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June 22, 2012 at the Elms Hotel and Spa, in Excelsior Springs, MO. Clay Co. Republicans will gather for their Annual Dinner and Fund Raiser. The event will have three sessions as follows:

Picnic starting at noon and followed by candidate speeches. A partial list of candidates have committed to speak as follows:

UNITED STATE SENATE: US Congressman Todd Akin, Sarah Steelman, John G. Brunner

GOVERNOR: David Spence, Bill Randles

LT. GOVERNOR: Brad Lager

SECRETARY OF STATE: Sen. Bill Stouffer, Rep. Shane Schoeller, Sen. Scott Rupp


ATTORNEY GENERAL: Ed Martin, Adam Lee Warren

Rep. Jerry Nolte, Rep. TJ Berry, Rep. Myron Neth, Rep. Bob Nance, Rep. Ryan Silvey, State Sen. LuAnn Ridgeway, Presiding Commissioner Pan Mason, Easter Commissioner Katee Porter, Clay Co. Clerk Sherri Chapman, County Collector, Lydia McEvoy, Recorder of Deeds Jay Lawson, State Rep. Candidates; Noel Shull, Vic Hurlbert, Kevin Corlew, Ken Wilson, Josh Hurlbert, County Candidates: Jessie Leimkuhler and Ted Graves Treasurer  Don Jobe Assessor, Michael Till Auditor, Paul Vescovo, Sheriff

CANDIDATE EXPO: An area where individuals can meet candidates and pick-up campaign materials.

BANQUET: Starting with a Social Hour at 6:00 pm and Banquet at 7:00 pm

As details become finalized more information will be available at and the local news paper.

I was forwarded a letter by a member of the Republican Clay County Central Committee. In it the Central Committee asks the members of the Clay County General Assembly to consider looking at the qualifications of the Auditor candidate:

To effectively safeguard and account for county resources in Clay County and
other larger Missouri counties (e.g., populations greater than 200,0008 or,
alternatively, first-class counties), should candidates for county auditor in such
counties be required to meet higher, more objective qualification requirements
than are currently specified in the Missouri statutes?

They also ask them to consider whether or not there should be a more extensive process of screening candidates:

…to consider whether county election boards have adequate and
appropriate authority and tools to verify the accuracy of information supplied by candidates in
their candidacy declarations and election filings.12 The Legislature could consider, for example,
whether background checks should be included in the process to ensure that candidates for public
office do not fail to meet the candidacy requirements on account of past federal or state crimes.

Please click here to read the full PDF of the Letter to Clay County state legislators 11-28-11.

I appreciate what the Central Committee is doing here. The statutory requirements for Auditor need adjustment so nothing like the fiasco that has transpired over the last year can ever happen again.

I received this from the Clay County Republican Central Committee, apparently they are going to have a presentation on the redistricting process. This could be quite informative and will especially affect Clay County because we have grown so much over the last decade.

The Clay County Republican Central Committee meeting this month will be interesting with a discussion on the redistricting process.  Here is the announcement from the CCRCC website (

Just a reminder that there will be a Clay County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC) meeting this coming Tuesday, February 8th at 7:00 p.m. at the Clay County Courthouse in the Commissioner’s Room on the 3rd floor.  Please enter through the handicapped entrance on the east side of the building.

Our agenda will include Aaron Baker, Chief of Staff for Senator Bill Stouffer, who will give a presentation on the redistricting process, an update from our state committee members, and discussion of this year’s Lincoln Day Dinner. If you’re curious how the reapportionment process works, you don’t want to miss this meeting!

We hope to see you on Tuesday night!

What: CCRCC Meeting
When: Tuesday, February 8th, 2010, 7:00 pm
Where: Clay County Courthouse in Liberty, 3rd floor – Commissioner’s Room
Who: Open to the public – all are welcome!