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I spend a significant amount of time online reading and learning. And one of my favorite areas of interest is economics. It’s weird, I have a high school diploma, a BA, and an MA, and if you had talked to me immediately after completion of my MA I would have said I basically had an elementary, maybe even cartoonish view of economics and economic theory. All I had in college was Micro, and I barely remember getting anything out of that class other than realizing I was bored every day I was there. I have spent years learning more about the topic, and I’m amazed what I learn each day about the topic. It’s that complex and that interesting.

I get it. On the surface, economics is not the most interesting stuff for the average Joe, but the average Joe is supposedly tasked with maintaining this Republic.

It’s arguable that the economic system that we live inside of is as important in any ecosystem biologists study. Economics is a fascinating mixture of history, sociology, and psychology. It is not an exact mathematical science and it is not primarily math driven, far from it.

All history and current events should be seen through the lens of economics. This is why I never watch any mainstream news. These people are often moronic talking heads who just have a news fetish. There’s no depth of knowledge. I learn far more from the people I follow in the investing space.


Because not knowing the importance of what is happening is what kills returns.

This is just an outstanding lecture, and really does a good job of destroying some of the cartoonish nonsense you were taught if you attended a public school or typical university.

Tom Woods is one of my favorite Libertarian thinkers. He’s a phD historian who has degrees from both Harvard and Columbia. He went off the reservation of allowable opinion years ago because when you start honestly questioning and studying the reservation, it isn’t that inviting of a place for anyone of any intelligence.

Turn off whatever crap you’re watching on your TV or your phone, and open your mind and learn. You won’t regret the time spent.

I never miss an episode of the Tom Woods podcast. For those that don’t know who Tom Woods is, he is a Columbia and Harvard educated historian, who has a highly successful daily Libertarian podcast. For anyone that wants to learn more about the intellectual side of Libertarianism and why many of us think and believe what we believe, his show is a great resource. He’s currently up to 1,267 epsiodes and climbing.

He had a recent episode on college with T.K. Coleman. Coleman is co-founder and education director at Praxis and a faculty member at the Foundation for Economic Education.

One of the most comical cultural “religions” in America, is the cult of college. Now, I have two college degrees. Is there some value in them, a little, but in the broader picture college education has largely harmed this country. An overwhelming percentage people don’t work inside of their college degrees, and I’m one of those people.

Unpopular opinion: You do not need to go to college to be successful. It may help, but it’s no guarantee. 

And if you’re going to go to allow your child to go to college on debt, and not cash, you are allowing your child to commit financial suicide as the cost of college is getting outrageous. I don’t care what career they’re going into. That cost is getting harder and harder to recoup if it’s bought with debt.

Anyway, Coleman and Woods had an outstanding discussion on the ugly reality of what happens in our culture for someone who is willing to question the mob mentality about the absolute necessity of college.

Going to college?

Everyone wishes you congratulations and throws you a party.

Not going to college?

Oh, you’re a loser, what the heck is wrong with you?

This needs to stop. We should want kids to succeed in adulthood, not be drowning in debt because we thought college was a good idea.

More from T.K. Coleman on the topic.