s the big problem here.

I originally started this blog to keep tabs on my local politicians. It was my hope to shed some light on local politics and educate people (the traditional role of the press!!!). I never monetized the site. I never wanted it to look like I was profiting off of this. I wanted it to appear as it has always, a concerned citizen who is passionate about changing government for the better. As I have become more educated on local politics, I have come to realize how very few “good guys” there are. Most politicians and people involved in politics are exactly what we think they are, power hungry and unprincipled. It is about them, nothing else.

I have known for some time that Ryan Silvey was friendly towards Vic Hurlbert. Believe me I have been warned enough about him by certain players inside of Clay County politics. I have always defended Ryan and even promoted his political career here on the blog. He has been helpful and respectful to me in the past. Unfortunately, I can defend and support Ryan no more.

Why, you may ask? Well, there is this video (please go and watch it, if you have a YouTube account please click the dislike button):


Yes, that is his endorsement of Vic Hurlbert for state representative. He actually said that “Vic understands the importance of limited, efficient, transparent government.” Oh, so that’s why he left Clay County government in disgrace! Ryan, please, let me see the dictionary you are using, because I don’t think those terms mean what you think they do.

You have to give Mr. Hurlbert credit, he’s running a great campaign, but as always in politics, things are not what they appear. He is hard at work trying to purchase this house seat. According to his July 2012 report filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission, Hurlbert has loaned his campaign $78,800.00.  As if that isn’t bad enough, he did it through a series of mostly $4,900.00 loans which fall just short of the $5,000.00 threshold that triggers mandatory reporting within 48 hours of receiving the loan.  This allows Hurlbert to hide his self funding loans until the end of the reporting period (TRANSPARENCY!!!!).  Desperate to win this seat, Hurlbert is funding his own campaign as the voting public has failed to support him through contributions. To date, he has received only two contributions from the public.  As if this attempt to buy a state rep seat isn’t bad enough, this isn’t Hurlbert’s first election purchase.  Hurlbert bought the Clay County Presiding Commissioner seat for his wife Pam Mason, the formerly defeated County Clerk by “loaning” her over $101,200.00 which has now been “forgiven” according to reports filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

Until Americans figure out that politics is not about the guy (or gal) from your party winning, politics does not change, this country does not get better, and you give sanction to individuals that don’t put principles first. And at some point truly principled conservatives need to recognize that the problem does not lie in the other “team”; instead, it lies within the Republican party. The only way we change that is we stop supporting incumbents that have lost their way.

As of today, I encourage Republican voters in Clay County Missouri to NOT vote for Ryan Silvey in his Senate race versus Sandra Reeves. Don’t get me wrong, the answer is not to vote for the Democrat in this race. In Missouri we have the ability to write in a name or simply to fill in the write-in bubble and leave it blank. This is what I will be doing in both the primary and general election ballot.