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It’s the most important election of our lifetime! (At least until 2020.)

I thought I’d take a spin through all the races that I would be voting on next Tuesday. This is not a rundown of the entire county.

For those that don’t know how to find their ballot, you should stop right here and find something else to do with your time on Tuesday. I’m not explaining it to you. Please don’t vote.

For US Senator: Josh Hawley – Republican

I’m probably going to need two hands to fill this bubble in on the ballot. One hand to write with, and the other hand to make sure I don’t pull the other hand away as I fill in the bubble.

I don’t know why I have higher expectations for Republicans. They’ve proven to me for years that if they can find a bad candidate to run for a statewide office, they’ll probably do it.

Hawley is uninspiring. I find him severely lacking in taking strong principled stances for markets, responsible spending, and issues of Liberty.

Hell of an endorsment so far, isn’t it?

Anyway, why am I voting for him?

Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court, and the Democrats have lost their minds in this country.

I was going to vote 3rd party in this race. I didn’t care. But when I saw what the Democrats did to Kavanaugh, I couldn’t stand idly by and not be a part of removing Claire McCaskill. The Democrats behavior was beyond anything I remember in modern politics. To destroy a decent man, a man I somewhat suspect will not be the best Supreme Court justice on civil liberties like they did, the Democrats should be forced to pay dearly for this.

Trump may get 1, possibly two more Supreme Court justices. This becomes even more probable if Trump wins reelection (just puked in my mouth). I want a Republican majority in the Senate as long as we can, so there’s at least a small, teeny-tiny, itsy-bitsy chance we get Liberty oriented justices.

I’m not convinced the Constitution and the United States can survive a Supreme Court that’s tilted toward Democrat nominees.

Our Founders never wanted the Court to be impacted by democracy, but it is, and I’m going to do my part and hope we’re able to maintain the Constitution for just a little while longer.

For State Auditor: Jacob Luetkemeyer – Constitution Party

Lots of digital keystrokes have been punched on the local social interwebs about this race in the context of the Clay County Audit. And to make matters worse this race is a bit of a mess.

I have said in the last few years that Nicole Galloway is one of the few Democrats I’ve ever really liked. Overall, I think she’s done an okay job as the state Auditor.

I tend to play the longer game, so County Audit or not, I’m not voting for her for the following reasons:

  • There’s this peculiar situation that you don’t hear much about regarding her failure to produce Sunshine documents requested by the Missouri Alliance for Freedom. Sunshine for thee not for me apparently.
  • She strongly supported Hillary Clinton. I don’t like Trump, didn’t vote for him, but Clinton is one of the most crooked, dishonest people in the history of modern politics. I always look at someone who passionately supported Clinton with suspicion.
  • If Amendment 1 passes, Galloway becomes somewhat powerful in the redistricting process. I don’t trust her enough at this point to believe that she would not attempt to sway the new redistricting process.

I find the Republican nominee, Saundra McDowell, unconvincing. You would think the Republican party could come up with a little better candidate than this.

There are two large criticisms levied against her.

The first is the residency requirement in the state Constitution. I personally don’t think that one is a big deal, and it seems petty. I don’t see residency as a make or break deal for the auditor. It’s less of a “representative” office and more of a functional government role. Plus, a past Missouri Supreme Court decision seems to indicate this won’t be a big deal either. Additionally, she’s really been in and out of the state for what seems like legitimate reasons. She’s shown legitimate intent for over 10 years to be a resident. This is petty politics at its finest.

The other issue is this deal with her personal finances. She seems to somewhat be able to explain this, it sounds like a bad contract gone wrong, but something about it bugs me. I personally feel like there’s more to the story here.

I really don’t like how connected she is to some of the long standing establishment of the Republican party. I have little respect for the Ashcrofts and the Bonds. She seems to love them. That’s a huge strike in my eyes.

So, what to do?

I’m a card carrying member of the Libertarian party, and I usually vote for one statewide candidate. I somewhat know Sean O’Toole, and think he might be capable of the job. It doesn’t seem like he’s spent any effort on seriously campaigning this time around.

I’m intrigued by Jacob Luetkemeyer. Young guy, spent lots of years in private industry in the field of accounting. You can read more about him here:

So, what the heck, sounds like a fun protest vote. I like outsiders who might break things. I’m going with it.

I know some may seem a little shocked by this considering how strong of a supporter of the Clay County audit I am. I hate to break it to you, but the clowns at the county courthouse have had a long time to prepare for this audit. I wouldn’t be too shocked if it doesn’t produce much. Plus, the elected State Auditor and the auditor’s staff are really two different things. It’s not like the State Auditor is sitting in the back room with a calculator combing through all the books. It’s going to be the professional staff of the state auditor’s office doing this. Some of these people have been in their roles for years. The audit happens and is probably done as good as it’s going to be no matter who wins the office.

For US State Representative District 6: Dan Hogan – Libertarian

I no longer can support Congressman Sam Graves. He’s become a disappointment in Washington. He’s terrible on civil liberties and privacy, he votes for spending bills that have done nothing but run up the debt, and he’s no fan of the free market. There’s nothing “conservative” really left about that man. Whatever he set out to do all those years ago when he surprised all in Clay County has pretty much been a waste. He’s part of the swamp, and it’s time to send a message to him that he either needs to ship up or move out. I could care less who the Democrat is in this race. You’re only going the wrong way if you put a Democrat in this seat in Washington.

For State Senator District 12 – Dan Hegeman – Republican

If there was a Libertarian in this race I’d probably vote for them. Senator Hegeman is a really nice man, but I’ve found him to be nothing more than a rubber stamp down in Jefferson City for leadership. I read through his opponents issue page, typical Democrat who wants more government. At least with Hegeman there’s a small chance spending stays stagnant and my taxes don’t go up.

For State Representative District 12 – State Rep Ken Wilson – Republican

I know Ken Wilson quite well, and proudly consider him a personal friend of mine. Wilson has done well to try and stand on his own two feet in Jefferson City. He’s actually been good on issues of Liberty, and has shown a willingness to make party leadership mad. We’d do well to send him back to Jefferson City this cycle. He’s one of the good guys.

For Presiding Commissioner – Jerry Nolte – Republican

Commissioner Nolte is one of the good guys. I’ve known Jerry for years. He’s fought the good fight down at the Clay County Courthouse. He undeniably deserves another term. Let’s hope we can get him some help to right this ship in 2020.

For County Clerk – Megan Thompson – Republican

I was actually somewhat skeptical of Thompson 4 years ago. I’ve gotten to know her through the years. I’ve found her competent, smart, and on the right side of all the chaos down at the Courthouse. She and her office have unfortunately paid a political price for doing the right thing. There’s no compelling case to change things in the Clerk’s office.

For Recorder of Deeds – Katee Porter – Republican

This race concerns me as lots of people don’t do their research on these local races. The guy that’s running against Porter, Bruce Cantwell, has made no serious effort to run for this office, he has a major question about unpaid debt, and he appears to be unqualified for the job. Meanwhile Porter has done an excellent job in the office for the last four years. She deserves another four years in the position.

Judicial Nominees

I honestly have no clue. No one ever does a good job of getting information out about these, so I’m not voting on them. It’s okay not to vote sometimes.

Constitutional Amendment No 1 – No

This thing is an absolute mess. If there was ever an issue that was a solution looking for a problem, it’s Amendment 1. Which probably means that this thing passes because I suspect there will be a significant amount of ignorant voters at the polls across the state due to the marijuana initiatives and the minimum wage increase.

But, but, but, “dark money”.

I swear if I hear that stupid, loaded phrase one more time, I’m going to scream. It’s amazing to me watching some of you people. Say something enough times, make it sound scary, and you run around parroting it like the world is going to end tomorrow if we don’t do something.

For anyone that wants a halfway decent look at what exactly this monstrosity does, CLICK HERE.

My concern lies in the redistricting process. There’s been a significant amount of outside money spent on this thing and it looks as if it’s an attempt to get Democrats more power through the state redistricting process. There’s no strong evidence that Democrats are being underrepresented through redistricting. And, yes, George Soros is involved here to the tune of $250,000. Soros only does things that helps Democrats.

The greatest comedy is that if there ever was a person who put more “dark money” in play in the USA, it’s that clown.

The redistricing process isn’t perfect right now, but there’s a good chance this thing makes it an absolute nightmare. What we have works good enough.

Marijuana Initiatives – No on Amendments 2 and 3, Yes on Proposition C

I’m a big supporter of medical marijuana as there is a growing body of evidence that it works in both narcotic and non-narcotic forms (i.e. CBD oil). I think C is the best of the three. I’m not sure what happens if voters pass all three of these?

Constitutional Amendment 4 – Yes

Bingo! No, really, Bingo. Weird. I see no issue with this.

Proposition B Minimum Wage Increase- Hell NO!

There are two ways to approach the topic of a minimum wage: economic and moral

If there was ever an idea that proved most Americans are economically illiterate and have absolutely no idea how an economy works, it’s the concept of a minimum wage. I could spend time citing economic research that shows this doesn’t work, I could give you an explanation of how wages work in an economy, and I could show you that few adults actually work for the minimum wage.

But many wouldn’t care what the evidence is because in their eyes this is a moral issue. And you know what, I agree, but I’ll severely disagree in which way the morality is tilted.

Few things piss me off more than people who think, stereotypically, that business owners are out to harm the people that work for them. People believe that if only the greedy fat cat business owners would just cough up a few more dollars, all would be well with the world.

Well, I’m about sick of it.

Here’s the reality. Business owners deal with more stress and frustrations than most people ever dream of. Young businesses often pay minimum wage BECAUSE THAT’S ALL THEY CAN AFFORD TO PAY. By increasing the minimum wage you are directly harming the ability of the next small business to get off the ground and maybe pay a “living wage” (which is about as asinine of a phrase as “dark money”).

If you think an employee should be paid a specific wage, then get off your ass, get out there, and start a company that pays that “living wage” you’re so passionate about. If you’re making minimum wage, then do something to develop more skills that make you more marketable in the economy. There’s no reason a high school graduate should be making the minimum wage in this society if they’re not lazy. None.

I’ve worked in private business since I was 14.5 with a 5 year hiatus in public education. The one thing that is as true today as it was when I was 14.5 is the following:

Hard-workers and learners always make more money.

A minimum wage increase is the equivalent of you pointing a gun at a business owner demanding him or her adapt their business model to your demands. It’s shameful and highly immoral.

Propostion D – Gas Tax – No

This is only something a bunch of legislators could come up with in Jeff City. I personally support an increase in the gas tax, but not in this manner. If Jeff City wants us to support a gas tax, then give us one that shows us specifically what you’re going to spend the money on and why. I’d also like to see a full audit of MODOT before we pass it.

This bait and switch of putting public safety in front of the measure in the hopes we pass it is disingenous.

My new column is up over at They have added a way to comment on their website, feel free to join the discussion there.

I am often frustrated by the complete lack of understanding of American politics by the average American. So, I thought with this week’s column, I would delve into an examination of the American political spectrum.

Read the rest (and see my really cool graphic I created, too) by clicking here.

The final deadline has passed, and Todd Akin is definitely going to be the Republican candidate for US Senate in Missouri. It is time for people that truly understand what we are up against in this country to speak out. Any Missourian that loves their country should support Todd Akin.

I don’t mention this much, but I am an atheist. I tend to stay away from the topic of religion. This is primarily because I have so many friends that are religious. I have ran through the arguments over the years, and it always ends the same way. Neither side moves the other. I am comfortable and happy with my position.

I am not a bully atheist like many on the left. I proudly stand on the right side of the political spectrum with many religious people.I have found that by and large they are more respectful of those they do not agree with. On the big question of God, I just don’t agree, and that is okay. As an atheist, I tend to find that I look at issues on the right with a unique lens. So I thought that I would take on the Todd Akin situation and see if I couldn’t shed some light.

To me, it is amazing that people have really wasted their time getting so bent out of shape about his comments. And of course, the geniuses in the Democrat party have turned it in to an affirmation of the “war on women.” Oh, please, would you shut-up!

Here is what Akin said.

“It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, [pregnancies from rape are] really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let’s assume that maybe that didn’t work or something: I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be of the rapist, and not attacking the child.”

Some people have made a huge deal out of the “legitimate rape” part. I am often fascinated at how we hold people running for public office to this standard of you never can misspeak. He made the wrong word choice there. Incorrectly using the term “legitimate” was foolish, but no more ignorant than half the stuff that comes out of Joe Biden’s mouth, or some of the gaffes that our President has made Rremember the 57 states remark when he was running in 2008, or how about the recent Letterman appearance where he said he didn’t know what the national debt is?).

Do not get me wrong here, I was displeased with Mr. Akin’s remarks. The second part of his comment is where I strongly disagree. I think that a woman should have the right to choose to abort a fetus in the first trimester when she is raped or it is a result of incest. Rape is one of the most vile attacks a woman can suffer. To then force her to endure a completely unwanted pregnancy as a result of this act is not OK in my eyes.

There is absolutely no science that backs up his “shut the that whole thing down” comment. What many do not seem to realize is that belief was once taught to some nurses and doctors in the 1970s. Today we know it is junk science. Yes, it is laughable that he said it, and it is pretty sad that he still believed it today. In a way it is kind of good. That meme in society has been flushed.

Even though I disagree with him, I will say I respect the man for being consistent on the issue of abortion. If we can get past the emotional stupidity that is often attached to the issue, we can have a grown up intellectual debate about the topic. I know some of you would just as well stand around and scream murder from one side, and “war on women” on the other, but this is not what mature adults do.

Many on the right believe that life begins at the exact point of conception. Because of that perspective, they view all abortion as morally wrong. Strip away the misspeak and the junk science and this is what Mr. Akin is saying. He believes the potential of life is so sacred that a woman should have to carry a child to term no matter how it was conceived. I respectfully disagree with him, but at least he was consistent, and it least he was being honest about what he believes.

Abortion has always been a complicated issue for me. At heart I am a civil libertarian, I do believe that a woman has control of her own body. In my younger and dumber days I used to say that a woman should have the right to an abortion at any point because of that reason. With more maturity and reflection, I realized that this was a dangerous perspective to hold. You can make a solid argument that a fetus at some point is deserved of the same rights as any breathing individual. At what point should this occur? Christian conservatives argue this is from conception, I don’t agree with that.

When is a life a life? We need to turn to medical science here for a little perspective. The youngest known surviving birth is twenty-one weeks and five days. Because of this, I think we should be able to say that at 21 weeks a fetus is a human life. Because of this, I would support a state law that completely bans abortion after the first trimester (12 weeks).

I must admit I can relate to the Christian conservatives more on this issue. At the core of their position is a fundamental respect for human life. They see the potential life worth protecting at all costs. At the core of a pro-choice position is a certain amount of numbness and lack of respect when it comes to human life. Let us not forget, our President and Claire’s buddy, once opposed a bill preventing partial birth abortion in the Illinois Senate. Most Americans agree with me. To make it even worse, Obama once opposed a bill that would protect born-alive failed abortions. No sane person can defend these positions. You can not construct a moral or ethical defense that makes sense.

Shortly after Akin made the comments I did email his campaign asking him to step aside, not for the good of the Republican party, but for the good of Missouri and our country. And I didn’t ask him to resign because of the comment, it was solely because of the silliness that I knew would ensue. We need to have a Republican majority in the Senate. What surprised me was the extent the Republican party and the different PACs would go to attack Akin publicly. Talk about throwing someone under the bus! This was something that should have been done privately. Mr. Akn has decided to stay in the race and face the music. I respect that.

Instead of asking people to be grown-ups and look at the comments intelligently, instead of asking people to judge a man on the content of his character, instead of judging the man by the totality of his record, instead of acknowledging the fact that when a person apologizes for a mistake they might actually be given another chance, everyone decided to just steam roll the guy.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Akin in person at a small campaign event at a friend’s house in the area. I shook his hand, I looked him in the eye, and I asked him some tough questions on other issues that actually matter right now. Todd Akin will make a good senator. Originally I was going to vote for Mr. Akin in the primary. I always contended there was no bad choice in the Republican primary. I changed my mind late and voted for John Brunner. The main reason I shifted was because of Brunner’s FreedomWorks endorsement. I am a big believer in what they are doing right now. Plus, I am a believer that we need to clean Washington out and start anew. Mr. Akin had been there a while.

There is never a perfect choice in any election. There is often obvious choices. To me it’s pretty simple. Todd Akin is the obvious choice. Senator Claire McCaskill is an embarrassment to representative government. Might I remind you that she is the one that rammed Obamacare down our throats by using a parliamentary procedure? Remember, Obamacare was passed with just 51 votes, not the usual 60. Might I remind you that Claire McCaskill is a big supporter of our Marxist in Chief. Missouri did not support John McCain in 2008, and it won’t in 2012. The next four years are crucial to the survival of this nation. We have tough choices ahead. Are you really going to make your choice over one issue?