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Update 7/18/2012: As of today, I am no longer supporting Ryan Silvey for any political office.

I received notification today from Rep. Ryan Silvey, he’s in for Missouri State Senate 2012.

Due to redistricting I am unsure at this point what this Senatorial district he is running for will look like on a map. I am also unsure if Rep. Silvey will have a primary opponent, depending how things fall with redistricting, we could possibly see Rep. Jerry Nolte jump in to the fray. On the Democrat side the possible opponents include current Clay County Assessor Cathy Rinehart…..hold on I have to stop laughing so I can focus…..almost there….. Ok, the other possibility is Bill Skaggs.

You know if Skaggs is the Democrat candidate and Rep. Silvey the Republican candidate we could just invite them to duke it out in the ring, rumor has it that Bill Skaggs has a mean right hook. It may be the only chance Democrats have at this seat, then again if you check out Rep. Silvey’s Twitter feed he’s a big MMA (Mixed Martial Arts, if you don’t know) fan, so it could be interesting.

Sorry, but I can’t resist this. We interrupt this blog post for a special presentation of “When Bill Skaggs Attacks!!!!.”

Anyways, on to the serious side of this. Here is Rep. Silvey’s press release. I wish him all the best. If this one turns into a primary fight in the Republican party between the above mentioned candidates I will not endorse this race publicly come primary time because I have respect for both Mr. Silvey and Mr. Nolte.

Representative Ryan Silvey Announces Bid for Missouri State Senate

Today Representative Ryan Silvey (R-38) announced his bid for the Missouri State Senate in 2012.  “I have been honored and privileged to serve the Northland in the Missouri House of Representatives for the last 6 years. While I am proud of the progress we have made, there is still much work to be done.  Becoming the next Senator from the Northland is the best way for me to continue serving our great community and fighting for us in Jefferson City.” Silvey said.

During his time in the House, Representative Silvey has served as a Majority Floor Whip, Vice-Chairman of the Homeland Security, Small Business, Government Relations and Appropriations General Administration Committees. For the last 2 years he has been Chairman of the Appropriations General Administration Committee as well as the Joint Committee on Capital Improvements and Leases Oversight.  This year he was promoted to be the Chairman of the powerful House Budget Committee.  As Chairman of the Budget Committee, he is the first ever to serve in that position from the city of Kansas City.

“During these tough economic times, there is no more important job than ensuring that the State has a balanced budget without further burdening the taxpayers.” Silvey said. “Over the next 20 months I will bring the same energy and veracity to this campaign, in all corners of the Northland, that I bring to protecting all Missouri taxpayers from runaway spending rogue bureaucrats.”

Ryan realizes that he cannot do this alone and is pleased to have the early support of the following community leaders in his bid to be the next State Senator from the Northland:

Endorsement Statements:

“I am very pleased that Ryan Silvey has decided to run for the Senate seat that I will be vacating in 2 years. Ryan is imminently capable and also is committed to the ideals and political philosophy shared by the vast majority of people who live in this Senate District. I’m happy to give my wholehearted support to Ryan Silvey for State Senate.”

-Senator Luann Ridgeway (R-Smithville)

“In the 6 years I served with Ryan in the House I witnessed the tireless work ethic he brings to the legislative process, particularly in the area of the State budget. I have every confidence that he will bring that same level of energy and deliberation to the State Senate.  I look forward to working with him and enthusiastically support his candidacy to be the next Senator from the Northland.”

-Senator Rob Schaaf (R-St. Joseph)

“Ryan Silvey has proven himself a very effective legislator and a great voice for his district and the Northland. I am pleased to support his run for the Senate.”

-Representative Myron Neth (R-Liberty)

“Representative Silvey has served the Northland well. His work on the State budget has greatly benefited Missouri during lean economic times and he has proven himself capable of making difficult and important decisions. As our next Senator he will continue to help us have a strong voice in Jefferson City. That is why I am happy to endorse Ryan Silvey as our next Senator in the Northland.”

-Representative T.J. Berry (R-Kearney)

“As a State Representative, Ryan has proven that he is dedicated to serving the Northland. I am certain he will do the same in the Senate. He has my full support.”

-Representative Nick Marshall (R-Platte City)

“Representative Silvey has the courage to lead as House Budget Chairman during one of the most challenging times in our state. His experience and common sense in the Senate will be a tremendous asset to the people of Missouri.”

-Representative Ron Schieber (R-Kansas City)

“Ryan Silvey is the right choice for the Missouri Senate. He stands for principles that make our state great: personal responsibility, not bail-outs; reducing public debt and controlling runaway spending in government; telling people the truth and saying “No” to bureaucrats and big-wigs who take advantage of taxpayers. Ryan will work for your family’s future and real prosperity for our community.”

-Former Representative Tim Flook (R-Liberty)

“As a State Representative, Ryan has worked tirelessly to ensure that the Northland has a prominent seat at the table.  I am supporting Ryan Silvey for State Senate because he will continue to bring the best leadership for the area. He has always provided the maximum level of service without burdening the taxpayers.”

-Presiding Commissioner Pam Mason, Clay County

“Silvey is a fair minded Conservative that has always taken care of the needs of the Northland.”

-Recorder of Deeds Jay Lawson, Clay County

I attended the Clay County Republican Central Committee meeting last night to see what the after election response would be. There was lots of excitement, lots of applause, lots of congratulations, and a few speeches given by our newly elected and existing election officials.

On hand was Myron Neth (MO-34 Elect), TJ Berry (MO-35 Elect), Pam Mason (Clay County Presiding Commissioner Elect), and Clay County Commissioner Katee Porter. All candidates were given 3-4 minutes, with opportunity for questions from the Committee and then the public.

Mr. Neth spoke on his priorities and hopes for the next couple years. His number one focus is the budget, he hopes to be put on the education committee down at Jeff City (personally it is my hope, too!), and a focus on cleaning up the books as well of many areas of government.

Mr. Berry spoke on the importance of getting people to the polls. I hadn’t heard about his last minute transfer of funds to Representative Elect Ron Schreiber over in Platte County for one last robo-dial. By the way, Mr. Schreiber beat his opponent Representative (I use the title as loosely as possible) Jason Grill by 160 votes. Mr. Berry said his focus is on working to create jobs in Jefferson City. I spoke with Mr. Berry afterward, and I must say I am thoroughly impressed with this man. He told me that he kept track of the people that were the most vile to him during the campaign when he was out knocking on doors. In the last week since the election, he has gone back and talked to three of them. How about that!? Mr. Berry also accepted my call for him to post his votes on his Facebook page when he makes them in Jeff City. How about that for open and honest transparency. MO-35 we are in for a treat!

Pam Mason spoke on issues in Clay County. She is determined to cut taxes and called for shared sacrifice in the county. I’m with her there! I put Ms. Mason on the spot about newly elected Auditor and all around alleged liar William (Bill) James Norris. Ms. Mason stated that she knew of the issues with Mr. Norris and has only spoken to him once. She said that she told him on the phone, “If in fact what they are saying is true, I will do everything in my power to make sure you don’t hurt Clay County and get rid of him.” After the meeting I presented Ms. Mason with a letter that I have disclosed below. Also presented were a copy of all of the documentation on Mr. Norris on Missouri, those are available below as well.

Mr. Porter spoke on reducing the size and scope of Clay County Government. She repeated the importance of Ms. Mason’s proposed “shared sacrifice.” I asked Ms. Porter the same question that I had asked Ms. Mason. Ms. Porter mentioned that she was very concerned and would do her best to keep an eye on Mr. Norris and his actions as auditor. I presented Ms. Porter with the same documents as Ms. Mason and gave a copy to her for Larry Larson, the other Clay County Commissioner.

The letter given to the commissioners:

I have been contacted by several concerned citizens over the last week regarding the election of William James Norris. There is a lot of outrage and many people are ready for action against this individual. Below are several questions regarding our new Clay County Auditor William (Bill) James Norris that I would like addressed over the next couple of weeks.

1)      Mr. Norris appears to have several cases online at Missouri regarding legal issues. I have included copies of the docket entries for four of them. Most disconcerting is that three of these cases involve restraining orders. I have been told by a source that a contingency of one of these cases is that he was not even to use social media. Is there anything here that may legally prevent him from taking office?


2)      Mr. Norris claimed at one point in the election that he worked for a company in Central Iowa by the name of All-American Enterprises as an auditor. I cannot find a company in Central Iowa by that name. Mr. Norris refused to produce any evidence to me of the company existing or his employment there. I have been told by a source close to Mr. Norris’ that he was not an auditor for this company and in fact a limo driver. I contacted White Knight Limo and they confirmed Bill Norris as a driver for them. Can you ask Mr. Norris to produce evidence of his past employment as an auditor? As a side note here, I am having Mr. Norris’ personal financial disclosure pulled at the Missouri Ethics Commission and will know for a fact what his claimed employment history was if he decides to lie about this issue.

3)      Mr. Norris claimed that he was a CPA early in the election, but a search for Mr. Norris’ certificate in Missouri shows no CPA certification. He told me through email that his certification had expired and he failed to renew it. Can you please ask him to produce his old certification certificate for public scrutiny?

4)      Mr. Norris has claimed that he was a graduate of William Jewell College. The college has stated publicly that there is no record of Mr. Norris graduating from Jewell. He even went as far to post a copy of his degree on his Facebook candidate page. I had a graduate of Jewell comment on my blog that the diploma he produced was fraudulent. Can you please ask Mr. Norris produce his diploma and college transcripts for public scrutiny proving in fact that he has a degree in accounting from William Jewell College?

5)      I have been told that a candidate must be bonded to take office. I have talked with some that believe that this may not be possible because of his legal problems. Is this true, and what happens if he turns out to not get a bond for office?

6)      I get the sense that issues regarding this man will plague Clay County Government for the next several years if unaddressed. If the above turns out to show a pattern of dishonesty and lies, will you join others in demanding that Mr. Norris resign as auditor?

I have been told that there may not be much we can actually do to prevent him from taking office. Even if we can’t, it is the responsibility of an elected official, in the eyes of such public scrutiny, to answer charges of such outright dishonesty as listed above. The reason I am appealing to you is that you are an elected official in Clay County Government and have access to Mr. Norris more than I would. If I was in your shoes, I would do everything I could to put pressure on Mr. Norris to answer to these charges, and if they are in fact true, demand that he do the right thing and resign his position and apologize to the voters of Clay County.

I have busted my butt for the last 10 years to put myself through college, obtain a Master degree, and help support my family. I strive daily to be honest and devote countless hours in my job to better the lives of students in my classroom. Mr. Norris will make $66,000, and from what I understand the county officials like him will receive a pay increase at the beginning of the year. Morally, the citizens of Clay County, have a duty to demand more of our elected officials. It is my hope that you as a Clay County Commissioner will use your office to shed more light on this man.

Best regards,

Andrew Palmer


2nd Vice President Clay County Pachyderm Club Files on William James Norris

While I fully acknowledge that this effort above could be fruitless, it is worth a shot. Stay tuned as this continues to develop.

I just wanted to remind everyone to vote in the August primary tomorrow in Missouri, if you can tonight please call a friend or family member that you think may not make it out, hold them accountable.

Clay County ballot is available here if you have not seen it or want to take a copy with you tomorrow to go to the polls.

If you are in Clay County please make sure that you vote for Jay Jones for Clay County Auditor on the Republican ballot. For those that have not followed this William James Norris is the other Republican candidate and a bit of a problem. What we know so far is that he let his CPA certification lapse and is not certificated in the state of Missouri or Kansas. There is some confusion about his actual graduation from William Jewell, it appears that the registrar has no record of his degree. He claims otherwise. If you research his name on Missouri CaseNet you find he has a bit of a sordid past, two restraining orders against him. The first was levied against him in Trenton, MO and it was reissued down here in Liberty at the same address he has listed on his ethics documentation with the state for his election run. Mr. Norris is only 26 years of age with limited job experience, he refuses to answer tough questions about his past and has not involved himself in any real manner in Republican politics in the last 2 years. The problem is he has signs up everywhere and sits at the top of the ballot. Please let your friends and family in Clay County know about this race. Mr. Jones on the other hand is a man that has had a long career in dealing with financial roles, is certificated as a CPA, and is someone that I believe will make a great Auditor here in Clay County.

Please vote Yes on Prop C. Mr. Obama’s birthday is August 4th, let’s send him a wonderful birthday gift from the Show-Me State by passing Prop C!

Other recommendations:

I will be voting for Chuck Purgason in the primary race for US Senate. While I believe Mr. Blunt to be a decent person I believe as a candidate he has lost his way in some specific instances. Approving No Child Left Behind which was the largest expansion of the Federal Department of Education ever, voting for the Bush bailout, his earmarking has been out of control, and receiving campaign funds from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. I believe the only way to get real change in WADC is to send Mr. Blunt a wake up call and vote for Chuck Purgason.

I will be voting for Allen Icet in the primary for State Auditor. I really don’t think there are great options here, but I think Mr. Icet is the best choice. I have met and talked with both candidates, Mr. Schweich was a bit of an elitist when I talked with him and lost any chance of ever receiving my vote after he visited with me at the Clay County Pachyderm club. Plus the fact that he promised to follow up with me and then refused to do so is an indication of someone not willing to work for a vote.

Why anyone is challenging Sam Graves in US House-6 I will never know, but of course will be voting for Mr. Graves in this race. He has done an outstanding job in WADC for us and had the courage to even vote against the Bush bailout.

In Missouri House-35 I will be voting for TJ Berry. I met with both candidates and felt that TJ was a better choice, nothing wrong with his opponent though.

I will be voting for Lydia McEvoy in the Collector of Revenue primary, Mr. Doores failed to return his candidate survey to the KC Star and was defeated by Sandra Reeves before. I think Ms. McEvoy stands a better chance of beating Ms. Reeves in the general. She is top of the ballot as well.

I will be voting for Mike Ebenroth for Recorder of Deeds. The story of Mr. Lawson arrival on this ballot is a strange one. Originally filed as a Democrat for Presiding Commissioner and then somehow forgot to file his paperwork with the ethics commission. No way should this guy be elected.