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I was recently informed by a local political group about a film festival in Missouri that was funded by the Department of Social Services, Family Support Division with stimulus funds. The arrogance and idiocy of this government borders on criminal; a failing economy, no job growth, debt out of our ears and these morons think it’s acceptable to waste our money on complete crap like this. It would take me three years to make $10o,000 dollars! Below is the form letter generated from this groups website, normally I prefer things to be in my own words, but the letter covered what I would of said so I sent it. Clay County’s Doug Ervin was kind of enough to send a response to my letter. His response follows my letter.

Dear Representative Ervin:

I have recently learned that the Department of Social Services, Family Support Division provided nearly $100,000 of my tax dollars represented by the federal stimulus to fund a film festival. Besides not contributing to long-term job creation or economic recovery, this expenditure is a wasteful and unwise expenditure of public funds.

My understanding is that the department has reconsidered its use of these tax dollars and requested that they be returned. The fact this expenditure of my tax dollars was even contemplated for this purpose is extremely disturbing. As an elected official representing me, I have several questions for you:

– How did this happen in the first place?

– Who was responsible for making the decision to use these funds for this project?

– What will be done to insure the return of the money to the taxpayers?

– What corrective actions will be put into place to prevent such poor expenditures of my tax dollars in the future?

The answers to these questions are important. I look forward to your response.

Representative Ervin’s response:

Dear Andrew,

The simple answer is arrogance and elitism.  I’m sure you’ve heard the adage that it is easier to spend someone else’s money than it is your own.  Government doesn’t live the same life that you and I do.  Government doesn’t produce anything, government doesn’t create value, government doesn’t play by the rules, government writes the rules, and government doesn’t create wealth, nor does government want competition.  Government is a consumer of the industry, success, and wealth of others, because it cannot become anything on its own.

The legislature did not appropriate money to the department for film festivals.  The so-called federal “stimulus” dollars, or as I refer to them the federal dependency dollars, were not approved by the legislature for this use.  Governor Nixon vetoed a bill that would provide for transparency and accountability of the federal dependency monies received from the federal government.  Your complaint is precisely why such a accountability is necessary.  This last week the Missouri General Assembly met for its annual Veto Session where the House attempted to override that veto.  That vote failed on a party line vote.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call or write.

For a Better Missouri,

Doug Ervin
State Representative
District 35, Missouri

Thanks Mr. Ervin!

There is few people I dislike as much as Barack Obama, but I think Claire McCaskill takes the cake, or in her case the cookie dough. Claire is in the midst of image damage control and will continue to do this until she thinks that you forgot. Forgot what? Oh, let me remind you.

Claire voted for the TARP bill, she voted for the Obama stimulus bill, she voted to confirm Cass Sunstein, voted to confirm the non-educator Arne Duncan as Secretary of Education, and she voted for the health care bill. A large majority of Missouri is furious at Claire. But Claire thinks you can be brought back to her side, because you are stupid.

Claire has literally spent weeks on a crusade to end secret holds in the Senate. She has been a Twitterin’ like crazy about it, too. You would think that this was the greatest problem facing the United States of America by how “passionate” she was about it. This week she is scheduling town halls. The town halls are focused on veterans, and she really wants veterans to show up, but you are of course welcome, too. One of these town halls just happens to be in Smithville the same night that Sam Graves is having a town hall just miles away. Right in the middle of Congressman Graves district. Am I supposed to believe this is an accident.

DO YOU SEE WHAT SHE IS DOING!? This woman is one of the most dangerous and dishonest politicians in America. She thinks you won’t remember what she has done to you. She thinks that if she runs back to the middle and acts like she cares she can win you back. Ms. McCaskill, I’m not stupid, Missouri is not stupid, and you are an insult to this state.

Well, the story continues. This continues the story that I started on my last post.

After leaving Fannie Mae Franklin Raines decided to move on to another Progressive group, Enterprise Community Partners. Yet we find another employee of Goldman Sachs, Alicia Glenn. What does Enterprise do? Funny you should ask, they specialize in “affordable housing.” Ah yes, the same phrase that got us involved in this mess in the first place. Enterprise has partnered with that great community organizing group ACORN in the past. Here’s their mission statement:

“Central to our mission is Enterprise’s fundamental commitment to give people living in poverty an opportunity to move up and out. We believe that these opportunities are best provided in communities with a diverse mix of affordable and market housing options, access to jobs and social supports, and a strong commitment to the environment and civic participation.”

Franklin Raines decides to go to the Joyce Foundation to ask for money from the Joyce Foundation. This is the group that helped start the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) when Barack Obama sat on the board in 2000-2001. There is also a lot of Goldman Sachs money tied up in this. Together, Franklin Raines and the Joyce Foundation start The Emerald Cities Collaborative. They are a “start-up, national coalition of diverse groups that includes unions, labor groups, community organizations, social justice activists, socially responsible businesses, and elected officials.” Huh?  Their mission is to be “united around the goal of rapidly greening our nation’s central cities and their surrounding metropolitan regions.” Here let me translate the liberal speak for you, Cap and Trade and any other brainless “green” initiative you can think of. The Board of Directors of Emerald Cities include Gerry Hudson (SEIU, service employees union), Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins (Green for All, affiliated with Van Jones, self-avowed communist, several posts on Jones available here), and Jack Hayn and Art Lujan (AFL-CIO, labor union). All three of these previous groups can be directly tied to the White House and the Obama administration.

There must of course be a mastermind of Emerald Cities. Enter the new character, Joel Rogers. He helped to found Emerald Cities in December of 2009. He also helped found the “New Party.” Their slogan:  “A Fair Democracy, A Real Democracy, A New Party.” They were socialists and they endorsed Barack way back when he was running for state senate in Chicago in 1996. Now the New Party has since become the old party and was dissolved in 1998. I guess it’s hard to find that many socialists to keep a third party running in America, its easier to become a Democrat. Joel Rogers also helped to found the Apollo Alliance. They helped write the wildly unsuccessful Obama stimulus. At one point and time Van Jones was on the board of directors of the Apollo Alliance.

Andy Stern, former chief of SEIU, and the person that visited Obama the most during his first year in the White House, had this to say about Joel Rogers. “Nobody outside the American labor movement has shaped our present thinking as profoundly.”

From a video of Van Jones on Joel Rogers when he was working as the Green Jobs Czar for Obama: “I also want to take a little bit of time before I get to my comments to brag a little bit on Joel Rogers. If I were Joel Rogers I would be insufferably proud. I wouldn’t be able to walk around, my head would be huge! The best thinking that he represents…is now represented, is reflected in the white house.” January 2009

Well…I feel better. Don’t you?