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There are very few people in life that make my blood boil as much as Claire McCaskill. Claire thinks she is so bright at times and appears to be on the side of Missouri. I don’t buy it and I don’t think many Missourians do either. Below you will find her most recent e-newsletter equipped with clever ClayCoMOPolitics comments explaining why Claire, as usual, is being a fraud.

Dear Friend,

In today’s economy, every dollar matters. We’re all making do with less right now, and I’m working on holding Congress to the same standard.

(ClayCoMOPolitics Comment: No Claire, you are not, sorry. You have been just as guilty of spending way more than we have. While you have been somewhat more fiscally disciplined the last month or so you still voted for TARP and the Obama “bailout.” I suspect you would vote for more if it wasn’t for the fact that you are in a state that Obama couldn’t swing in the election and you know that your political future could put you back on the couch watching the TV in 2012.)

It’s unacceptable for Congress to keep up its current spending habits when Americans are tightening our belts. How can we teach our kids to prioritize expenses and be fiscally responsible if leaders in Washington won’t?

(ClayCoMOPolitics: Great question! But considering you have voted for the $787 billion dollar stimulus, $6 billion to federalize charities, $400 million for corporate welfare for charities, and $4 billion dollar bailout for the post office I don’t think it’s one for you to ask. Who knows how many times you have voted for bills that have increased spending in Federal departments this year? I don’t have the time to research those votes but last I remember we have increased spending something like 15% in the operating budgets of other Federal departments. I don’t know how much responsibility you had in the last two years of the Bush administration either?)

I owe it to you, my bosses in Missouri, to tell you how I’m working to introduce some fiscal responsibility:

  • I’ve introduced Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) legislation, which would require Congress to find a way to pay for all new entitlement spending or tax cuts, rather than adding to the national deficit. (ClayCoMOPolitics Comment: Let me help you understand this. PAYGO legislation is not necessary because all that has to happen is for our ruling class to STOP SPENDING MONEY WE DON’T HAVE! Notice how PAYGO requires for all new entitlement spending to be paid for by spending or, KEY PHRASE HERE, “WOULD FIND A WAY TO PAY FOR”. PAYGO could and probably would simply mean higher taxes and yet more ignorant spending by those in WADC. Claire probably wouldn’t bat an eye on raising your taxes.
  • Senate colleagues and I urged Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to create a Senate Budget Task Force, charged with making recommendations on long-term fiscal issues.
  • I pledge to you that I will only vote for a health care reform bill if it’s deficit-neutral. (ClayCoMOPolitics Comment: That’s nice Claire, you are so kind. But you didn’t say you would not vote for something that raises American’s taxes. Deficit neutral simply means that it’s paid for somehow, that could easily mean tax increase, and invariably would when you look at how efficient the Federal government is.)
  • I continue to be one of the few in Washington who reject the flawed process of earmarking. (ClayCoMOPolitics Comment: In fairness you have been good about talking about doing this and have seen no evidence to refute the claim.)

Read more about these efforts to curb deficit spending.

It wasn’t easy to put myself through college and law school by waitressing, and I made hard choices to keep myself on a budget as a single mother after my first marriage, but life experiences have taught me a thing or two about balancing a checkbook – as they do for most Missourians.

When I came to Washington, I brought my Missouri values and experiences with me – the value of a dollar from a day’s hard work and the importance of saving and fiscal accountability.

I am optimistic that these reform measures will put us back on a path to financial sustainability, and that we can get the economy moving for the heartland again.

Read more now about how I’m working to restore financial responsibility in Washington.

I promise to keep working hard to represent Missourians like you.

All best,

Senator Claire McCaskill

I don’t know about you folks, but I am sick and tired of Claire McCaskill. She is an elitist politician that has no connection to the common Missourian. You see, you may not realize this, but Claire is the 17th richest member of the Congress. Total assets, 16.04 million dollars. I thought Democrats hated the rich? Claire my wife and I are happy with our combined middle class income. My wife and I worked our butt off to get where we are and would like you to quit meddling in things you don’t need to. I don’t want a public option offered, I don’t want to pay for other people’s health care. I can’t stand Medicare and want out of the system and you will find many younger American’s who would agree. It’s called a responsibility not a right!

I would also like to list some other things about Claire that are pertinent:

  • Never denounced ACORN but has had close ties in the past with them.
  • Never had any comment about Van Jones. A radical self-avowed communist who this President put in the White House willingly.
  • Has a either a misinformed staff, or a staff that is told to outright lie to constituents, because I couldn’t get a straight answer out of them about her position on FCC diversity chair Mark Lloyd. You see Claire is on a committee that oversees the FCC but her WADC staff told me that I should direct my concern to the Presidency. Honest question Ms. McCaskill; why haven’t you said anything about a guy who thinks that Chavez was a great guy and thinks he can tax talk radio 100% of their operating expenses? I just want an answer that’s all!

Don’t forget to call Claire and tell her NO PUBLIC OPTION NO MATTER HOW IT’S PACKAGED. 1-202-224-6154

Dear Mr. Blunt,

I recently read a blog post that Glenn Beck had tweeted out. It was written by a person who was obviously irritated with the RNC and his representatives silence about now “retired” Green Jobs Czar Van Jones. This blogger is so irritated with the silence that he claims he is officially done with the RNC and even the DNC. As he says, “from this moment on… for the rest of my life… I will never vote for either major party again.” His major frustration comes from the fact that none of his elected representatives had the courage to stand up and speak out on this person. I get concerned when I see someone like Beck promoting this mentality especially considering his ratings lately. A third party is not an issue that we need to contend with right now because the DNC will invariably stay united.

This post got me thinking about you. Frankly, I am getting a little irritated with the bland assumption that every conservative and Republican voter is just going to lay down and vote for you in 2010. Robin Carnahan is a talking point and nothing more. I think it’s possible she is more clueless than McCaskill. I without a doubt do not want Carnahan near the US Senate. Claire McCaskill does not need a girlfriend to go have coffee with in WADC. Her incompetence and unwillingness to listen to the people of Missouri is getting a little old.

Here’s the deal. You yourself has said nothing about Van Jones, or Cass Sunstein, or Mark Lloyd, or John Holdren. Where are your press releases denouncing these individuals? They are not on your campaign website, they haven’t been released on Twitter, they are not on Facebook. You took an oath to defend the constitution of the United States. FCC Diversity Chairman Mark Lloyd is on record as wanting to impose a tax on conservative talk radio that would equal 100% of their profits. My friend if you believe in that oath, you should be screaming from the roof top that you want answers! Even the moderate Kit Bond called for a congressional investigation into Jones. You are part of the Legislative branch of government and in that role it is your job to make sure you keep an eye on the Executive branch. Inaction and silence is dereliction of duty. 

Mr. Blunt it gets worse. First, you voted to spend billions of tax payer dollars to bail out the banking industry because as President George W. “Chicken Little” Bush said, the sky was falling. Then recently you voted for the cash for clunkers renewal. I can’t figure out if you are truly that detached from the average American or if you really believe in some of the things you voted for. For us out here in the real world it’s important that we put a little money into savings and don’t spend more than we bring in!

I have been telling many conservative friends that I will invariably hold my nose and vote for you in 2010. After all the stench of John McCain has long since passed, so I figure I can put up with round two. Once again I am left with the choice of the lesser of three evils; the Democrat, the moderate, or the third party nut job. I am telling you right now that if your silence continues on these radical Presidential appointments or if you vote for one more thing like Cash for Clunkers my patience will wear out. Who knows what a primary might bring?

I think back to the very first tea party that I attended, it was in the flying snow down at the Plaza in Kansas City early this year. The organizer had a letter written by you. There were quite a few boos that day when he started to read the letter. Half way through the thing most people were talking amongst theirselves and not listening to your words, I must admit I was one of them.

I joined the Libertarian Party at 18 because I saw the incompetence in the RNC and the DNC then. I came back to wanting to vote for RNC candidates out of the Libertarian Party several years ago because I was tired of the even greater incompetence there. This is your chance to shine, instead the RNC looks more like a falling star right now. Please don’t let that happen, this is the party of Reagan and Lincoln. It is the party of small government solutions that promote personal responsibility, not the party of corporate bailouts and more spending. This is the party that should be standing up and saying no more, you shall not pass! Instead it’s silent on some of the most important issues of the day.


I decided this morning to call both Senator Bond and Senator McCaskill and ask if they had a position on the radical communist Green Jobs Czar Van Jones. I fully acknowledge as legislators their normal responsibility is of course legislation, but it is also their job to make sure that they keep an eye out on the other two branches of government. Plus, as logic and reason would dictate, they ought to be outraged at the fact that a sitting President has put a radical like Van Jones into any position in our government. At the end of the day they still are MO citizens first.

If you don’t know about Van Jones you need to learn. Here is just a sampling of his craziness”

Said of his position in the White House. “I am basically a community organizer inside of the federal family.”

Said of his prison experience after being arrested during the riots following the Rodney King trials. “I was a rowdy nationalist [in April 92]…by Aug. I was a communist.. I met all these young radical people of color…I mean really radical, communists and anarchists…And it was, like ‘This is what I need to be a part of..”

Van Jones started the group STORM, Standing Together To Organize a Radical Movement. This from their historical pamphlet Reclaiming Revolution “All of STORMS members developed a basic understanding of and commitment to revolutionary Marxist policies with a particular emphasis on the historical experiences of third world communist movements.” The group revered Mao Tse-Tung, yeah he is a great guy, eliminated 77 million of his OWN PEOPLE. Their early work involved “mobilizing young people of color in to militant direct action and combine it with more deeply-rooted organizing in our communities.”

Van Jones on his position as Green Jobs Czar he wants to “build a pipeline from the prison economy to the green economy.”

In the book That’s the Joint! The Hip-Hop Studies Reader he said “We need to be about the whup-ass! Somebody’s f-ing up somewhere, they have names and job descriptions. You have to be creative about how you engage the enemy, because if you do it on his trerms the outcome is already known.”

In a video interview on C-SPAN. “The true genius of Barack Obama is that the first black President is the first Grenn President, he not just tryin’ to save you, he is going to save the whole, wide, world!”

This from the distant history of….March 2009 “”we’re really entering a third wave of environmentalism in the United States. The white polluters and the white environmentalists are essentially steering poison into the people of color communities.” I’m sorry but what in the world is this guy talking about?

 Finally a video surfaced the other day showing Van Jones saying the reason Democrats can’t get anything passed is because the Republicans are a bunch of assholes.

So what are the positions of Missouri Senator Kit Bond and Senator Claire McCaskill.

First Mr. Bonds DC office was silent on the matter, stating “the Senator has no position at this time.”

Now for Ms. McCaskill’s DC office, I didn’t get the same polite non-answer. I was told that it is not Ms. McCaskills place to have a position on an Executive level appointment.  It’s not? Wait a minute here. We have a complete radical in a position of Green Jobs Czar whose job is to fund the green economy. Ms. McCaskill is someone who voted for the the stimulus bill which helps shift stimulus dollars to the green economy. She also, to my knowledge, supports the Cap and Trade bill which Jones will have a prominent position inside of judging by the nature of his appointment. As a resident of the USA and Missouri she ought to be gravely concerned about this guys past and sure should not be giving him one cent of my tax dollars to shift into the green economy.

I called the guy in McCaskills office on the fact that it is the legislative branch’s job to check the executive branch. He ignored my statement and then rudely asked if I had any further comments on legislation (he put heavy emphasis on the word legislation.). You need to call Senator McCaskill’s and Bond’s offices and demand that we get answers on this issue! Sen. McCaskills position leads one to wonder where she really sets politically?

Bond: 1-202-224-5721

McCaskill: 1-202-224-6154

Story Update 9/4/09:

Senator Bond calls for congressional hearings into radical communist Green Jobs Czar Van Jones. See the press release on his website. Hey Claire! What’s your excuse now.

Oh Mark Llyod, FCC diversity czar, you are going to be next!