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Posted: October 10, 2020 in coronavirus

I grow more fascinated daily at how seemingly intelligent people have been so duped by the hysteria surrounding Covid-19. I thought I’d create this post that I’d update regularly with things that show the absurdity of our collective response. Most recent updates are at the top of the page.

Before I begin, I want to be clear on one thing: Covid-19 is real and I don’t deny that it’s a real virus that causes severe problems for a small minority of people. The problem is our response to it.

History will not judge this period kindly. We lost our collective minds over a pandemic, something that mankind has faced time and again. The sad and pathetic difference is that we thought we actually could stop this one. Be glad when it’s over, so the same hyperventilating, scientifically illiterate fools can go back to thinking we can control the climate… 🤦‍♂️

12/2/2020 – Virus Gonna Virus.
12/2/2020 – Wear your damn 😷, for the collective aesthetic I guess.
11/23/2020 – So much peaking going on.
11/23/2020 – Current Missouri cases. Thankfully local officials are acting. Just in time to take credit for this peak in cases. Where would we be without them?
11/23/2020 – There’s a CDC “study” that is used to encourage masks. The reason they use it is because the mask mandate happened to occur at the top of the first wave. Of course, people are easily fooled by randomness, and the CDC hasn’t taken the time to update the study, as you can see that mask mandate solved everything only to bring out a Virus Gonna Virus second wave.

Remember when Team Apocalypse told us the cautionary tale of South Dakota just this last month. Executive of largest S. Dakota health system: “At this point, we feel we’ve got this under control,” Krabbenhoft said. “There’s not a crisis.”

Important point on this, too. The outbreak in the Dakotas looks like everywhere else – a sharp rise in hospitalizations for six weeks or so (sometimes slightly longer) followed by a sudden plateau. This pattern follows regardless of population density, time of year, or anything else. Virus Gonna Virus.

Minnesota just locked down again statewide, Florida remains open. I wonder if there’s something about Vitamin D prevalence at play here. Minnesota is a cold-weather climate where people spend far more time inside.

One of the more important things about Covid is knowing if you have immunity after you get it. This is quite promising, and adds evidence that the way through this may must be letting it run its natural course (because a virus is gonna virus). Research evidence may indicate that immunity may last months if not years.

11/15/2020 MASKS WORK! Trust the sci… oh, wait, well, ummm…. Virus gonna virus.

Good news, “An arthritis drug in has been found to cut deaths in patients admitted to hospital with Covid-19 by a remarkable two-thirds – giving medics a powerful new weapon in their armoury against the disease.”

11/11/2020 One state has mask mandate, one doesn’t. Same result. I’m sick of hearing about masks. It’s the modern day equivalent of hiding under a desk in a nuclear blast. Might feel good, doesn’t matter.
11/9/2020 Thankfully France followed the science and they all wore masks.
11/5/2020 It’s almost like Virus Gonna Virus because, well, virus gonna virus.
10/30/2020 – Sweden’s population density is 10x that of Montana. 64 people per square mile versus 6.8. And Sweden doesn’t use masks.
10/30/2020 – No, 1000 people didn’t die yesterday from Covid. It’s important to understand that much of the deaths that are reported are a result of data finally being compiled by sad, pathetic bureaucrats who bust their ass 9-5 Mon-Fri and not on holidays to get caught up on things that should have been done weeks ago. Context to understand this:

10/30/2020 – One of the things the pro-lockdown crowd likes to do is frame the debate on Covid as one of dumb right-wingers vs the science. Well, as usual, viewing any discussion in America as purely left vs. right is just not productive. Great interview of a heterodox leftist who is not in lockstep with the craziness that’s going on around us.

Not only has Argentina had the longest lockdown in the world, they have the highest death rate. Lockdowns kill. I guess someone might want to cry for Argentina. 10/29/2020

A new website devoted to showing the price we paid for the lockdowns:

Anyone that is calling for more lockdowns at this point is one of a few things: murderer, stupid, or power hungry. 10/27/2020
Data from HHS. The latest hyperventilations of the journalists don’t match the actual data. Percentage of in-patients with Covid is only 6%. 10/25/2020
Lockdowns don’t work. 10/24/2020
This data is compiled from data freely available from the CDC. To help you put some perspective on the “scary” death totals. Remember, anywhere from 5000-8000 people die per day in the USA without Covid. Are deaths elevated? Only slightly. (10/10/2020)
Remember Scary China Virus! is soooooooooo bad we have to lockdown until a vaccine?
Well, explain this then.
Thankfully we locked down, really helped the poor in America. 10/18/2020
Buh, buh, buh 200,000 DeAThS!!!!! Kind of puts it in perspective.
The mask vaccine working in New Mexico. Wear your damn mask, comrade! 10/14/2020
Excess deaths brought to you by Team Lockdown. Good job guys, thankfully you saved grandma. 10/13/2020.
10/12/2020 – Suicides in Japan far outpace Covid-19. 15% increase in August. 😞
10/12/2020. EVERYONE IN EUROPE SHOULD PANIC! Or, not. Sorry, was getting in touch with my inner mainstream news reporter. Second wave deaths are unimpressive and negligible. 3 more European charts below.

Oops! The WHO confirmed the IFR as the same as the flu.

Fascinating, Sweden is still having cases, their deaths have pretty much stopped. Still cautionary or something… 10/11/2020

The WHO is now against lockdowns. Guess they finally realized how many lives they cost.

Dr. Fauci is a beloved “expurt”, good citizens. And Fauci knows that we did it all wrong and Europe got it right! 🙄
Florida was opened up 14 days ago. Guess the virus is tired because cases are flat. No spike. 10/10/2020
The NY Times provides this helpful chart showing the areas with the highest number of daily cases/100k in the past two weeks
You know what’s fun about the list?
😔 10/10/2020
The “cautionary tale” of Sweden. 10/10/2020
So, cautionary… 10/10/2020
Wear your mask, good citizens! Chart of counties that include and surround Nashville, TN. notice what happens after the mask mandates?
No, really, masks work!

Remember when Team Apocalypse told us all that the end of South Dakota was near? Executive of largest health care system in South Dakota. “At this point, we feel we’ve got this under control,” Krabbenhoft said. “There’s not a crisis.” Maybe our local health leaders could act like this guy?

  1. Ronald Thiewes says:

    Great post! This is precisely the information that’s, in the best, in the shadows of the national news. If your info were presented nationally in a neutral, factual manner, what would some politicians have?

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