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Business Insider broke this story on Tuesday. Glenn Beck talked about it yesterday and Rush Limbaugh covered it today. An audio tape surfaced from a conference at Pace University of Stephen Lerner (formerly of SEIU) talking about a plan to cause economic terrorism. It’s pretty scary! I listened to most of it on The Blaze the other day. The basic concept is this; there are already about 10% of mortgages in what is called strategic foreclosure (intentionally not paying the mortgage), Lerner wants to try and get more people to squat on their mortgage with the intention of disrupting the capital markets. By doing so this will put massive strain on our financial system pushing us back towards the brink. Yeah, it sounds crazy, but don’t fool yourself, these people mean what they say.

Please consider checking out the sources below, drawing your own conclusions, and then contacting your congressman and both your senators. I contacted Sam Graves office in DC, and to be candid I wasn’t impressed with the response, they hadn’t even heard about this. Also, please pass this on to your neighbors and friends. The Eric Holder justice department must do something about this. This is economic terrorism plain and simple, it’s up to us to help make sure there is accountability.

Oh, by the way, Lerner has visited the White House several times, one wonders how connected he is to Obama?

Business Insider: CAUGHT ON TAPE: Former SEIU Official Reveals Secret Plan to Destroy JPMorgan, Crash the Stock Market, and Redistribute Wealth In America

The audio recordings are available here: Revealed — The Left’s Economic Terrorism Playbook: The Chase Campaign by a Coalition of Unions, Community Groups, Lawmakers and Students to Take Down US Capitalism and Redistribute Wealth & Power

Rep. Jason Chaffetz is pressing the Holder administration to do something about this. He sent a letter demanding that Holder and the Justice Department look in to this. Blaze Exclusive: Congressman Presses Holder to Investigate ‘Terrorist Plans’ in Bank Plot

Don’t fool yourself for a second, I’m no fan of JP Morgan and the banking cartel in this country. We don’t solve our problems this way!

Press Release from the Clay County Young Republicans


Clay County Young Republicans to Host Republican Officials and Candidates

The Clay County Young Republicans are honored to present an opportunity for our local community to be introduced to some of Missouri’s leading elected Republican officials as well as candidates running for office in the 2010 mid-term Election. Featured key notes speakers for the event are as follows: Jason Klindt, Communications Director for Congressman Sam Graves. As well as Dr. John Broom, former President of the Minnesota College Republicans.

The Time for Choosing Fund Raiser will be held at, Happy Rock Park 7600 NE Antioch Rd. Gladstone, Mo 64119 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm On Thursday May 6th

Price of admission is $20 for adults, $10 for children 3- 12, and children under 3 are free. Food and drink are included with admission.

For any questions regarding this event or to make a donation please contact: or 816-848-4140 and ask for Christopher Till.

RSVP list as of 4/29/2010

Sitting Politicans

Luann Ridgeway- State Senator, 17th District

Jerry Nolte- State Representative, 33rd District

Bob Nance- State Representative, 36th District


Hector Maldonado- U.S. Senate

Kristi Nichols- U.S Senate

Mike Vontz- U.S. Senate

Davis Conway- U.S. Senate

Christopher Ryan- U.S. Congress, 6th District

Nick Marshall- State Representative, 30th District

Matthew Thompson-  State Representative, 31st District

Myron Neth- State Representative, 34th District

T.J. Berry- State Representative, 35th District

William Norris- Clay County Auditor

Sheri Chapman- Clay County Clerk


Jason Klindt-  Communications Director, Congressman Graves

Joe Greeley-  Roy Blunt for U.S. Senate

Conservatives, Republicans, and Independents you do NOT have to vote for Congressman Roy Blunt. There IS an option. We have what is called a primary, and though Congressman Blunt thinks he owns this race, we can prove him wrong. Below is the press release from Senator Chuck Purgason announcing his candidacy. ClayCoMOPolitics is a supporter of Senator Purgason’s and encourages you to be as well.

For immediate release [February 23, 2010]
Contact: Senator Chuck Purgason

Today I filed to enter the race to seek the Republican nomination for the United States Senate from Missouri.

For the past nine months, I have traveled this great state and have found that the concerns I have for our country are shared with thousands and thousands of hard-working, everyday Missourians. Most people are simply looking for leadership and someone to tell them the truth.

The debt that has been rung up by both the Republican and Democrat parties while in office is massive and real. With every person in American owing over $170,000.00 on the national debt and the unfunded debt of our nation reaching over $65,000,000,000,000.00 (trillion), the issue of this debt can no longer be ignored. The Blunt and Carnahan families, while in office have both contributed to the debt.

This race is shaping up to be another political slugfest between two political powerhouses that will continue to pound each other while our deficit continues to grow and our nation’s economy continues to slide. While the ads from the Carnahan camp will bring up TARP votes, failed leadership, Delay/Abramoff scandals, Cash for Clunkers, and family members as lobbyists and as the Blunt campaign continues to hammer Pelosi, Reid, Carnahan and Obama, I hope to be talking about what real Americans are interested in —things like jobs and whether we will be able to find one or keep the one we have. Things like education and will we be able to send our kids to college and make our house payment. I want to talk about balancing our nation’s budget.

Will the same old policies and leadership of the past continue to add more and more to the enormous debt that our children and grandchildren will have to pay? As a Republican, I hope to return our party and its elected officials to its the base — the things our party has always stood for: balanced budgets and a return to fiscal responsibility.

I believe I offer a clear choice in this election. Do we continue to elect our Congress based on the amount of money raised, who has the slickest commercials, and who pounds the other into submission or do we elect some one not beholden to special interests and Washington’s money and influence. It is time we elect someone who talks about the real issues that are on the minds and hearts of everyone who loves and cares about the direction that this county is heading.

I look forward to speaking to groups all across Missouri on these issues as this campaign moves forward. You may learn more about my campaign at or you may contact me at 417-257-4456.

* * * * * E N D R E L E A S E * * * * *