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Welcome to my rundown of what I thought was interesting online this week. As I read, watch, listen I add these things to a draft on the WordPress app on my phone, and I present them to you when done. It’s a time of narrative and feelings, but it should be a time of reading and learning.

First the local stuff because that’s why this blog originally started.

Funny things happen when you don’t lock your state down. Your state doesn’t go broke.

I’m no fan of many Republicans and Gov. Parson, but we didn’t lock the state down, and it was the right thing to do.

Net general revenue increased for the 2021 fiscal year by more than 23 percent last month compared to October 2019, according to the October general revenue report.”

Former Missouri Democrat state rep. pleads guilty to wire fraud

Occupational licensing reform is one of the more important things we can do at the state level to improve people’s abilities to earn a living for themselves and their families.

“It’s time to rethink transportation funding. The damage inflicted upon roads is determined by how much drivers drive on them and how much their vehicles weigh, not by how much fuel they consume. A better way to match the damage drivers do to the road with what they pay for its upkeep is to charge by the mile, instead of by the gallon.”

Covid-19 has certainly caused some changes. It will be interesting to see the long term effects on cities and how much people actually move versus those that say they want to move.

“An astonishing 14 million to 23 million Americans intend to relocate to a different city or region as a result of telework, according to a new study released by Upwork, a freelancing platform.”

Contrary to popular opinion on the political right, the world didn’t end with the election. And, unfortunately, our drone programs and interference in the Middle East didn’t either. Watched this movie this week. If you never saw it, it’s brilliant and thought provoking.

Progress… Supreme Court Rejects Qualified Immunity Defense for the First Time in Years

Oh, bring on the sweet, salty tears. Partisans pissed that Libertarian candidate spoiled their victory.

Random, interesting read, eels are weird.

The most important thing you should do through this Covid-19 thing is absolutely embrace the core value of science. That means you may believe the evidence points to an answer, but you’re not afraid to challenge your assumptions. The testing is a major problem.

The 2020 Election Results Look Like a Massive Rebuke of Socialism

America, the stove was hot, but now you’ve touched it. Enjoy your pain, it couldn’t happen to a worse group of people. Joe Biden’s Endless River of Debt and Regulation

Danielle DiMartino Booth is one of the most brilliant women in all of finance. Booth is a former Federal Reserve insider. Absolute must watch interview on the Hedgeye Investing Summit.

The election could have been a lot worse!

“At virtually every level of contest, I’m happy to report that the results underscore just how out of step the two major parties are with the plurality of Americans who call ourselves independent. The Democrats were favored to win a solid majority in the Senate and expand their control of the House. They still might gain a razor-thin majority in the upper chamber early next year, when a couple of run-offs will be held, but the Dems lost seats in the House and liberals are still waiting for a “Blue Wave That Never Came.” The race for the White House will take a while to fully suss out, but we know enough to conclude that apparent winner Joe Biden could barely eke out a victory against an opponent whose approval rating is a dozen points below the historical average. The upshot is that neither party can pretend it has a mandate, which just might mean people in Washington will trim their ambitions for the next few years.”

Ian Bremmer is a geopolitical analyst who I often find worth listening, too. He’s quite mainstream, but he’s a well read and knowledgeable guy, and once you get past his politics (his Twitter feed was like a Biden love fest this week), he’s quite knowledgeable. This was pre-election, but still worth a listen. Gives you a good idea of how a Biden administration may approach the world. It’s not all bad, and it isn’t all good.

My new column is up over at They have added a way to comment on their website, feel free to join the discussion there.

I am often frustrated by the complete lack of understanding of American politics by the average American. So, I thought with this week’s column, I would delve into an examination of the American political spectrum.

Read the rest (and see my really cool graphic I created, too) by clicking here.

The other day I had some harsh words for the “average” American. While I still stand by what I say when it comes to taxation, there may be some hope after all.

65% of voters favor across the board spending cuts.

I hate to break it to the political class in Washington. The American people may be ignorant about things that matter, it seems they get that we have a spending a problem. Failure to compromise could hold some interesting political consequences to the tyrants that currently “represent” us.

I am actually willing to go along with small tax increases on everyone, including myself, as long as we get massive spending cuts. The thing is the Democrats have no intention of compromising and there will be no spending cuts offered. The mainstream media has somehow managed to convince the American people that the Democrats and the Marxist in Chief are willing to compromise. It could also be that the American people are just a bit naive in believing the elected members in the Democrat party actually care about America. The American people are about to learn how much they have been duped.

Any Republican that goes along with a crap compromise that has no spending cuts of any size should be primaried and removed from office. I already will not be voting for Roy Blunt in the next Senate primary, and I definitely won’t vote for him in the general if he supports the wrong path in the next year.

Another interesting piece of data is this, 68% of people are favorable to capitalism only 24% are favorable to socialism. We still believe in the things that made this country great. The problem is I don’t think Americans are well educated on the ins and outs of each system. It is up to us to educate our neighbors, friends, and families.

Over the next year, pledge to learn more about American history and economics. Become an expert, and earn the trust of your friends and family, so that when what we are doing  as a country quits working (and it will!) you are there to educate them on the truth.