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I am often frustrated by the complete lack of understanding of American politics by the average American. So, I thought with this week’s column, I would delve into an examination of the American political spectrum.

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I love politics because it always seems to provide you with new experiences. Today, unfortunately, is a “new experience” I could have gone without having ever experienced. No, honestly, I lost four hours of my life to something I’m not exactly sure how to describe to you.

The bottom line is it will come off looking a bit embarrassing for the Republican party, and judging by reports from across the state, the Clay County Republican caucus was reproduced in some form or another in multiple locations. From what little I have read in some places it was worse. The worst case was probably in St. Charles in which a caucus had to be shut down by police and two Ron Paul supporters were arrested.

And there folks is your problem!

What Mark Levin affectionately terms Ronulans, or Ron Paul supporters. (Sorry, I’m not going to explain the Star Trek reference, just know, it’s appropriate.)

Now, I would like to make a disclaimer here: I don’t want to overgeneralize because I do have some friends that are Ron Paul supporters, and I do respect them. (Know that it is not that many.) I also respect many of the positions that Mr. Paul holds, and I have financially supported his PAC and his campaign in the past. My reasoning for doing so is I do think Mr. Paul’s voice belongs in the Republican party and should be heard. My major qualms with him surround his foreign policy. He’s just wrong, so wrong I can’t support him for the nomination of the Republican party.

The thing about today is there is a wrong way and a right way to participate. Mr. Paul’s supporters put on a clinic today in the wrong way.

First, they tried to nominate a candidate to run the caucus. When the first vote failed they cried establishment takeover (or something to that effect). So, there was another vote. The irony was the recount actually showed less votes in their favor.

The next big fit they threw took place when the delegate slates were proposed. There were two slates for the sixth district: a unity slate proposed by a member of Common Sense for Common People from Kearney and the Ron Paul slate. The sixth district unity slate won. Next, there were two fifth district unity slates proposed, one by Central Committee member Tom Salisbury and the other a Ron Paul slate. Chaos erupted again and people began exiting the caucus in large quantities. The Paul supporters demanded a new quorum count. Sadly, a little over 100 people left.  The Ron Paul slate was defeated in both the fifth and sixth congressional districts.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I actually think there is a significant point of contention with respect to the unity slate (in reality though I have a point of  contention with the whole process). One of the continual things the Paul supporters screamed were that we didn’t know who the unity slate would vote for. It’s a fair point, and I have a major problem with not being able to cast a vote for the candidate that I think is best to be the nominee. But when you get right down to it, as of right now I think there is no best candidate, but I certainly believe that Ron Paul is not the guy, so in a very convoluted way my voice was sort-of heard.

Anyway, back to our feature presentation. It seemed at this point that the craziness might subside. It was time to amend the Republican party platform. Not to be let down, the Ronulans provided us with more yelling and fireworks when they proposed to dump the entire platform and give us a new one. Oh, but did we get to read the new platform? Nah…. That’s not important. I was amazed at the two-faced nature of what the Paul supporters were proposing here. Some of these people probably screamed loudly at some point in the last couple years about how their representatives should be required to read any legislation passed. But, hey, in this situation, just take our word for it, we’ll give you the Cliff Notes version in a fiery speech. Ummm….thanks, but no thanks.

In fairness, I have to be  a little critical of Clay County Republican party chair Ben Wierzbicki. For the most part, he did a good job in dealing with people that were effectively behaving like overgrown teenagers, wait, that’s too much credit, overgrown five-year-old children. Mr. Wierzbicki should have realized early on that the majority of people in attendance would have stood up to the Paul supporters and that he had the votes to keep them under control. Early on he threatened to have people removed if they would not stop creating a disturbance. As the meeting progressed the Ronulans yelled, booed, called point of order (so many times I think I am going to have nightmares), and sacrificed lambs (oh, wait, that didn’t happen, but it seemed like we could have gotten there). By allowing these individuals to continue to be present and ignoring their persistent calls to be recognized through Robert’s Rules of Order he made the situation a little more chaotic than it needed to be. He should have either accepted their point of order and listened to whatever they had to say. At some point it all would have worked itself out. I really don’t envy what Mr. Wierzbicki had to go through today.

The reality is this must be fixed by our legislators before the next Presidential election. Caucuses are absurd and have no place in our modern political landscape. There is more to the story of why we had a caucus then I am discussing on this post. Let’s just say this mess could have been averted.

For your viewing pleasure, here is a video from today. Sorry if the video appears sideways, it is corrected on the YouTube page.

Anybody tired of this thing, yet? I know I am. Politically, this has been one of the most confusing things I have ever seen.

Early on I was a Ron Paul supporter. I somehow convinced myself that Paul was not that bad on foreign policy, and then I started to hear his words. I always knew he was a traditional libertarian with regards to foreign policy, but I never realized just how ideologically driven he was. Yes, I agree, we could pull back some of our troops. Where I vehemently disagree is on the issue of the Middle East. I do not buy the argument that we were attacked because we have been bombing Iraq for years. I’m sorry Dr. Paul, radical Islamists want to kill us because they think we are “infidels.” Read their own words!

We have seen the Ron Paul foreign policy implemented twice in the modern era, first with Jimmy Carter and now with Obama. You cannot talk with insane people and expect them to see reason. Radical Islamism is the Communism of our time.

What is really frustrating on Dr. Paul is that he is right on so many issues; the Fed, individual freedom, and the size and scope of the Federal government. I just can’t do the foreign policy stuff.

After my Ron Paul awakening I switched to Herman Cain. There was was a lot to like about Cain, he had that grassroots appeal that the Tea Party was looking for, he had a tax plan that was bold and new (and sounded like we were getting a pizza), and….he had a ladies problem. Oh, wait, I forgot that was the “mainstream media trying to tear apart a black man.” Um, no, sorry, he had a ladies problem, and the last one greatly appeared to demonstrate he had an integrity problem.

I was in search of a new candidate and along came a highly intelligent former house speaker and his 21st Century Contract with America. Yeah…. I probably should have done my research on this one. Newt Gingrich is a mess, and the more I read the more I realized that I had been duped. (Psssst…. Gingrich supporters, it’s okay to admit you were wrong.) The thing that put me over the top was this:


Add to that the articles that came out yesterday about Gingrich’s attacks of Reagan, see them here, here, and here. Gingrich is not telling you the truth about who and what he is. And do you really want to give the media so much red meat?

After my week of confusion with Newt, I decided it was time to support Bachmann. Yeah, I know, not the greatest candidate, but in terms of the issues she was the most consistent and really the only true Tea Party candidate that was ever in the race. Iowa ended that for me.

At this point, I’m not even sure what to think anymore.

I’m left with two options. In February I will vote for Rick Santorum in our statewide non-binding primary (assuming he survives that far). If it comes down to Gingrich, Romney, and Paul I will support Mitt Romney (just vomited in my mouth).