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According to a letter handed to me. The Clay County Commissioners are suing to try and stop the constitution that was drafted by the Clay County Constitution Commission.

The letter alleges five “serious issues:”

  • The Proposed Constitution would go into effect on November 6, 2013, the day after the November election, before absentee votes could be counted, and before the election results could be certified.
  • The new County Council under the Proposed Constitution would not exist until May 1, 2014.
  • The Proposed Constitution abolishes nearly all elected offices immediately upon passage.
  • Without a County Council or county commission, Clay County will be unable to pay salaries or fulfill other financial obligations such as health insurance, retirement and utility bills.
  • Voter-approved funding for fundamental county services such as Sheltered Workshops, Tri-County Mental Health and the Senior Services Board will be eliminated.

The letter goes on to allege that employees will be involuntarily suspended for six months.

According to the letter the Commissioners have hired attorneys Edward “Chip” Robertson and Jeremy Root. It also states that the commission has hired both a Democrat and Republican attorney because “the issue we are facing is far too important to politicize.”

You can read the full legal petition by clicking here.


Yesterday on the blog I singled out Representative Ryan Silvey for his endorsement of Vic Hurlbert. Needless to say he wasn’t too happy. Almost immediately I received a direct message through Twitter asking if I was going to “attack Sen. Ridgeway for endorsing” Vic.

Well, my meanderings (rantings according to Rep. Silvey) have always been consistent. So in the spirit of equity, Ms. Ridgeway should receive the same treatment as Rep. Ryan Silvey in her upcoming race for County Commissioner.

Rep. Silvey seemed perplexed at my decision. “My endorsement doesn’t change my record of accomplishment or my principled votes in Jeff City, so I’m confused how that DQ’s me in your mind.”

To Mr. Silvey’s point, of course it doesn’t change any good that Rep. Silvey may have done in Jefferson City. It is something else entirely.

I guess I am a little different than most people. Character matters, and past actions and behaviors determine one’s character. I consider myself a pretty fair person, and I generally don’t take one person’s word about someone or something. The fundamental problem that I have run into with Mr. Hurlbert is that it is numerous people that tend to share the same opinion of Mr. Hurlbert. That opinion is one that has bipartisanship agreement.

Mr. Silvey seems to think that Vic did a good job auditing the county when he served in that capacity. Three county commissioners in 2008 (2 Democrats and 1 Republican) were willing to sign a Statement of Probable Cause, a legal document, that states that was not the case.

If Mr. Hurlbert was so wronged then he should have stood and fought the allegations. Instead, he resigned and ran. The guy has stuffed nearly $200,000 into two elections in the last two years. It’s not like he is incapable of producing wealth. In my crazy world, truth trumps money, and you fall on your own sword if you are in the right. If you are in the wrong, you own your behavior, you suffer the consequences, you learn from them, and you move on.

In the political world an endorsement is two things for me. First, and least important, it is simply a statement that says politically you have done the things that matter with regards to your political platform. We are not always going to agree on these, but as long as there is general consensus, we are good. Second, and more importantly, it is someone using their honor and integrity to vouch for another person. There is no compromising here. In this case Rep. Silvey and Sen. Ridgeway is saying that Vic Hurlbert is good in both of these areas. Everything that is in my field of vision right now says that this is just not true. Truth has no agenda. For me, the character ethic precedes any political principle. This nation is in the shape it is in because we have continuously elected people to public life that have no character ethic. Until we figure this out, we are not going to improve anything.

Mr. Hurlbert has always been welcome to respond to any of my accusations. Instead, he has never once tried to contact me. Not to speak, is to speak. Well, okay, you might count this as contact. An oldies, but a goodie, Is Vic Hurlbert Commenting on My Blog?

I was forwarded a letter by a member of the Republican Clay County Central Committee. In it the Central Committee asks the members of the Clay County General Assembly to consider looking at the qualifications of the Auditor candidate:

To effectively safeguard and account for county resources in Clay County and
other larger Missouri counties (e.g., populations greater than 200,0008 or,
alternatively, first-class counties), should candidates for county auditor in such
counties be required to meet higher, more objective qualification requirements
than are currently specified in the Missouri statutes?

They also ask them to consider whether or not there should be a more extensive process of screening candidates:

…to consider whether county election boards have adequate and
appropriate authority and tools to verify the accuracy of information supplied by candidates in
their candidacy declarations and election filings.12 The Legislature could consider, for example,
whether background checks should be included in the process to ensure that candidates for public
office do not fail to meet the candidacy requirements on account of past federal or state crimes.

Please click here to read the full PDF of the Letter to Clay County state legislators 11-28-11.

I appreciate what the Central Committee is doing here. The statutory requirements for Auditor need adjustment so nothing like the fiasco that has transpired over the last year can ever happen again.