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I am often frustrated by the complete lack of understanding of American politics by the average American. So, I thought with this week’s column, I would delve into an examination of the American political spectrum.

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The other day I had some harsh words for the “average” American. While I still stand by what I say when it comes to taxation, there may be some hope after all.

65% of voters favor across the board spending cuts.

I hate to break it to the political class in Washington. The American people may be ignorant about things that matter, it seems they get that we have a spending a problem. Failure to compromise could hold some interesting political consequences to the tyrants that currently “represent” us.

I am actually willing to go along with small tax increases on everyone, including myself, as long as we get massive spending cuts. The thing is the Democrats have no intention of compromising and there will be no spending cuts offered. The mainstream media has somehow managed to convince the American people that the Democrats and the Marxist in Chief are willing to compromise. It could also be that the American people are just a bit naive in believing the elected members in the Democrat party actually care about America. The American people are about to learn how much they have been duped.

Any Republican that goes along with a crap compromise that has no spending cuts of any size should be primaried and removed from office. I already will not be voting for Roy Blunt in the next Senate primary, and I definitely won’t vote for him in the general if he supports the wrong path in the next year.

Another interesting piece of data is this, 68% of people are favorable to capitalism only 24% are favorable to socialism. We still believe in the things that made this country great. The problem is I don’t think Americans are well educated on the ins and outs of each system. It is up to us to educate our neighbors, friends, and families.

Over the next year, pledge to learn more about American history and economics. Become an expert, and earn the trust of your friends and family, so that when what we are doing  as a country quits working (and it will!) you are there to educate them on the truth.

The news is all a buzz about Elena Kagan, the new Supreme Court nominee. I believe that she should be opposed simply because we cannot trust Obama. But I of course need more reasons than that.

I accidentally came across this online on The #3 contributor to Barack Obama’s campaign this year was none other than Harvard University to the tune of…wait for it…$854,747, the only two bigger donors were the University of California and Goldman Sachs. Elena Kagan was a dean of Harvard Law School from 2003-2009.  Hmmm….

Then there is this. Apparently Kagan has strong socialist leanings. In her underground thesis at Princeton she said that she thought the decline of socialism was “sad” for those who still wish to “change America.” I’m sorry, unless she has recently disavowed her ideological leanings, she should not be voted onto the highest court in the land. You know she hasn’t, neither has Obama,and the 11 other people that surround the President that have no problem with socialism and/or communism.